Xzavier And CJ Henderson

Who Is Xzavier Henderson? Cj Henderson Brother Age Gap Family Ethnicity And Net Worth

Xzavier Henderson, CJ Henderson brother, is also an American football player whose information is being searched by fans.

Miami-based tall, slim, and muscular, wide receiver prospect improved dramatically physically between 2017 and 2018. The a real deep danger with track timings that can be verified and breakaway speed. Explosive across short or long distances based on size. Highly productive in Florida’s top high school division, scoring three goals in the state championship game. 

Strong route runner with plus hands who may be efficient on double movements. With good tracking abilities and body control, one can catch the football with a wide catch radius and at its peak. Drives off the line of scrimmage with significant lean and applies considerable pressure to the defensive back immediately after the snap. A long stride is effective after the catch but not as effective laterally.

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Cj Henderson Brother: Who Is Xzavier Henderson? Age Gap Explored

Xzavier Henderson is CJ Henderson’s brother.

Xzavier is an avid football player, just like his brother. As his brother Xzavier attended Christopher Columbus High School and graduated in 2020, he followed in his sibling’s footsteps. While all was going on, CJ graduated in 2017 and enrolled at the University of Florida, where he excelled as a cornerback for the Gators.

Xzavier, a wide receiver at the University of Florida, is now a rising sophomore. Henderson has five children. He has an older sister named Daija Zymiria Henderson, in addition to his parents and brother.

Xzavier Henderson
Xzavier Henderson Photo Shoot For Gators (Source: GatorSports)

The high school has chosen to rename Columbus’ training room “The Henderson Family Training Center,” thanks to CJ’s donation of $250,000.

CJ Henderson is 23 years old, but his younger brother’s age has not been disclosed yet. They might have an age gao of 2-4 years. 

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Xzavier Henderson Family Details

Chris Henderson Sr. and Debra C.J. Henderson are Xzavier Henderson’s parents. His parents welcomed CJ into the world in 1998 in Miami, Florida. Every September 30th, Henderson has a birthday celebration.

When CJ was in college, staying out of trouble at the University of Florida was something his Father said he was proud of. His parents are likewise pleased that their son has been pursuing his dreams and is headed in the right direction.

Xzavier Henderson Net Worth In 2022

There is no information about Xzavier Henderson’s net worth. 

C.J. Henderson did, however, agree to a four-year, $20,516,020 deal with the Jacksonville Jaguars, which included a $12,480,744 signing bonus, $20,516,020 in guarantees, and an average yearly salary of $5,129,005. Henderson will have a $2,475,093 base salary, a $2,475,093 cap hit, and a $5,882,732 dead cap value in 2022. 

Xzavier Henderson, the younger brother of former Gators cornerback CJ, was highly regarded as a wide receiver coming out of high school and improved with each passing season. It is simple to understand why the Gators were so interested in Henderson during his early recruiting stages at 6-foot-4 and 185 pounds.

CJ Henderson
CJ Henderson (Source: BlackAndTeal)

Henderson ultimately decided to sign with Florida despite stiff competition from Clemson, and it didn’t help that Jeff Scott, Clemson’s co-offensive coordinator, and wide receivers coach, who had been actively recruiting Henderson throughout the process, left the school to take the helm at the University of South Florida.

One of their great players’ exceptionally athletic younger brother was recruited by Henderson’s principal recruiter, Gators quarterbacks coach Brian Johnson, and secondary recruiter, wide receivers coach Billy Gonzales.

After the team issued an offer to Henderson in 2017, just a few months after Henderson’s first year of high school, Henderson accepted it before Dan Mullen, and his staff arrived in Gainesville. Henderson eventually spent a lot of time in Gainesville, making multiple visits to the campus, including two camps and four unofficial visits, before making one final official visit to the University.

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