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Who Is Joan? Cam Tait Wife- Relationship

Netizens are very curious to know about Cam Tait’s personal life. In the following article, we will provide information about who is Joan and Cam Tait Wife and their Relationship.

Before we learn about Cam Tait wife and relationship, let us learn some facts about himself. Cam Tait is a talented old stager Journalist, novelist, and comedian who lives with cerebral palsy. 

He was born on 10 December 1958 and is known for his optimistic outlook on life and for motivating others, particularly those with disabilities.

As of 2024, he is  65 years old.

Moreover, he worked for 35 years as a freelance writer at the Edmonton Journal, and after that, in 2014, he moved to the Edmonton Sun.

Additionally, he is also a disability advocate and a public speaker on the subject of disability.

He also used to write for the radio, including 1260 CFRN wheelchair sports stories and K97 Tait Talk opinions.

After only a few years, the Canadian Sports Federation nominated him for outstanding sports Journalist of the Year.

Cam has also published two books and worked for many media sites.

He also volunteered for organizations such as the Spinal Cord Injury Treatment Centre and the Canadian Paraplegic Association. 

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As netizens are eager to know about Cam Tait Wife, let us read it in detail. 

Who Is Joan?

Joan is Cam Tait wife. She got married to Cam Tait in 1993. Joan has been an active part of the Edmonton Community.

She is a teacher and a disability advocate. She has also been an essential part of Cam’s life and work. She attends many of his events and assists with his writing.

Cam Tait Wife
Cam Tait Wife
Source: OxGaps

Besides this, there is no other detail about Joan, including her early life, birth date, and other facts. Moreover, she is a person who likes to keep her detail very private, away from the media and the spotlight.

She has never talked or revealed anything about her to the public and has remained lowkey. If we learn anything further, we will be the first to share it.

Cam Tait Wife- Relationship

As you have read about Cam Tait wife, let’s examine their relationship. Cam and Tait started dating in 1990 and tied the knot in 1993, and it’s been 30 years of their togetherness.

Joan has been an essential part of Cam’s life, and he credits much of his success to her love and support. He has characterized Joan as his rock and soulmate.  

Cam Tait Wife
Cam Tait (Source- Microsoft Start)

Furthermore, Joan and Cam have overcome many difficulties together, including Cam’s fight with cerebral palsy.

And later, Joan was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, which has been challenging for both.

Despite these difficulties, they have remained in solid and loving marriage and have always been there for each other. Cam also wrote a book about their experiences, “A Matter Of Inches.”

Moreover, together the couple is blessed with a son named Darren and has three grandsons Matthew, Nicholas, and Christopher.

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