Are My Melody and Kuromi Siblings

Are My Melody And Kuromi Siblings? Relationship And Their Family

Fans who have watched the Anime Onegai My Melody often ask this question, Are My Melody and Kuromi Siblings? We will dig deeper into this topic in this article.

Onegai My Melody is an anime series directed by Makoto Moriwaki based on the Sanrio character My Melody, with Takashi Yamada as the head writer note and Tomoko Miyakawa as the character designer. 

This anime series consists of four seasons, with every season consisting of 52 episodes. 

A Light Novel sequel to Onegai My Melody also exists. The sequel is titled Highschool (2013).

My Melody is one of the most famous Japanese kawaii characters, and her popularity is right up there with her fellow Sanrio character Hello Kitty.

She is a white rabbit girl from Mariland with a pink hood that covers her ears. 

On the other hand, Kuromi is a worker from Mariland, and she is the main antagonist of the Series Onegai My Melody. 

She is also the Leader of a biker gang called Kuromi’s five, which consists of five members. The other members are Nyanmi, Wanmi, Konmi, and Chumi.

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Are My Melody And Kuromi Siblings? Their Family And Relationship

Melody and Kuromi aren’t siblings in Anime. Instead, they are rivals.

Kuromi and My Melody are rivals and are most often involved in a fight. However, the two characters don’t hate each other.  

Despite their frequent fights, they care for each other. One of the times when My Melody locked herself in a cabinet, Kuromi told her that if she were to die, who would she fight? 

Simply put, My Melody and Kuromi share the relationship of a Frenemy.

My Melody And Kuromi In Onegai My Melody
My Melody And Kuromi In Onegai My Melody (Source: Deviant Art)

While the former thinks of the two of them as friends, the latter see themselves as more of rivals to appear tough.

My Melody has two siblings, a younger brother named Rhythm and an older sister named Harmony. 

She lives with her parents and addresses them with Papa and Mama. 

Not much is revealed about Kuromi’s parents except that they once appeared in Onegai My Melody Anime.

My Melody’s initial release was in 1975, just a year after Hello Kitty was released. In 2005, My Melody was given a rival in the form of Kuromi. 

Kuromi was so adorable and popular that she joined the Sanrio crew as an official member, becoming the other half of an iconic frenemy duo.

Kuromi And Her Personality

Kuromi is My Melody’s “punk” tomboy counterpart. Although My Melody and Kuromi can get along, Kuromi’s feelings are more inclined to rivalry to appear tough.

Although she appears challenging and punk, she is very girly and is drawn to attractive guys! Kuromi enjoys keeping a diary and is obsessed with romantic short stories. 

Black and hot pink are her favorite colors. Her favorite foods include shallots, various types of meat, and cherries.

Kuromi Angry With My Melody
Kuromi Angry With My Melody (Source: Pinterest)

Despite her role as a villain, Kuromi enjoys food and even cooks. You could describe her as a rebellious free spirit.

Kuromi was kind, good, social, and friendly in her youth.

My Melody once tore a page from Kuromi’s journal to wipe Piano’s nose, and she did other things to her that Kuromi believes she did to ruin her life.

Now her personality is mad, depressed, and revengeful.

My Melody And Her Personality

Unlike her rival Kuromi, my Melody is kind, friendly, optimistic, and calm. She is also blunt and frequently quotes her mother’s advice.

This white rabbit girl from Mariland loves to do crafts and bake cookies with her mother. My Melody’s favorite food is Almond Pound Cake.

She is best friends with Flat, a cute little mouse, and the iconic Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty and My Melody are only a year apart and from London, so they get along very well.

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