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Is Joni Mitchell Dead Or Still Alive? Death Cause Family And Net Worth

Joni Mitchell is rumored to be dead, which has caused concern among his fans around the world. Is Joni Mitchell dead? Let’s find out.

Mitchell frequently discusses social and philosophical concepts in her writing and her feelings about romance, womanhood, disillusionment, and joy.

She is influenced by jazz, folk, pop, rock, and classical music. She received several accolades, including eleven Grammy Awards and induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997.

According to AllMusic and Rolling Stone, who both referred to her as “one of the finest composers ever,” Joni Mitchell may end up being hailed as the most significant and influential female music artist of the late 20th century.

There have been numerous reports about Joni Mitchell’s passing on the internet. Fans are worried about the musician’s health as a result. In 2022, will Joni Mitchell be gone?

Is Joni Mitchell Dead Or Still Alive?

Joni Mitchell is not dead. She is alive and doing well as of October 2022. After receiving almost a million “likes” on its Facebook page, the “R.I.P. Joni Mitchell” page, rumors about the singer’s purported death gathered steam on Wednesday.

Immediately after learning that the talented 78-year-old singer and songwriter is dead, hundreds of fans began posting Joni’s condolence notes on the Facebook page. The death hoax also caused Twitter to go crazy, as usual.

However, the singer’s representatives formally declared Joni Mitchell’s survival on Thursday, October 6. Joni joins the list of famous people who have fallen for this scam.

Joni Mitchell dead
Joni Mitchell is considered to be dead in October 2022. (Source: Spotify)

Mitchell’s reps said that Joni is still alive and healthy. They also advised people to stop believing what they read online. 

Some fans are upset about the false claim, calling it careless, upsetting, and damaging to the singer’s devoted followers. Others claim that this demonstrates her extraordinary global popularity.

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Some claimed that the allegation was a hoax because no major Canadian network had reported it, even though the passing of Joni Mitchell would have made headlines nationwide.

Joni Mitchell Family: Who Are Her Parents?

Joni Mitchell’s parents are Bill Anderson and Myrtle Anderson. She was born to her parents on November 7, 1943, in Alberta, Canada.

Mitchell spent most of her childhood with her parents in Fort Macleod. After World War II, Mitchell relocated with her parents to North Battleford, Saskatchewan.

Joni and her family relocated once more when Mitchell was nine years old, this time to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, which she now calls her hometown. 

Her Father, Bill Andreson, is a grocer. Meanwhile, Joni’s mother, Myrtle Anderson, is a schoolteacher. Mitchell enquired with her parents about taking piano lessons after a friend introduced her to classical music.

Joni Mitchell parents
Joni Mitchell with her parents, Myrtle Anderson and William Anderson, at Carnegie Hall in 1969. (Source: Facebook)

Despite beginning piano lessons at age seven, the young student’s instruction ended after only eighteen months.

By that point, Mitchell had become tired of the “knuckle-rapping” musical style that was popular at the time. But more crucially, she had realized that she preferred making her music to practicing the piano.

Mitchell suffered polio, a frequently fatal condition at the time, at 9. Her mother took care of her, and she ultimately healed. 

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Joni Mitchell Net Worth In 2022

According to several sources, Joni Mitchell has an estimated over $100 million net worth. However, Joni never really mentioned her net worth to the media. 

Joni is considered one of the best singers and musicians of all time, which was also her primary source of income. 

Mitchell has sold millions upon millions of albums during her career. She has 17 original albums to her credit throughout her lengthy career, nine Grammy Awards, and Joni was elected into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

One of the most important and influential female musicians of the second half of the 20th century is regarded as Mitchell.

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