Tomohisa Yamashita Sister, Yamashita Rina

Who Is Yamashita Rina? Meet Tomohisa Yamashita Sister And Family

If you are a fan of J-Pop music, you might have heard of Tomohisa Yamashita. This article introduces you to Tomohisa Yamashita Sister, Yamashita Rina, and her family.

Tomohisa Yamashita, also known as Yamapi, is a Japanese singer, Actor, and television host. He started his career in 2003 as a member of the NEWS band. Later, in 2009, he started releasing solo music. His first solo debut was “Loveless.”

Moreover, Tomohisa has also appeared in several TV dramas and films as an Actor. He is well-known for his cast in films Nobuta Wo Produce, Code Blue, and Ashita no Joe. He has also presented several television programs, including Music Station and The Music Day.

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Who Is Yamashita Rina?

Tomohisa Yamashita Sister, Yamashita Rina is the younger sister of a Japanese Actor and singer, Tomohisa Yamashita. She celebrates her birthday every year on February 24. Rina is quite a private person, so little is known about her life. She has remained grounded and has never come into the eye of the public and media.

Tomohisa Yamashita Sister, Yamashita Rina
 Tomohisa Yamashita sister Yamashita Rina looks slightly like him. (Source-Twitter).

Moreover, Tomohisa has never mentioned anything about her, not even in interviews. Due to that, it is not clear how close they are or how much they see each other. 

Furthermore, a rumor was that Tomohisa once dated his sister Rina’s English instructor. Nevertheless, the siblings never discussed the assumption and neither agreed nor rejected the news. Meanwhile, there was no substantial evidence to back up the story, so it’s unclear whether Rina’s brother was dating her instructor.

Despite this, there are no other details regarding Rina’s personal life, including her birthday, educational history, and occupation, as she has maintained a low profile.

Meet Tomohisa Yamashita Sister And Family

As previously stated, Tomohisa’s sister has kept low profile. Therefore little is known about her. Now let’s chat about his family. Tomohisa was born on April 9, 1985, in Funabasi Chiba, Japan, to his parents, Naomi Yamashita and Mr. Yamashita. 

Yamashita Rina Brother, Tomohisa
Yamashita Rina Brother, Tomohisa Source: The Jakarta Post

Despite their names, little is known about them because Tomohisa has never talked publicly about them, including their profession and birth dates. However, there is no doubt that they were wonderful parents who have always supported their children to reach their goals. 

Moreover, We can also say that Tomohisa has a beautiful family and is very close to his parents. They have been there for him in every way, encouraging and motivating him throughout his career and life. Despite this, nothing is known about his parents, and if we find out anything later, our site will be the first to report it.

Tomohisa Yamashita Ethnicity And Nationality

As stated earlier, Tomohisa was born in Japan, making him hold Japanese citizenship. As for his ethnicity, he has never revealed his ancestry roots. However, he is very popular in Japan and has earned a large following in other areas.

He is respected for his talent, demeanor, and work ethic. Tomohisa is now in Canada, filming his upcoming film Man from Toronto with Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson.

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