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Andriy Pushkar: Career, Accident & Net worth

Andriy Pushkar was a professional arm-wrestler from Ukrainian. He was loved and cherished in his hometown.

He won many honors and championships throughout his career. So, even though he is no more with us, he is well-recognized.

Andriy Pushkar is an inspiration amongst his hometown fellas for arm-wrestling. 

Andriy Pushkar striking a pose for a photo.
Andriy Pushkar striking a pose for a photo.

So, how well do you know about him? In the article, you will find detailed information about the arm wrestler Andriy Pushkar.

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about Andriy Pushkar:

Full Name Andriy Pushkar
Date of Birth August 6, 1985
Birth Place Kremenets, Ukraine
Age 33 Years Old (at the time of death)
Date of Death November 14, 2018
Death Place Radyvyiv Raion, Ukraine
Nationality Ukrainian
Religion Not available
Ethnicity Not available
Zodiac Sign Leo
Chinese Zodiac Ox
Hobbies Not available
Sex Male
Parents Father’s name- Anatoliy Pushkar
Mother’s name- Not Available
Siblings Not available
Profession Arm Wrestler and Bodybuilder
Body Type Athlete
Height 1.92m (6 ft 4 in) 
Weight 275lbs (125kg)
Hair color Brown
Biceps 19.7 inches
Forearm 17.7 inches
Marital status Married
Spouse Svetlana Pushkar (at the time of death)
Children Leo Pushkar
Education Not available
Net worth $1 million – $5 million
Social Media Instagram 
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Last Update May, 2024

Andriy Pushkar: Early Life and Family

Andriy was born to Anatoliy Pushkar on August 6, 1985. He was born in the city of Kremenets, Ukraine.

However, there is no distinct information about his family members.

Interestingly, his passion for the sport grew from his family. Moreover, he grew in an athletic household.

His father was a participant in different martial arts events.

To your surprise, his father was the arm-wrestling champion of the local hometown. Thus, he was interested in the sport from an early age.

Apart from this, a movie named ‘Commando’ played by Arnold Schwarzenegger impacted him intensely to be an athlete when he was just eleven.

The arm wrestler was fond of watching his father’s game with his family members, hoping he would someday join and dominate the game just as his father did.

Likewise, he was trained by his father indirectly as the duo would often fight each other.

Andriy Pushkar: Height, Weight, and Zodiac Sign

As being an athlete, Andriy had an athletic body. In addition, his body was remarkably flexible and stout.

He astonishingly stood 1.92 m (6 ft 4in) tall and weighed around 276lbs (125kg).

Likewise, his biceps and forearms measured 19.7 and 17.7 inches, respectively.

Also, the arm wrestler’s hair color was brown.

Similarly, being born in  March, the athlete zodiac sign was Leo, and as of Chinese Zodiac, his sign was Ox.

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Andriy Pushkar: Career

Early Career

As his father was the arm-wrestling champion of the local hometown, his father advised Andriy to try his hand in arm-wrestling and weightlifting.

Thus, his first sport was weightlifting, and also his father suggested Pushkar to stick with the lifting for the time being.

Similarly, in his early days, he participated in different local-based competitions.

Moreover, he managed to win the competition, lifting the deck 52times in the “Cossack Fun” competition.

Thus, apart from his father’s belief in him, his father also shaped his career in his early days.

Interestingly, Andriy defeated his father when he was just 14.

However, there is no specific record regarding his early day’s competitions’ participation.

World Championships

Andriy Pushkar was 17 when he competed in the European Championships.

Similarly, he secured the second position in the heavyweight division of the 2003 EAF championship, which was his first-ever championship medal.

Andriy stood second in the 2004 World Championship in Men Rights and Left 110+ KG category.

Also, he stood third in both categories of Men’s masters 100 Kg in Europe.

Fortunately, he managed to the secured first position in the 2006 World Championship in the right-hand category.

Interestingly, the arm wrestler even managed to secure third in the Men’s 100kg+ left-hand category.

Furthermore, he finished first in both the hand categories in the Men’s Seniors 110 Kg in the 2007 EAF European Championship.

Consequently, he won both the hand categories in the 2008 and 2009 championships.

However, in 2010 and 2011, he finished first in the left and right Men’s 110+ Kg category.

Andrew with medals and a T-shirt from the World Cup in Italy, 2009
Andriy with medals and a T-shirt from the World Cup in Italy, 2009

Surprisingly, he dominated, bagging the gold medal in both the categories in the Men’s Seniors 110 Kg in the 2013 EAF European Championship.

Sadly, there is no record of him in the EAF European Championship and World Championship after 2013.

Andriy’s only appearance after 2013 was in the A1 Russian Open’s Absolute Class, the 2015 Ukrainian Championship (won), and the Golden Tour Tournament (won).

Likewise, the arm wrestler competed in the 2016 World Heavyweight Champion, where he grabbed the title.

Andriy Pushkar: Training

He put himself through different training as arm-wrestling requires endurance, strength, and power.

Moreover, he trained thrice for 1.5-2 hours a week.

Similarly, he used to consume more vegetable protein than animal protein in his diet.

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Andriy Pushkar: Marital Status

Andriy was married to Svetlana Pushkar. The couple was blessed with a child.

Moreover, their children’s name is Leo Pushkar. He was born on December 26, 2016, at 7.10 in the morning.

Similarly, his wife was also an athlete. In addition, they had made lots of public appearances. 

Andriy Pushkar with his wife Svetlana Pushkar and their son Leo
Andriy Pushkar with his wife Svetlana Pushkar, and their son, Leo.

The couple led the active movement “Pushkar Team School” to provide low-income and refugees with free gym and self-defense training.

In addition to this, the couple motivated the physically impaired person to work out for free in their gym. 

Andriy’s wife is widely known for her unselfish nature as she always prayed for humanity. 

Andriy Pushkar: Net worth

Unfortunately, there is no specific information regarding how much did Andriy make as being a professional athlete.

However, it is estimated that Andriy Pushkar’s total net worth was around $1 million – $5 million.

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Andriy Pushkar: Accident and Death

Andriy was driving his Citroen car with Oleg Zhokh and Oleg’s father when they got in an accident on November 14, 2018, in the Rivne Region. 

According to preliminary reports, his car collided with a truck as he loosed his control.

And according to the update of the police report, Oleg’s father was driving the car. However, the truck driver was not injured.

Andriy Pushkar's wrecked car after the devastating car accident.
Andriy Pushkar’s wrecked car after the devastating car accident.

Soon after the crash, they were rushed to the hospital, but unfortunately, Oleg’s father and Andriy lost their life.

Oleg Zhokh was admitted to the Radyvilovsky Central District Hospital ICU and was in a coma for ten days.

Likewise, for the treatment of Oleg, Andriy’s wife ran the fund-collecting charity.

Apart from this, she regularly visited him in the ICU.

Andriy Pushkar: Honour 

The hometown of Andriy was saddened after his unfortunate death. However, everyone in his hometown loved and cherished him. 

To honor him, the locals were motivated to rename one of the streets after his name.

However, it’s not renamed yet though as of writing this article, the petition has been posted on the city council’s website. 

Andriy Pushkar: Social Media

Sadly, he wasn’t present on any of the social media except on Instagram. 

He had around 17.6k followers on Instagram. And his username was @pushkarandriy.

His wife handles his Instagram account now after his accident. Posts are related to his then-professional life and about his then-personal stuff as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it true that Andriy was also a part-time coach?

Yes, Andriy Pushkar was a part-time coach. He used to coach the young children in his gym.

How old was Andriy Pushkar when he died?

Andriy Pushkar was 33 years old when he got in an accident and lost his life!

Whom did Andriy Pushkar defeat in the 2016 World Heavyweight Championship?

Andriy Pushkar defeated Kazakhstan’s Dmitry Trubin in the 2016 World Heavyweight Championship.

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