Nikki Finke Net Worth

Nikki Finke Net Worth At Death: Family Husband- How Did American Blogger Die?

Nikki Finke, a popular American blogger, died at the age of 68. What was Nikki Finke Net Worth at death?  

Nikki Finke was an American blogger, Journalist, publisher, and writer. She served as a consultant to Jay Penske’s Penske Business Media LLC and a senior editorial contributor for PBM.

Finke started Hollywood Dementia LLC, which publishes short stories about the entertainment industry, and served as its CEO.

Nikki also founded and served as editor-in-chief and president of Deadline Hollywood. This website included original content that included reporting and analysis on the entertainment industry business from her and other seasoned showbiz journalists.

The domain’s last name was Deadline Hollywood Daily. She received the additional position of editorial advisor for the parent firm Penske Media Corp. in December 2011.

On October 9, 2022, Finke passed away in Boca Raton, Florida, at 68 after a protracted illness.

What Was Nikki Finke Net Worth At Death? 

According to several sources, Nikki Finke’s net worth is approximately $4 million. However, Finke never mentioned her actual net worth to the media or the public.

Nikki collected the majority of her sum as a blogger. In addition, Finke is also a Journalist, writer, and publisher.

In addition, Nikki earned a $98,700 annual salary at Penske Business Media, according to a report on the web. Finke has worked as a columnist for the Los Angeles Magazine throughout her career as a Journalist.

Nikki Finke Net Worth
Doyenne of Hollywood gossip Nikki Finke. (Source: The Times of Israel)

Nikki was in charge of Deadline Hollywood while employed there and wrote a weekly piece by the same name.

In addition, Nikki launched an online version of her blog and Deadline Hollywood in 2006. She did this because she needed a quicker means to cover breaking entertainment news for her weekly column.

The blog Deadline Hollywood was started by Finki and eventually sold to Penske Media Corp. Finkle also served as the chief editor of the Wellesley school newspaper while in college.

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Nikki Finke Family: Husband And Children

Nikki Finke was born to her parents on December 16, 1953. Finke was born to a Jewish family on Long Island and raised in the affluent community of Sands Point, New York.

She eventually received her degree from Wellesley College, serving as the newspaper’s editor-in-chief.

However, the identity of her parents remains unknown. In addition, there are no details about Nikki’s siblings on the web. 

Nikki Finke Husband
Nikki Finke’s ex-husband, Jeffrey W. Greenberg. (Source: Kingaziz)

Nikki was married to Jeffrey W. Greenberg. Finke and Jeffrey had a 14-year relationship.

The couple was engaged in 1974 and got married in 1980. However, Nikki and Jeffrey’s relationship did not last long as they parted ways in 1982, two years after getting married.

But Nikki was unable to give birth to any child during their relationship. As a result, Finke has no children surviving her.

How Did American Blogger Nikki Finke Die?

Nikki Finke was a seasoned Journalist who launched the entertainment trade website Deadline and who, in her prime, was an elbows-out columnist dishing out juicy business insider information and nasty rumors about Hollywood’s elite. She passed away at age 68.

A family representative reported that Finke passed away on Sunday morning in Boca Raton, Florida, following a protracted illness.

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For revealing secrets, first through her L.A. Weekly column, Deadline Hollywood, which she later turned into a website, Finke was both admired and feared in the business.

In 2006, on a Friday, she started Deadline Hollywood Daily. The following Sunday, she began live-blogging the 78th Academy Awards, which helped her swiftly grow her readership.

Before 2009, when Penske Media Corp. acquired the website and appointed Finke as editor-in-chief, it was primarily run by a single person.

She was referred to as Hollywood’s “most dreaded writer” in a 2011 Los Angeles Times article.

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