Terry Chermak William Cagle Missing

Terry Chermak William Cagle Missing Case Update: Children And Age Details

Terry Chermak and William Cagle (Todd) had been missing since September 9 in the area of Greenville, South Carolina.

According to Courtney Snow of the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office, a body was discovered Tuesday morning during an investigation into a missing couple from Laurens County.

Snow said the corpse was discovered at a house on Neely Ferry Road.

William Cagle, who went missing with his girlfriend a week ago, was arrested in Colorado after her body was discovered in her house.

Terry Chermak And William Cagle Missing: What Happened?

According to the coroner, Terry Chermak’s body was discovered in a Laurens County, South Carolina, residence after she went missing with her lover, Todd.

According to Snow, the deputies responded to the home shortly after 9 am in response to a missing person report involving Terry Ann Chermak and William Loyd Cagle.

The LCSO stated around 7 pm that William Loyd “Todd” Cagle, 48, had been arrested in Colorado with the assistance of the US Marshals Service and charged with murder.

William Cagle Arrested (Source: Oxygen)

The authorities discovered a body on the property after arriving at the scene at about 9:20 am. Terry Chermak, who had received a single gunshot wound, was eventually identified as the victim by the coroner.

Cagle was arrested in Colorado on Tuesday night and accused of homicide.

Multiple law enforcement organizations reported earlier this week that they were looking for Chermak and Cagle.

On September 17, a missing person report was filed for Chermak and Cagle, according to the Greenville Police Department. Cagle’s sister stated that the couple had not been seen in over a week.

Chermak’s sister stated that they discovered her dog in the backyard of her Laurens home and that their father was caring for the animal.

Who Was Terry Chermak? Her Age Revealed

Terry was born on December 9, 1972, and her age was 50 years at the time of death.

According to authorities, Chermak was last seen by a buddy in downtown Greenville. They investigated the case and discovered several clues, which led to it being turned over to the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office.

Terry Chermak
Terry Chermak was killed by her partner (Source: Pinterest)

Terry Chermak, a fantastic friend to many, died unexpectedly, leaving family and friends in mourning. 

Chermak’s absence has saddened friends and relatives in the neighborhood, as they have taken to her Facebook page.

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Terry Chermak And William Cagle Children

Terry Chermak And William Cagle have a son together. The name of Chermak’s son has not yet been revealed.

According to multiple social media posts, Cagle and Chermak had known one other since high school and had been a couple since 2008.

Chernak, a human resources officer, texted her supervisor to inform him that she had COVID. She worked for Multi-Pack Solutions in Greenville. 

Cagle’s phone was last pinged in North Carolina around 8:20 pm on Saturday, while Chermak’s phone was last pinged about 10:30 am on Sunday near Fort Walton Beach, Florida, 500 miles from Laurens, on the shore of the state’s panhandle. 

Chermak’s adult son lives approximately 20 minutes west of Fort Walton but said he hadn’t seen her.

Terry Chermak William Cagle Update

According to jail documents acquired by Oxygen.com, William “Todd” Cagle, 48, was detained on Tuesday in Denver. 

The press release from the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office and one from the Marshals stated that he was detained outside his downtown Denver hotel on felony warrants for murder and possession of a firearm by a previously convicted felon.

In this case, Police have not established a motive or a time of death. It is unknown whether Cagle has legal representation in Colorado or when he will be returned to South Carolina.

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