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Who Is Richard Brake Wife Rachel? Kids Henry Brake & Ryan Brake Net Worth

American actor Richard Brake wife is Rachel, he is known for his role in the fantasy drama television series Game of Thrones.

Fans of Game of Thrones may be familiar with the Night King figure. Richard Brake, an actor, performed the “Night King” part with justification.

The American actor made a name for himself in the entertainment world as a successful actor with scores of film credits. While his burgeoning professional success is constantly in the spotlight, his private life is kept confidential.

The 54-year-old actor is married, but he keeps his personal life a secret from his fans. We have provided you with some of Richard Brake’s personal information.

Who Is Richard Brake Wife Rachel? 

Richard Brake, an actor from Wales, has kept his marital life under wraps. He has safely stored all of his wife’s information in the cabinet.

Rachel and Richard were wed in the 1990s. The precise date of their wedding has not been made public by the actor.

Richard Brake Wife
                                                           Richard Brake Wife Rachel Image Source:(imdb)

 The four-person family is currently not living as a unit because they have separated. The cause of their separation has not yet been made public, just like the wife’s whereabouts and wedding day.

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He hadn’t spoken about his wife’s issue, but his social media activity mentioned her. He posted a good night message on Twitter in 2009. According to this post, he and his wife were married until 2009.

Who are the Richard Brake Kids? Henry Brake & Ryan Brake

His two kids, Ryan and Henry, have joined the family since his wife divorced. The former married couple kept the details of their divorce and its cause private.

Richard Brake 4
                                       Richard Brake son Henry Brake Image Source:(factceleb)

However, the actor acquired custody and now resides peacefully with his two precious children. He frequently posts pictures of his adult sons on his social media accounts.

Most likely, he is actively involved in single parenting. In 1999, Ryan Brake, their first child, was born. On August 20, 2002.

They gave birth to their second son, henry Blake, three years after the birth of their first child. The actor and Rachel aren’t typically seen together at public gatherings.

How Much Is Richard Brake’s Net Worth?

Richard Brake has amassed a staggering net worth of around $3 million after considering all of his primary and supporting roles in more than 40 movies, 25 television series, and two video games.

Additionally, the actor spends about $1500 on a pair of Czech Wolfdogs. Although a specific source for the British-English actor’s income has not yet been made public, we have estimated it based on his roles in all of his big-budget hits.

Richard Brake, who stands 1.88 meters tall and has a staggering net worth of almost $ 3 million, is undoubtedly enjoying the life of privilege, complete with all the amenities.

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