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Who Is Andrew Jones? Kim Lenaghan Husband Family Ethnicity And Net Worth At Death

Kim Lenaghan was married to Andrew Jones. Scroll more to learn about the couple.

Kim Lenaghan was a freelance radio and tv presenter, writer, and critic who lived in Belfast. Her prior areas of expertise were the visual and performing arts, music, and food culture.

She was best known for hosting the weekend morning shows on BBC Radio Ulster and the Festive Feast and Kim’s Twinkly Christmas holiday-themed radio programs, which air on Sundays at noon.

Who Is Andrew Jones? Kim Lenaghan Husband 

Andrew Jones was a married man to Kim Lenaghan. They were living in East Belfast when they married in London in 2017.  There is not much information available about Kim Lenaghan’s husband, Andrew Jones. Watch this space for updates.

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Kim Lenaghan with her Husband
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Kim Lenaghan Family & Ethnicity 

According to sources, Kim’s parents are Val and Rex, but this is unconfirmed. According to unconfirmed reports, Kim had a younger brother named Gareth.

The tragic death of Kim Lenaghan, only 61, is really sad news. My deepest sympathies go out to her husband, family, and countless friends at BBC Northern Ireland. I will miss her sweet voice and taste in music. 

Kim Lenaghan Career & Net Worth At Death

A well-known independent radio and television broadcaster, creator, and critic are Kim Lenaghan. She mainly worked in music, cuisine, custom, and the visual and performing arts.

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Kim Lenaghan’s condolence on Twitter
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Kim graduated from Queen’s University in Belfast, majoring in English Literature and earning a Bachelor of Arts degree. She continued and graduated with a Master of Arts in Marketing from the University of Ulster.

Kim was the host of the Sunday lunchtime radio meal show The Foodie and the presenter of the weekend morning current on BBC Radio Ulster.

She also hosted two seasonal events, Kim’s Twinkly Christmas and the current Festive Feast. She began her career as the host of the BBC Radio Ulster shows This New Day and Arts Extra. She also hosted the BBC Northern Ireland TV shows Bad Dog, Country Times, and Good Dog.

Particularly notable among Kim’s many publications are Irish Superstitions and Lores and A Little History of Golf. In September of the year 2022, Kim passed away.

When she passed away, Kim Lenaghan had a $14 million net worth.

A Little History of Golf and Irish Superstitions and Lores is a couple of Kim’s published publications (Angus & Robertson). She holds degrees from the University of Ulster and Queen’s University, both in Belfast.

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