Trevante Rhodes Wife

Who Is Trevante Rhodes Wife? Relationship Timeline With Mara Wright

Trevante Rhodes, an actor in the Academy Award-winning film Moonlight, will soon make Mara Wright his wife.

Trevante Nemour Rhodes broke the internet when the news of Trevante’s engagement surfaced worldwide. Whether Trevante is married and has a wife is not confirmed.

But Moonlight‘s Actor is most certain to be engaged. One of his family members shared a photo of Trevante and his fiancĂ© with a diamond ring.

Trevante Nemour got engaged to a fitness model, Mara Wright. Mara has a contract with Wilhemina Models. The couple played their silent card when it came to their engagement ceremony.

But their engagement was made public; many single ladies showed frustration as Trevante was no longer available.

Trevante Rhodes Wife
Trevante Rhodes Wife (Source: Essence)

Many of Trevante’s fans are women, and many of them Tweeted about Trevante being engaged. So, Twitter was filled with tweets related to Trevante and Mara for some days.

One of Rhodes’ family members posted an image of Rhodes seated at a table alongside Mara’s family.

There was also a small video clip of the engagement ceremony where all the participants sang a German song and raised their glasses to the newly engaged couple. 

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Trevante Rhodes’ Wife

Many people speculated that the couple was already married after the news of Trevante and Mara’s engagement surfaced. Various news media also shared the rumor that the couple got married. 

When Trevante and Mara’s relatives started congratulating the couple, the rumors of their marriage began to flow. The couple hasn’t confirmed their engagement; the wedding is just a baseless rumor spread by fans and news media. 

Trevante Rhodes is set to WOW his audience with his lead role as Mike Tyson in Hulu’s mini-series, Mike. The series is all set to premiere on August 25, 2022. Therefore, Trevante’s fans are looking forward to the series and his marriage; they can’t wait.

We can be assured that the actor of the mini-series, Mike and Mara, are not married. They are happily staying in a relationship right now. 

Relationship Timeline With Mara Wright

Rhodes and Mara’s dating history is unknown. The couple was dating in private before their engagement. They might be dating for quite some time before deciding to get engaged. 

The Wilhemina model has a background in improv comedy with some theater acting experience. So, she is consistently active on her Instagram. She mostly posts about her daily fitness routines. 

Mara hasn’t revealed anything about her dating life on her social media. The couple certainly surprised their fans with their silent engagement ceremony. 

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Trevante Rhodes’s Net Worth And Career Earning

Trevante Rhodes has a net worth of $2 million.

He started his career in Hollywood in 2012. 

The American actor and model got his career breakthrough in the film: Moonlight. The film was directed and written by Barry Jenkins, with famous actors like Mahershala Ali and Naomie Harris. 

Moonlight won three Oscars, including Best Motion Picture of the year. Trevante plays the character of Chiron, and the audience loves his performance. The rising actor has also given an incredible performance in the popular series Westworld and If Loving You Is Wrong. 

The 32-year-old actor earns about $58,000 as a salary. He has done thirteen films, including Bird Box, The Predator, and Moonlight. 

His role as Mike Tyson in Hulu’s mini-series, Mike, is anticipated to be one of the best mini-series. A series based on the legendary boxer Mike Tyson is released for the first time.

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