Roberto Devorik Pareja

Roberto Devorik Pareja Actual; Wikipedia Edad And Family

People are curious about Roberto Devorik Pareja’s actual (couple) as he was one of the closest friends of Queen Diana.

Assurance-filled and “genuine” revelations-filled night in Roberto Devorik, the Argentine who was Diana Spencer’s best friend, about something else, by LN +. A few weeks ago, the tragic Princess of Wales (also known as Lady Di) would have turned sixty. On August 31, 1997, in Paris, Queen Diana was eluding a horde of pursuing paparazzi when Queen was involved in a fatal vehicle accident at 36.

Roberto Devorik Pareja
                                    Roberto Devorik Pareja (First From Left) With Queen Diana And Thomas Gibson (Source: Revistanityfair)

He said to Pablo Sirvén, “With Lady Di, we became friends because I never betrayed her, and he made her laugh a lot. I met her through Beatrix Miller, the director of Vogue. Diana had a great deal of humanity. She was a particular person.

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Roberto Devorik Pareja Actual

Roberto Devorik Pareja has not revealed his personal life as he has been in the limelight after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. 

When he lived in London and until his passing, Argentine designer and consultant for global fashion houses Roberto Devorik was a personal friend and confidant of the Princess of Wales.

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There aren’t many of the Princess of Wales’ old pals left. Devorik spoke with Clarn from Salzburg, Austria, where she attended the festival, about that terrible night, his memories, and how his ancestry still impacts the British Royal House.

There was more than one factor involved in her demise. A list of ingredients is included if the word “recipe” can be used. Unfortunately, as you know, I am sworn and cannot reveal specific information out of respect for her and the British institution. 

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Roberto Devorik Pareja Wikipedia: Edad Explored 

Roberto Devorik Pareja is not featured on the official Wikipedia page. 

He is an Argentinian whose edad (age) is not brought to light. He is a businessman who met Queen Diana in Paris. 

Devorik was the only one with access to all of Lady Di’s secrets for 16 years. They were welcomed to her Hanover Square office in September 1980 by Beatrix Miller, the two decades-long all-powerful editors of UK Vogue. The future Queen of England, Lady Diana Spencer, is shown here. Miller said, “I want you to assist her with her closet. My legs were trembling. The royal engagement wasn’t revealed for six months. Devorik acknowledges, “I had to keep the secret as if it were an issue of state.

The Vogue offices were turned upside down by Charles of England and Diana’s engagement, according to fashion editor Grace Coddington in her memoirs: “Lady Spencer engaged in considerable consultation with the magazine staff regarding her trousseau and her royal wardrobe.

To spot the bride, the paparazzi waited outside the magazine all day.

Roberto Devorik Pareja Family Details 

Roberto Devorik Pareja’s family has not been disclosed as he is very secretive about his life. 

Devorik gained a seat of honor on the editorial council, featuring senior editors Felicity Clark and Anna Harvey. Coddington characterizes Devorik as “a sweet-talking South American getter who paid for a lot of Vogue trips” in his book. 

He established Regine, the city’s sole network of stores where famous women like Mara Cristina de Kent or Ingrid Bergman. He could purchase Versace, Gianfranco Ferré, Thierry Mugler, or Paule Ka creations when he was 31 years old, making him an instant powerhouse on the London fashion scene. Diana, 19 then, continued to dress like a schoolgirl, donning a Shetland sweater, a kilt, stockings, and shoes.

Roberto Devorik Pareja
                                                          A Picture Of Roberto Devorik Pareja With Queen Diana (Source: Instagram)

The ancient British class system continued to control London life 25 years ago. As opposed to now, the city was not as global. Devorik stood out in the situation. He was a master of dressing well and was stylish, worldly, charming, and amusing. 

Suzy Menkes, a former fashion critic for the International Herald Tribune, reveals to Vanity Fair that this encompassed him and his clients, who were also his friends. According to the current international editor of Vogue, “Diana, who had to deal with the palace courtiers and her somber ways, discovered someone funny and engaging in him.”

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