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Who Is Kwebbelkop Girlfriend? Relationship With Azzyland: Net Worth

Kwebbelkop Girlfriend was Azzyland. But, there are various rumors about the pair. Are they even together? Who is he dating now? Let’s see.

Kwebbelkop is a famous Dutch YouTuber and content creator. His real name is Jordi van den Bussche. But as it is long and hard to pronounce, he chose the nickname Kwebbelkop, which means chatterbox in dutch.

Kwebbelkop looks dashing with a white shirt
Kwebbelkop looks dashing with a white shirt.

Though he randomly began to record and feature himself playing video games like Grand Theft Auto 5, now he is one of the most successful people in the field.

To learn more about the famous YouTuber, continue reading until the end.

Who Is Kwebbelkop Girlfriend?

Kwebbelkop’s girlfriend is yet to be disclosed.

While most of us are assuming the YouTuber to be single at present, he has posted a photo with a girl in February 2022, wishing her a Happy Valentine’s Day.

Then he shared another close-up photo with the same girl with the caption, “Love is in the air.”

As he shared these images, fans clamored for him to disclose the beans, but the YouTuber remained silent.

So, we doubt if the woman in his profile is actually his girlfriend or just a fling.

However, according to Famous Birthdays, he was in a romantic relationship with Azzyland.

Azzyland is a fellow Youtuber whose content is mainly related to games and reaction videos. She is 31 years old Canadian citizen who began her YouTube journey in 2014.

Also, Azzyland is the name of her YouTube channel, and her real name is Azra Bajrami. 

So, after splitting with Azzyland, it seems like Kwebbelkop has decided to focus on his career. 

His Relationship With Azzyland

Kwebbelkop and Azzyland’s relationship began in 2016.

The pair met on YouTube due to their similar interest in video games and content creation. And, after talking and playing games together for some time, they fell in love.

The pair remained in a long-distance relationship for nearly 4 years until they broke up in February 2020.

Though the exact reason behind their split is unknown, we assume it was due to long distance. Kwennelkop was from the Netherlands, and Azzyland was from Canada.

Moreover, his ex-girlfriend was 4 years older than him.

After the couple broke up, their fans were shocked and asked multiple questions about their love life. To this, Kwennelkop finally clarified their break-up via a tweet. He also asked his fans to respect their privacy.

Before Azzrland, the YouTuber was dating a girl named Jamie.

Kwebbelkop Age: How Old

The YouTuber is 27 years at present.

As per Famous Birthdays, he was born on 1st June 1995. 

Likewise, he was born in Amsterdam to parents Ben van den Bussche (father) and Brigittela Bussche(mother).

He also has an elder sister named Lauren.

Unfortunately, his father died in 2017 due to a stroke.

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His Net Worth

According to reports, the YouTuber’s net worth in 2022 is $15 million.

The primary source of his income is his YouTube channel, where he has 14.9 million subscribers. 

Most of his videos on the platform are related to games, and he provides hilarious sounds to his videos, making them fun to watch.

Did Kwebbelkop Leave Jelly And Slogo?

Yes, the social media influencer left Jelly And Slogo.

He has made a revelation video about why he left Jelly and Slogan.

However, to talk about it briefly, he left them because he lost his dad and had just broken up with his girlfriend. Due to this, his mental health got ruined, and the YouTuber found it hard to focus on himself and YouTube simultaneously. 

So, Kwebbelkop took a break for a while and came back stronger. 

Meet the YouTuber on Social Media

The YouTuber is present on almost all social media platforms.

On Instagram, he is a verified user with the username @kwebbelkop. He has amassed 1.1 million followers on the platform with 1.4k posts.

Similarly, he is also on TikTok as @kwebbelkop. He is a verified TikTok user whose bio says, ‘Follow me, and I’ll give you a cookie.’

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