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Who Is Jason Kubler Coach Jarrad Bunt? Family Tree And Net Worth Difference

The success of tennis player Jason Kubler has left many fans wondering, “Who is Jason Kubler coach?” This article will discuss his career, net worth, and family. 

Jason Murray Kubler, aka Jason Kubler, is an Australian professional tennis player.

He made history in 2009 by finishing unbeaten in both the Junior Davis Cup and the World Youth Cup.

Kubler’s junior ranking climbed to No. 3 after his performance at the Junior Davis Cup, which was followed by his winning five straight championships.

Despite a strong junior career, Jason has spent most of his professional career on the lesser circuits because of a congenital knee disorder that causes a weakening meniscus surrounding the joints.

Kubler has had six knee surgeries as a result of the ailment, which has plagued him his entire career.

In order to prevent further structural damage to his knees, he also played all of his professional games on clay courts for four years of his career.

Nevertheless, these problems haven’t stopped him from achieving success and pursuing his dream. 

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Who Is Jason Kubler Coach Jarrad Bunt?

Jarrad Bunt, better known as the coach of tennis player Jason Kubler, is a star trainer who has worked with him for most of his career. 

Through his work with KDV Sport and Tennis Australia’s National Academy, the coach has worked with Kubler for the majority of his professional career.

Bunt received his degree from the University of Arkansas in Little Rock in 2004. 

In the past, male and female athletes that have achieved greatness on the national and worldwide stages have been produced by Jarrad. 

Coach Jarrad With Players
Coach Jarrad With Players (Source: Instagram)

His professional accomplishments include earning a Tennis Australia Level 3 high-performance coaching qualification, which was the Coaching Excellence High-Performance Award in 2019.

Jarrad has worked as the private coach of two of the top 10 ITF junior athletes, coaching at all four Grand Slam tournaments. 

In addition to that, he has served as the coach of the Australian Junior Davis Cup team, the World Junior Teams, and the Youth Olympic Games.

Family Tree Of Jason Kubler And Jarrad Bunt

Coach Jarrad Bunt is married with two daughters, but in order to protect their privacy, he hasn’t revealed their names. 

For the KDV Tennis Academy’s program lead coach position, Bunt and his family moved from Sydney to Gold Coast, Queensland, in January 2021.

Other than that, the rest of his information is publicly unavailable. 

Meanwhile, Jason Kubler was born in Brisbane, Australia, to a Philippine-born mother, Lyn Kubler, and an Australian father, John Kubler. 

He grew up with two siblings, an older brother, and a younger sister, in the Mango Hill neighbourhood of north Brisbane. 

His father introduced him to tennis when he was five years old, but he passed away from cancer when he was eight.

Regarding his love life, Jason is speculated to be dating another tennis player, Maddison Inglis. 

The two are keeping their relationship a secret, but rumors about their relationship have been circulating for months. 

Net Worth Difference Between Jason Kubler And His Coach Jarrad Bunt

Talented tennis player Jason Kubler has an estimated net worth of more than $2 million. 

He has earned total prize money of $1,253,343, including single and double wins. 

In addition, Kubler also generates his income through endorsements and sponsorships. 

Meanwhile, since there is no public data on coach Jarrad Bunt’s salary, it is difficult to estimate his net worth.

However, tennis coaches at the senior level with more than eight years of experience in Australia can expect an average income of $78,183. 

With Jarrad’s reputation and his achievement, his income can easily exceed the $100K mark. 

Looking at the two net worths, it is clear that Jason’s wealth is massive compared to his coach. 

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