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Wyc Grousbeck Son Campbell Grousbeck: Everything To Know About Celtics Owner

Wyc Grousbeck, the owner of the NCAA Celtics, is the proud Father of two kids: a son Campbell and a daughter Kesley. He and Emilia Fazzalari, his wife, also have a happy marriage.

Grousbeck, an American businessman, lives a beautiful life with his family. However, the reckless mistakes made by Ime Udoka, the head coach of his squad and a team staff member, have severely stressed his professional life.

The Boston Celtics, of which Grousbeck is the primary owner and governor, have made international headlines due to allegations that members of his staff, notably head coach Ime and his team, violated organizational norms by having intimate connections.

Wyc, the owner of the Celtics, said at the press conference that the head coach had been suspended and that the investigations had been going on for a while. For the time being, the club will be led by assistant coach Joe Mazzulla from 2022–2023.

Grousbeck is a member of the Executive, Labor, and Media Committees of the National Basketball Association, in addition to serving on the board of the Boston Celtics (N.B.A.). Additionally, he works with the N.B.C. Sports Boston, Giving Grousbeck Fazzalari, Omaze, Inc., Cinco Spirits Group, Shamrock Foundation, and Mass General Brigham.

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Wyc Grousbeck Son Campbell Grousbeck: What Is Wrong With His Eyes? 

Campbell Grousbeck, the son of Wyc Grousbeck, was born in 1993, making him 29 years old. He is Kelsey Grousbeck’s younger brother and the younger son of W.Y.C.

Unfortunately, he was born with severe vision problems known as Leber congenital amaurosis, which have plagued him ever since.

WYC Grousbeck
Campbell Grousbeck performing on stage at the Perkins School Gala (Source: BostonGlobe)

Campbell was wearing glasses, but his vision did not improve. Due to his vision problems, he has dealt with discrimination and societal biases since an early age.

Campbell’s mother and sister have always provided him with encouragement and motivation to deal with his special needs and advance in life. He has never been by himself in his battle against his eye problem. The 29-year-old Grousbeck has always had the support of his family.

When Corinne learned of her son’s condition, she was devastated and took over the management of BlindNewWorld. A social reform movement is underway to close the emotional and social barriers between sighted and visually impaired persons.

Meet Wyc Grouseback Daughter Kesley Grouseback

The 61-year-old owner of the Boston Celtics, Wyc Grouseback, is the Father of Kesley Grouseback.

She was a varsity rower for four years throughout her time in high school at Noble and Greenough Schools.

She took the gold medal at the Cincinnati Rowing Youth National Championship in 2008. Her Father had given her the ability to row, and she had made him proud by surpassing his accomplishments as a lightweight rower for Princeton. Wyc, her Father, participated in the 1983 undefeated class as well.

She also works as a counselor at the camp right now. At Perkins School for the Blind, she worked as a market research analyst. Kesley also holds a Master of Business Administration from Boston University’s Questrom School of Business.

Kelsey, on the other hand, is a contentedly married woman. On July 15, 2018, she and her husband, Matt Cosby, exchanged vows on the beach at Camp Jabberwocky. At age 13, she began assisting there after being inspired by her blind brother.

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Wyc Grousbeck And His Wife Emilia Fazzalari: Explore Their Married Life

Wyc Grousbeck wed Emilia Fazzalari, his second wife, in 2017, and the couple has been blissfully united ever since.

Before Emilia, he was married to Corrine Grousbeck, his first wife.

The age difference between Wyc and Emilia, who is currently 55, is about six years old. She has always been a devoted wife to her husband, standing at 5 feet and 6 inches tall.

Before launching her own company, the wife of the owner of the Boston Celtics worked for Bloomberg LP for more than 20 years as a Financial Product and Media Specialist. Before leaving Lexington Avenue in 2011, Emilia started working at Bloomberg in the early 1990s.

Since the beginning of their marriage, Emilia and her husband have remained quite close. The two have amassed corporate revenues of millions of dollars while also donating the same amount to a different charities.

WYC Crousbeck
WYC Crousbeck With His Wife Emilia Fazzalari (Source: AlumniPrinceton)

She is a successful entrepreneur, yet she never neglects her family. She has been a fantastic second mother to Kelly and Campbell and a lovely wife to her husband.

Emilia Fazzalari is the chief executive officer and co-founder of the Cincoro Tequila and Cinco Spirits Group.

The Spanish word “Cincoro” means “five gold” in English. Jeanie Buss, co-owner of the Los Angeles Lakers, Michael Jordan, her husband Wyc, and Wes Edens, co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, are the company’s five founding partners.

Grousbek is in charge of the tequila company, a member of the Brigham and Women’s Hospital advisory council, and the Boston Children’s Hospital trust board. She is also a founder of the nonprofit Wonderfund, which is situated in Massachusetts.

Wyc Grousbeck Parents: He Comes From A Wealthy Family

On June 13, 1961, Wyc Grousbeck was born to Stanford Business School professor and American businessman Harold Irving “Irv” Grousbeck, co-owner of the National Basketball Association’s Boston Celtics. His mother’s name is Sukey Grousbeck.

H. Grousbeck is listed as one of the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies directors at Stanford Business School in his Wikipedia bio. H. Groesbeck began his entrepreneurial path in 1964 when he co-founded Continental Cablevision (later Media One) with his college classmate Amos Hostetter Jr.

The Boston Basketball Partners L.L.C., a local private investment firm, was founded by Wyc and his businessman Father in 2002. When the company was founded, Paul Gaston was the owner of the N.B.A.’s Boston Celtics, and their primary objective was to purchase him.

The acquisition was finished in the same year with a deal worth an astonishing $360 million.

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