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Who Is Nina Hellman? Meet Jeremy Shamos Wife And Kids

Jeremy Shamos wife, Nina Hellman, between these two very talented American actors, they have several movies and television series under their names.

The character actor and his musically talented wife have long raised their family in a warm and nurturing environment. Jeremy and Nina have shown immeasurable strength and great understanding when building a family in the movie industry.

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Meet Nina Hellman – Jeremy Shamos Wife And Kids

Nina Hellman is an American actress who is one of the cast members of his Netflix show “We Hot American Summer”. She was awarded an Obie award for her role in “Trouble in Paradise.” Her husband also won an Obie for his performance in “Engaged”.

Nina has performed in many productions other than the ones she has done on Broadway. With her talent, it is not surprising to find out that she played guitar and was the vocalist for the indie rock band Cake Like, which had only female members.

Jeremy Shamos Wife Nina Hellman
Nina Hellman (Source: Imdb)

The band managed to snag a contract with Neil Young’s Vapor Records and John Zorn’s Avant Label.

Her musical gifts helped her keep her sanity while raising her children. Playing piano has helped to manage her kids when they are being difficult or are having a hard time. She has a close-knit family with her husband, a son and a daughter.

Since the movie and music industries are notorious for making simple things in life difficult or a hassle when it comes to living like an average person. It is quite understandable that many actors keep their lives out of public knowledge.

And it is also true of Jeremy Shamos and Nina Hellman, who want to keep their lives private. So there is little public information about their family life, including their kids. Not even their names and other personal details are unavailable on the web. 

More About Jeremy Shamos And His Acting Journey

Jeremy Shamos is one of the most talented actors of his generation. The versatile actor was born in New York on February 22, 1970. He grew up in Denver, Colorado. 

Jeremy has received a Tony nomination for his “Clybourne Park” role. He is a good guy in real life who knows how to pull off characters that are not so nice.

Jeremy Shamos
Jeremy Shamos performing in Clybourne Park (Source: The San Diego Union Tribune)

People know him from the prequel of Breaking Bad titled “Better Call Saul,” where he portrayed the character of Craig Kettleman. He is also known for his role as Ralph in the movie “Birdman or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance.”

He can also be seen in “Magic in the Moonlight,” a Woody Allen film, and in the final season of “Nurse Jackie,” where he plays Johanes Karlsen, a Norwegian real estate developer.

His first acting gig was in the movie “Kid Colter,” released in 1985.

Shamos received his graduate degree in Masters in Fine Arts in Acting from the prestigious New York University. 

Jeremy Shamos Net Worth 

With over a couple of decades under his belt, it is no wonder he has such an extensive portfolio in films and television. And with that, his net worth is estimated to be around $5 million if you believe the sources on the internet. 

Even if he is earning high, he lives a simple life with his family of four. There are no costly parties or holidays. After a hard day’s work, he is mostly back home to spend quality time with his wife and kids.

Jeremy Shamos Bookish Interest

Since he enjoys reading, here are a few of his favorite books.

Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace, which he found so engaging that he took it everywhere and stopped reading it when he met his wife.

Joseph and His Brothers by Thomas Mann were gifted to him by his dad when he had his son. The book had a heart-warming dedication: “One day you’ll, you’ll read this, and your father will have read it.”.

Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates. The latter book was turned into a movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes. However, the book had made such a strong impression on his mind about the characters and the story that he could not bring himself to watch the movie.

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