Is DWF Megachurch Leaving Methodist?

DWF Megachurch Leaving Methodist: Many people are trying to figure out the details of their decision. In this article, we are talking about the decision. Continue reading this as we take a closer look at the case. 

The church’s decision to leave coincides with a rift in conservative congregations over what some perceive to be support for same-sex marriage and the ordination of gay pastors.

A megachurch in Plano announced that it would depart the United Methodist Church to form alliances with other “like-hearted churches.”

According to a statement on its website, St. Andrew United Methodist claimed it started researching disaffiliation years ago while keeping an eye on the “inevitable fragmenting” of the church.

St. Andrew is the second-largest United Methodist congregation in the North Texas Conference and the seventh-largest in Texas, with about 6,500 members.

Its exit from the denomination coincides with several conservative churches leaving Texas and other states over what some perceive to be support for same-sex marriage and the ordination of gay pastors.

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Is DWF Megachurch Leaving Methodist?

The church’s Executive committee decided to quit the denomination, not the congregation’s.

However, according to UM News, United Methodist congregations are expected to abide by a trust provision that calls for two-thirds of the community to vote in favor of disaffiliation.

Bishop Michael McKee spoke to the agency, “the procedure by which St. Andrew made this choice is uncommon in the history of our Wesleyan tradition, which needs congregational votes on key matters.” I lament that St. Andrew’s members were denied the right to speak and vote on their church’s most important decision ever made.

When UM News asked McKee if the North Texas Conference would take St. Andrew’s activities to court, McKee did not comment.

A church with more than 6,500 members in the Dallas region has announced that it will sever its ties to the United Methodist Church and continue to operate independently while looking into partnerships with other Methodist groups.

Is DFW Megachurch Leaving Methodist?
DFW Megachurch Leaving Methodist. Source: DFW Church

According to a post on the church’s website, senior pastor Arthur Jones of St. Andrew United Methodist Church in Plano and Kathy King, the executive committee chair, said that founding pastor Robert Hasley started thinking about disaffiliation “years ago” and asked a group of lay leaders to “monitor the inevitable fragmenting of the United Methodist Church.”

The church’s executive committee chose to sever ties; the congregation was not asked to vote on it.

Because they disagree with the UMC’s position on topics like same-sex marriage and the ordination of openly gay pastors, several conservative congregations across the country have recently left the denomination or are in the process of leaving.

At least 500 UMC congregations in Texas have left, including four of the top six congregations by membership. The seventh-largest church in the state is St. Andrew’s.

They also noted that, while Methodism stretches back to the 1700s and has had “several realignments among Methodist denominations over that time,” the UMC is simply one of the 80 Methodist churches that make up the World Methodist Council.

According to the letter, the church’s regular activities won’t be impacted.

According to the founders, the church will function independently under the name St. Andrew Methodist and seek partnerships and accountability with other “like-hearted” churches.


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