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Yun Mi Jin: Career, Olympics, Personal Life & Net Worth

Former world no. 1 Yun Mi-Jin is a South Korean archer who won three gold Olympic medals.

The recurve archer made headlines after winning her first Olympic gold in 2000 when she was 17 years old.

Apart from the Olympics, Mi-Jin retained her overall amazing career by winning the European Grand Prix two years consecutively.

yun mi jin ready to shoot
Yun Mi-Jin ready to shoot (Fita 2004)

Starting from a young age, she knew she had to work tirelessly to become one of the best in archery.

The archer honed her skills over the years to finally being ranked no. 1 by the World Archery Federation.

After over a decade-long career, she recently participated in the Indoor World Archery Series, where she ranked in the 9th position.

Quick Facts

Before getting deeper into Yun Mi Jin’s life, let’s briefly take a look at her overall bio:

Full name Yun Mi Jin
Korean name 윤 미진
Date of birth April 30, 1983
Age 41 Years Old
Birthplace Daejeon, South Korea
Religion Unknown
Nationality Korean
Ethnicity Asian linage
Education Kyung Hee University, Seoul
Zodiac sign Taurus
Height 5 feet 5 inches (167cm)
Weight 121 lbs
Body Measurement 26 inches waist
35 inches hip
Hair color Brown
Eye color Dark Brown
Marital Status Not Available
Net Worth $5 million
Profession Recurve Archer
Profession status Active
Nickname Pishiri, sleepy person
Salary About $300,000
Social Media Not Available
International Debut year 1999
Gears recently used KSL Jet6 SV, KSL Armguard
Merch Arrow, Crossbow, 3d Deer Archery Target
Last Update May, 2024

Yun Mi-Jin: Family, Early Life, and Education

Yun Mi-Jin was born on April 30, 1983, in Daejeon, South Korea, her hometown.

She began learning archery at an early age when she was studying junior high school.

Not much has been revealed about her family; however, she had a fairly normal childhood.

The archer studied in Kyung Hee Physical Education High School.

During her early life, she actually started archery reluctantly because she did not like sports that much.

Consequently, the former no. 1 archer earned the nickname ‘Pishiri,’ which means ‘sleepy person’ by one of her gym teachers.

Firstly, she only tried archery as an after-school sport to hang out with her friends.

Despite her initial hesitance, the player grew to love archery due to her fantastic coach.

Then, she began intensively training to make her international debut following her qualifying for the national team.

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Yun Mi-Jin: Body Measurements

Yun Mi-Jin retains an athletic body even at the age of 41 Years Old.

Currently, she stands at the height of 5 feet 5 inches (167 cm). Similarly, she weighs around 121 lbs.

Her waist size measures 26 inches, whereas her hip measures around 35 inches.

She has short brown hair and dark brown eyes.

The secret to Mi Jin’s terrific body condition is a strict nutritional diet and regular intensive training sessions.

Regardless of her age, she remains youthful in nature and fierce with a passion for archery.

Yun Mi-Jin: Personal Life

Unlike most Korean athletes who share information about their personal life, Yun Mi-Jin likes to keep her personal life private and hidden.

Therefore, not much has been discovered about her personal life exclusively.

However, she mentioned she likes to celebrate all her victories with her dearest and nearest family members.

Yun Mi-Jin: Love Life

Much like her personal life, her love life has been hidden from public view, which has upset her fans.

However, she is suspected of being already engaged. Yet, no notion of her love life has been revealed so far.

She firmly believes in focusing on training and the future of her career rather than the public focusing on her personal life.

Yun Mi-Jin: Career

While Yun Mi-Jin started as a reluctant archer, it definitely is difficult to believe that she became a world champion.

The world champion wasn’t particularly good at archery initially, but her determination to succeed paved her path to improve.

She commented, “Some people are naturally gifted in archery, and some have to put a lot of effort.”

yun mi jin at sydney olympic in 2000
Yun Mi-Jin at the 2000 Sydney Olympics (Scoreciti)

The archer reminisced how effort towards training was the only way forward because she felt she was not as “gifted” as other players.

Following her massive improvement, she qualified for the national team defeating Asian Games champion Kim Jo-Sun and World champion Lee Eun-Kyung.

Yun Mi-Jin’s international debut was in 1999 when she got ready to compete for the Grand Prix to be held in Demark the following year.

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The Olympic Games

Yun Mi Jin’s grand success came when she was 17 when she qualified for the Olympic Games to be held in Australia.

Glorious win at Sydney Olympics 2000

The Sydney Olympics allowed Mi-Jin to grab both golds in individual and team events.

Only four women have achieved such a historic win till now, all of them from Korea itself.

In the individual event, the Korean archer defeated British archery whiz Allison Williamson to beat Natalia Bolotova of Russia by 110-105.

Next, she triumphed over her teammate and all-time no. 1 female archer Kim Soo Nyung by a heart-stopping 2 points difference.

Furthermore, in the finals, she competed against teammate Kim Nam-Soon who edged her by a mere 1 point, with the final score being 107-106.

yun mi jin standing in the middle
Yun Mi-Jin standing in the middle at the Sydney Olympics 2000 (World Archery)

However, she broke the world record for an 18-arrow match in her individual event.

Moreover, Korea has swept the podium at the time. The event was a repeat of the glorious moment of 1988 as well.

In the team event in the following two days, the young Mi-Jin helped her teammates win the gold by a massive point difference.

Team Win at Athens Olympics 2004

With her amazing performance at the 2000 Olympics, she had built a fanbase that expected much from the 2004 Olympics.

Moreover, she was featured in Times Magazine in the preview of the Olympic edition.

The archer fell ill during the ranking rounds but surprisingly ranked third. The win was cut short as she lost to Chinese Taipei in the quarterfinals.

She felt extremely frustrated at her performance. Hence, she went to shoot arrows alone until very late in the evening.

However, tides turned when she helped her team grab gold again in one of the fiercest archery competitions in Olympics history.

Feeling undoubtedly happy about her win, she commented, “The biggest strength in Korean archery remains to be able to power through competitions.”

Asian Games

Yun Mi-Jin rocked through Asian Games 2002 by winning a bronze in individual and gold in the team event.

Additionally, she won the gold in the team again in the Asian Games of 2006 held in Doha.

She won silver in individual at the Summer Universiade of 2003, she took home bronze again in the 14th Asian Archery Championship.

Giving consistent energy, the former no. 1 won gold at the first-ever Asian Grand Prix 2008 Tournament held in Thailand.

World Archery Championship

Yun Mi-Jin topped her clearly impressive career by winning double gold in individual and team in the World Archery Championship of 2004 held in New York.

Notwithstanding a long gap, she returned to the same arena in the 2005 World Archery Championship in Madrid to win team gold.

Coaching Career

Regardless of growing old, Yun Mi-Jin surpassed expectations to continue her archery endeavors.

Recently, she even began training in shooting compounds.

Simultaneously, the champion started coaching young kids into loving archery, much as she did in the past.

With a professional career going on concurrently, she occasionally takes up coaching to train the younger generation.

Yun Mi-Jin: Controversies

The strong archer has no controversies to date. Evidently, because she is a private person, she remains far away from any controversies.

Rather she has gained massive respect from archers around the world.

Meanwhile, Mi-Jin swears Kim Soo-Nyung her role model and believes it was a great opportunity to work beside her in the Olympics.

Yun Mi-Jin Networth

Yun Mi-Jin is deemed to be one of the richest archers in South Korea.

Her net worth has been estimated to be around $5 million.

The excessive wins at international arenas and domestic games have massively contributed to her hefty net worth.

Moreover, she also presently coaches, which gives her a means of stable livelihood.

Additionally, she receives a fair amount from big sponsorships and memberships to pro-teams of Hyundai Department Store.

All of her earnings allow her to have an easy life as well as provide for her family.

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Yun Mi Jin: Social Media

Fans were shocked when they realized their favorite archer was not available on any form of social media.

Yun Mi-Jin explained that her obsession with simple living made her not appear on social media.

She added that she loved having a private life and staying close to her close family a lot.

Trivia on Mi Jin

  1. The athlete completed her master’s with a thesis topic of Psychological Skills in Performance in Archery.
  2. She reluctantly started archery and fell in love with sport much later.
  3. When she lost her match in the 2004 Olympic Games held in Athens, she was evidently frustrated and shot arrows until the dark.
  4. The world champion archer commentated on the Incheon 2014 Asian Games alongside popular Korean archer Ki Bo Bae.


How many Olympic gold medals does Yun Mi-Jin have?

Currently, Yun Mi-Jin holds three gold Olympic gold medals.

How old was Yun Mi-Jin when she started archery?

Yun was around 13 years old when she started playing archery sports. The champion was studying in junior high school at that time.

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