Dalton Rosta and his girlfriend Gina,

MMA: Who Is Dalton Rosta Girlfriend Gina Delucia? Age Gap, Family And Net Worth

There is a lot of interest in learning about Dalton Rosta’s girlfriend. His fans are eager to learn more about his personal life.

Dalton Rosta is an American professional wrestler currently signed to WWE who is 28 years old.

He attended Youngstown State University. After graduating, he began training to be a professional wrestler.

During Bellator 219: Awad vs. Girtz, Rosta made his professional debut against Cody Vidal on March 29, 2019.

In the first round of the fight, Dalton Rosta defeated Cody Vidal, who had a 1-1-0 professional MMA record. Rosta defeated Vidal at 1:06 in Round 1 by KO/TKO.

Currently, he is ranked #76 on the Worldwide rankings. He has won 7 MMA battles from 2019 to 2022.

This proves that Dalton is in top shape and an excellent wrestler. Speaking of his weight, he is a Middleweight of 185.4 lbs, and his height is 6’0″ (183cm).

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Who Is Dalton Rosta Girlfriend, Gina Delucia? The Age Gap Between Dalton And Gina

The truth is that Dalton Rosta is currently dating. He is dating Gina Delucia, who has been his girlfriend for a long time.

She is an American Athlete and Superstar currently fighting in the WWE/NXT division. They both share their traveling and dinnertime photos on Instagram.

Dalton Rosta with his girlfriend Gina.
Dalton Rosta and his girlfriend Gina are posing for the photo. (Source: Instagram)

The couple is a pet lover, so they share photographs with their pets. Aside from that, Gina has also been very active in her physical activities. She often posts pictures of her gym on her social media.

They both love their jobs. They also enjoy spending time at the gym together, and Dalton teaches Gina many things about the gym and exercises. 

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Dalton Rosta’s girlfriend, Gina, ientirelyte private when publicly sharing details about her life.

She occasionally posts about her birthday, but there is an assumption that there is a two-year age gap between Gina and Dalton.

Who Are Dalton Rosta Family?

Until now, Dalton Rosta’s family has been kept hidden from the public. In addition, it is unknown whether there are other living relatives for him.

He shares photos of himself with his girlfriend and dog and anpicturesos from his gym sessions on social media sites.

Gina Delucia with her family.
Gina Delucia was celebrating Christmas with her family. (Source: Instagram)

Dalton Rosta’s girlfriend, Gina Delucia, is also private about her personal life. However, she often shares photos of her parents on Instagram.

She recently shared a photo of her family celebrating Christmas. Dalton Rosta’s girlfriend’s Father is Derek DeLucia, her mother is Cyndie De Lucia, and she has a brother named DJ Delucia.

How Much is Dalton Rosta Net Worth?

Although Dalton Rosta did not reveal his net worth to the public yet, it is estimated to be $3 million. We can assume he has earned a significant amount of money.

The average salary for an MMA fighter per year is $64,168. However, top fighters may be able to earn significantly more.

Dalton Rosta
Dalton Rosta is posing for the photo. (Source: Instagram)

MMA fighters are paid per fight, with different pay levels based on their experience and the prestige of the event they are fighting in.

Pay also varies based on whether the fighter is winning or losing. MMA fighters generally earn less than professional athletes, such as boxers and football players.

However, MMA fighters typically earn more money when they win fights.

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