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Who Is Billie-Jean Blackett Aka Bruno From The Circle? Age Wikipedia Boyfriend And Net Worth

Billie-Jean Blackett, Aka Bruno, has been the search topic for everyone, as she will compete in one of the famous American television reality television series, The Circle. 

Billie-Jean Blackett represents herself as the Radio Presenter and Model. She has actively worked as the Radio Presenter on London’s Flex FM. 

The lady is a refreshing personality and has been modeling since she was 17. Her modeling pictures are available on her social media platform. 

Billie-Jean Blackett has been working with the modeling agency named Forte Model Management, which has been establishing new talents. 

The model has always loved music and, due to interest, has worked with many established artists. Bille has appeared in the music videos of Drake, Nicki Minaj, Skepta, and Tinie Tempah.

Bruno aspires to pursue acting and Television presenting, as she has consistently crossed the path within the television industry, interacting with people in the tv industry.

Who Is Billie-Jean Blackett, Aka Bruno From The Circle? Age and Wikipedia

The Fashion Model is new to the digital world, which might be why her Wikipedia is unavailable. Her fans may get to see her Wikipedia soon.

Bruno from The Circle is hosting the show mid-morning, where she features the best new and old R&B with Hip Hop songs on London’s Flex FM.

Billie-Jean Blackett has remained quiet about her personal details. The birthdate is unknown, but Bille was raised in London, United Kingdom.

Billie-Jean Blackett
Billie-Jean Blackett is a professional Fashion model (Source: Instagram)

From the information on Star now, Bille is 22 to 32 years old with a height of 5 feet and 11 inches(180cm), weighing 125 lbs (57 Kg).

Fans loved American Television Reality Show The Circle premiered on Netflix and is back with its fifth season hitting its first episode on December 28, 2022. 

Billie-Jean Blackett is also in the first batch of The Circle, with many other contestants participating, including Brett Robinson, Brian Clark, Chaz Lawery, Marvin Achi, and many others.

Interestingly, Bille Jean, aka Bruno, has ditched her real-life persona as a fashion model, deciding to participate and play The Circle television series.

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Does Billie-Jean Blackett Have A Boyfriend Sharing A Lovely Relationship?

Billie-Jean Blackettis not sharing a romantic relationship with anyone and her status is single. Moreover, Bille shows less interest in sharing her relationship details. 

The Circle’s central theme is grouping the singles this season, competing for the prize pool, and being the best influencer by chatting, flirting, catfishing, and applying different tactics.

Billie-Jean Blackett
Billie Jean Blackett is single and not involved in a relationship (Source: Instagram)

From the television series theme, she doesn’t share any serious relationship with someone. Also, there are no correct details about her past love affair and ex-boyfriend on the Internet.

In addition, there are no pictures shared by her hinting at fans being in a romantic affair. Bruno must be focused on making a path in the television industry. 

Billie-Jean Blackett’s Net Worth

If seeking through, there is not much information put down on the Internet regarding the detailed information about the net worth of Billie-Jean Blackett.

However, we can expect a rise in her net worth from her professional modeling career and being a radio presenter adding to her net worth. 

From the comparable data, the average monthly salary of the fashion model is $31, 846  and she may be earning similar to that salary range. 

Also, Billie-Jean Blackett may add some money from her radio presentation, earning an average of $5,000 or even more, depending on her experience and work. 

Billie may also earn money from the sponsorship on her Instagram handle, available with the username@billiejeanblackett. She was sponsored by Revlon back in 2019 and may receive more sponsors. 

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