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Paloma Navarrete Wikipedia Edad- Hijos And Death Cause

Paloma Navarrete Wikipedia has been searched as the pharmacist and psychologist died in July 2022. 

In the first episode of the newest season of “Cuarto Milenio,” Enrique de Vicente paid tribute to Paloma Navarrete. A message that Paloma Navarrete gave her family before she passed away has been made public by the Journalist and head of the Spanish Society of Parapsychology.

Enrique told his loved ones that he would leave this world when his mission was complete but that he would first stay for a while and tell a joke. Because Paloma was ridiculing, she guaranteed Vicente on the Cuatro program that she would carry out some of her pranks.

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Paloma Navarrete Wikipedia: Edad And Hijos Explored 

Paloma Navarrete is not featured on the official Wikipedia page. 

Paloma Navarrete has the time to combine her professional endeavors as a psychologist and pharmacist with her personal experiences with esotericism and the afterlife. When her daughters were little, she traveled to Guatemala with her first husband, where she developed her abilities by working with a shaman who further widened her perspective. 

Paloma Navarrete
Paloma Navarrete (Source: Misterica)

She returned to Madrid and continued her studies in anthropology, kabbalah, numerology, mythology, chirology, and astrology. She collaborated with Father Pilón on the Hepta group and established Madrid’s first Cabinet of Futurology.

His writings have been published, and he has collaborated with notable mystery acquaintances like Jiménez del Oso and Iker Jiménez in “the border’s experiences Other Borders, Other Realities: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and My Contacts with the Beyond” (Books Cpula, 2014) ” (Firefly, 2015).

There is no information about her edad (age) and hijos (son) as she died last July 2022.

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Paloma Navarrete Death Reason

Paloma Navarrete, the fabled “Cuarto Milenio” collaborator, has passed away. A publication accompanied by a message of love & gratitude for the many years of work that brought them together. The program team was the one to declare the demise of the medium officially. The cause of the well-known and prominent television talk show host’s death has not been disclosed, despite their desire.

In the format she used to announce her death on Thursday afternoon, Ker Jiménez decided to express some sincere words of love to her friend. Navarrete had been a consistent Cuatro participant for several years.

She could offer a unique perspective as a medium and specialist in some cases being examined weekly.

According to information on her website, Paloma has done considerable research about the material that the “Cuarto Milenio” team has become used to. The renowned medium was knowledgeable in various fields, including psychology, astrology, chirology, numerology, the cabal, and mythology. As a result, she could offer several viewpoints on the mysteries covered in the space run by Iker Jiménez and Carmen Porter.

Last Words That Paloma Navarrete Told Her Relatives Before Her Death

The collaborator expressed his desire for Navarrete to crack a joke from the other world, saying, “I am persuaded that Paloma is traveling with us on this journey.”

“She was a highly independent woman who was also a brilliant thinker and educator (…) She ran a school for young witches where she instructed them to connect with their unconscious, concentrate on their power, and connect with the archetypes, “Vicente said.

Iker Jiménez decided to pay tribute to his spouse as he announced his passing on Thursday afternoon. Navarrete had been a consistent Cuatro participant for several years. Because of his mediumistic side, he could provide a unique perspective and knowledge in specific cases.

Paloma Navarrete
Paloma Navarrete And Enrique de Vicente (Source: Elperiodico)

According to her website, Paloma has much research about the material that the “Cuarto Milenio” team has become used to.

The illustrious medium was well-versed in various areas like psychology, astrology, chirology, numerology, the cabal & mythology. As a result, she presented a variety of opinions on the puzzles discussed at the forum moderated by Iker Jiménez and Carmen Porter.

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