Syslesnar killed his father

19 Years Old Sylesnar Seah Jie Kai Killed His Own Father Eddie Seah Wee Teck In Yishun- Murder Cause

Sylesnar Seah Jie Kai killed his Father, Eddie Seah Wee Teck, in Yishun on October 10, 2022. The teenager appeared in court through a video link at about 10 am on October 12, wearing a polo T-shirt and blue mask.

They live at Block 653 Yishun Avenue, four, and the neighbor was shocked and scared by the incident about how the 19-year-old had an abusive relationship with his guardian!

Who Is Sylesnar Seah Jie Kai? Know About The Murder Case

Sylesnar Seah Jie Kai is a 19-year-old boy charged with allegedly killing his own Father in Singapore. They lived in Block 653 Yishun Avenue 4. Eddie Seah was pronounced dead, and Sylesnar was arrested at the scene.

19-year-old kept his head down when charged with murder of father in Yishun
19-year-old kept his head down when charged with the murder of his Father in Yishun [Source- Stomp-The Straits Time]
As per Shin Min Daily News, the Father (victim) was arguing with his son and walked out of the House. Then his son went towards the kitchen to bring the kine and chased after his Father.

On purpose, he slashed him around the neck area from behind the back several times. His Father then fled towards the staircase and tried to call for help. Later, he was covered with blood, and neighbors found him in such a condition.

After the death, the Police said they received a call at 7.05 pm, and when officers got to the scene, they found the victim lying and was suspected easily.

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Family Background Of The Victim Eddie Seah Wee Teck

As per the business records, Eddie Seah and his wife rent and sell properties and were business partners. 

The pair married in 1994 and have two sons and one daughter; the son accused of killing him is the youngest! According to the neighbors, the victim’s son, Sylesnar Seah, was a shy kid who loved gaming.

Moreover, the neighbor in an interview with TODAYonline, a 31-year-old man, lived next door to the family for the past 12 years. Those occasional arguments were about financial things they would never discuss with their children.

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Sylesnar Seah Jie Kai is accused of the murder of his father Eddie Seah Wee Teck, 47
Sylesnar Seah Jie Kai is accused of the murder of his Father, Eddie Seah Wee Teck, 47, and the culprit may face the death penalty [Source- Mothership. Sg]

Sylesnar Seah Jie Kai Legal Procedure 

19-Years-Old Sylesnar Seah Jie Kai is now facing legal procedure as he has been accused of killing his Father. He was immediately arrested after being found lying on the scene.

The teenager was seen in court via video link wearing a polo T-shirt and blue mask. He kept his head bowed during all the proceedings. Sylesnar Seah had lawyers representing him; Sunil Sudheesan and Joyce Khoo from Quah Woo and Palmer.

The Investigating authority has asked him to stay in the Central Police Division for their research and findings and for him to be brought out to aid the process. District Judge Terence Tay agreed for the teenager to stay for two days.

Sylesnar will come to court again on Thursday, and those affiliated with the murder case may face the death penalty.

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