Wil Wheaton Kids

Wil Wheaton Is A Father Of Two Kids, Meet His Wife Anne Wheaton And Net Worth

Ryan and Nalon Wheaton are Wil Wheaton kids. However, they are stepkids of the Actor whom his wife, Anne, had from her previous marriage.

Born Richard William Wheaton III, Wil Wheaton is a renowned Actor of American nationality. After starring in the comedy-drama film Stand by Me, the California native garnered international fame.

Wheaton is also known for working in the movies like Star Trek: The Next Generation, Toy Soldiers, The Secret of NIMH, and The Big Bang Theory. The skilled performer has been active in the film industry since 1981.

Although he left the Hollywood scene for a short while to pursue personal video production, he returned and went to acting school. Wil has 142 acting credits and a handful of writing and producing credits.

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To talk about his personal life, Wil Wheaton is happily married to Anne Wheaton. In addition, they are proud parents of two children.

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Wil Wheaton Kids: He Adopted His Wife’s Two Sons

The story of the Star Trek: Picard Actor and his spouse, Anne Wheaton, is quite fascinating. When the pair first met, Wil Wheaton’s wife had two children from her previous marriage.

So, Ryan Wheaton and Nolan Wheaton are Wil Wheaton’s stepkids. However, their commitment to the relationship resulted in a more than two decades-long happy marriage.

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In the early years of their marital life, Anne’s ex-husband (biological Father of Ryan and Nolan) often attacked the Wheaton family. However, the Actor and his family continued to remain firm. He wished them to reject the Actor as their new dad.

Wil Wheaton Kids
Wil Wheaton and Anne Wheaton with their sons, Ryan and Nalon. (Image Source: Instagram)

When Ryan and Nolan grew up, they asked Wil Wheaton to adopt them as he loved them unconditionally, supported them, and was always there through thick and thin.

Both the Wheaton brothers are now grown up. While Ryan Wheaton has already got a few acting credits, not much is known about Nolan. Regardless, Wil Wheaton’s kids must be enjoying a wonderful life.

Wil Wheaton And His Wife Met Through A Mutual Friend

Wil and Anne Wheaton’s first meeting dates back to 1995 at a New Year’s Eve Party. A mutual friend Stephanie introduced them. The couple met again a few days later at a movie date their friend and her boyfriend organized.

Afterward, the Wheaton pair began getting to know one another, and soon after, they started dating. The Actor’s lady love introduced him to her sons, and they moved in nine months later.

Wil Wheaton Kids
Wil Wheaton and his spouse, Anne Wheaton, have been married since November 1999. (Image Source: Instagram)

The lovebirds walked down the aisle on 7 November 1999. Wil Wheaton’s wife is also in the showbiz industry. She has a few acting credits for working in Neverland, TableTop, and Project for Awesome 2013.

Anne Wheaton is also an author, rescue pet advocate, and blogger. We wish the Wheaton couple a lasting bond.

Wil Wheaton’s Net Worth And Earning Sources

It has been ages since the California native ventured into the showbiz industry. During a long and glorious career, the skilled performer has amassed a wealth of riches.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Wil Wheaton’s net worth is $1 million. Wil’s fortune mainly benefited from his earnings as an Actor, writer, producer, and screenwriter.

It has been reported that actors make an average annual salary of $53,369 in the U.S. Thus, Wheaton must earn around that range.

Considering his fortune, we can assume that the Actor lives comfortably with his loved ones. Hopefully, he will continue to enjoy a more glorious career and joyful life in the coming days.

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