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Mike Lindell Religion And Faith: Wife Children And Net Worth

My Pillow Guy, Mike Lindell Religion has been searched as he supports Donald Trump in his campaign.

The founder and CEO of My Pillow Inc. are Mike, also referred to as the “My Pillow guy.” In addition, he established the non-profit Lindell Foundation, which supports drug users. Mike Lindell’s pillow company and other endeavors have significantly increased his net worth.

The loss of the 2020 US elections and Donald Trump’s administration have been two of the most contentious occurrences in recent years. While many have defended the former president, others have criticized him for various reasons. 

Company executives even supported Donald’s 2020 campaign, and Mike was one of many who made substantial financial contributions.

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Mike Lindell Religion And Faith

Mike Lindell, an evangelical Christian, received an honorary Doctor of Business from Liberty University in 2019 in recognition of his experience as an entrepreneur.

He self-published the book What Are the Odds?, published as a book on overcoming his addiction and developing his relationship with God that year titled From Crack Addict to CEO.

Mike Lindell
Mike Lindell At Moment Of Truth Summit 2022 (Source: Instagram)

In his presentations, Lindell constantly brings up his spiritual journey. He asserts that God guided a series of occurrences that changed him from a lapsed Christian to a fervent, autocratic evangelical who demanded the US military install Trump for a second term.

Mike Lindell Wife: How Many Children Does My Pillow Guy Have? 

The two marriages that Lindell has had. After around 20 years of marriage, he separated from his first wife, Karen Dickey. After a month and a half, she filed for divorce after his second marriage to Dallas Yocum. The prenuptial agreement, according to Lindell, was signed.

Four of the author’s previous marriages’ children are raised by What Are The Odds? Darren Lindell, Lizzy Meyer, Charlie Lindell, and Heather Lueth are the names of his children.

Conservative political causes have received support from My Pillow Guy. A class-action lawsuit involving a company’s buy one, get one free promotion was settled in 2017 as one of many cases involving misleading advertising that has been punished and resolved. 

Despite mounting evidence to the contrary, the corporation asserted that its pillows could treat illnesses like sleep apnea, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, and insomnia.

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Mike Lindell Net Worth In 2022

According to WealthyGorzilla, Mike Lindell’s net worth is predicted to be over $50 million as of September 2022.

As the founder and designer of My Pillow, Mike Lindell gained notoriety. He has participated in Donald Trump’s efforts to rig the presidential election because he is one of Trump’s supporters.

Lindell is renowned mainly for his financial assistance and the dissemination of shocking conspiracy theories. The Lindell Foundation, a non-profit that has assisted drug addicts in getting treatment, is the brainchild of Lindell. This is the ideal illustration of a struggling individual who has improved his life and is now giving back.

Mike Lindell Early Life And Career Details 

Michael James Lindell was born in Minnesota on June 28th, 1961. Lindell was born in Minnesota and raised there. He battled a gambling addiction as a child. Following high school, Mike attended the University of Minnesota. Lindell later dropped out after only a few months of schooling.

He became addicted to cocaine as an adult and used it frequently. His addiction worsened after switching to crack in the 1990s.

Lindell designed My Pillow in 2004, and he grew it into a significant manufacturing firm. The BBB later removed my Pillow’s certification.

Mike Lindell

Mike Lindell At His Birthday Party (Source: Instagram)Lindell began donating to organizations such as the Salvation Army, Union Gospel Mission, and others. As a child, he thought it would be a fantastic idea to start his non-profit organization helping recovering addicts. As a result of this, he founded the Lindell Foundation.

He established the Lindell Recovery Network in 2019, which brings together those who have overcome drug addiction.

Major retailers stopped carrying My Pillow items earlier this year. Lindell believed this was because of his claims about the 2020 presidential election results in the United States. In 2020, Lindell named his son CEO of the company.

Lindell announced the debut of a social media network in March of this year, which he described as a cross between YouTube and Twitter. It’s known as “Vocl.”

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