Baker Mayfield in field

Baker Mayfield Net Worth: Income & Charity

Professional American football player Baker Mayfield has an astounding net worth of $12 Million.

Baker Mayfield was born on 14 April 1995 in Austin, Texas.

Firstly, he started playing football at Travis High School and later played college football at Texas Tech Raid Raiders.

He also played for the Oklahoma team.

Baker Mayfield in jersey
Baker Mayfield in jersey

Initially, Baker debuted in the National Football League (NFL) in 2018 by playing against New York Jets for the Cleveland Browns.

Similarly, Baker has been awarded several honors during his lifetime, like the Maxwell Award, All-Rookie, Heisman Trophy, and the Associate Player of the year award.

The professional Quarterback earns his net worth through various endorsement deals and his football career.

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about Baker Mayfield:

Full Name Baker Mayfield
Birth Date April 14, 1995
Birth Place Austin, Texas
NickName Broadway Baker
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Education University of Oklahoma
Horoscope Aries
Father’s Name James Mayfield
Mother’s Name Gina Mayfield
Siblings Matt Mayfield
Age [calculate_years datestring=”01/14/1995″] Years Old
Height 6 Feet 1 Inch
Weight 98Kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Build Athletic
Profession NFL Player
Team or Club Cleveland Browns
Position Quarterback
Jersey Number 6
Marital Status Married
Fiancee Emily Wilkinson
Children Not Available
Average Salary $8.1 Million
Active Since 2014
Endorsements Spotrac, Nike, Nissan, Beam
Charity Foundation Providence House
Net Worth $12 Million
Social Media Twitter, Instagram, Facebook
Website Baker Mayfield
Merch Signed Rookie Card, Autographed Football, Signed Helmet
Last Update [current-month], [current-year]

Baker Mayfield: Net Worth and Income

With his stunning football skills, Baker Mayfield collected his net worth of $12 Million.

Meanwhile, on his debut in NFL for Cleveland, he signed a deal of $32.68 Million, including around $21Million signing bonus in 2018.

Likewise, Mayfield grabs an average annual salary of around $8.1Million.

In 2018, his base salary was $480,000 and he earned $22,329,440 including the signing bonus of $21,849,440.

Similarly, in 2019, his base salary plummed to $570,000 while his earning was $1,996,971, comprised of a roster bonus of $1,395,590 and $31,381.

However, his base salary rose to $750,000, and his earnings grew to $3,615,494, which included the roster bonus of $2,791,180 and $74,314 as an incentive in 2020

He has already been awarded $24.3 Million till the 2020-21 season. In 2021, Baker’s salary is $920,000 and has a roster bonus of $4,186,770.

Therefore, following the trend and his success, his projected market value is the nearly average annual salary of $35 Million.

Baker Mayfield: Lifestyle and Vacations


Meanwhile, Baker is a person with a great personality and a huge fashion icon as well.

Baker has a healthy lifestyle as he goes to a fitness class to build his potential on the field.

His energy drinks include Body Armor which cost around $15 for 12 pack bottles.

While the player spends most of his time in the field, he likes to spend his free time with his beloved wife. Likewise, he is also into computer gaming, apart from his field games.

During his homestay and free time, Baker loves having a glass of red wine, cooking, playing board games, watching good movies, and just relaxing with his beloved spouse.

Similarly, he is seen mainly using the bose headphones for his computer gaming and during running or even his online classes, which is vivid in his social media post.

The headphones cost around $180- $400.

Baking Mayfield practice session
Baking Mayfield practice session

He prefers denim jeans and a cap of Camwood for casual clothing, starting from $30.

Similarly, Baker loves spending time with his wife and posts photos with her. Also, he is seen playing with his pet.

Besides, The professional quarterback also loves reading. Recently, he had read a novel called  Blue Rendezvous by Fransesca Tristen.


During his off-season from the Field, NFL quarterback Baker Mayfield loves spending his timeout with his friends and his beautiful wife.

Recently, he has been to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, with his friends and family.

Also, he loves going near the ocean.

Recently he posted a photo of himself driving a small boat in a lake, and his wife is posing along with him in an orange bikini.

Baker on a vacation with his wife
Baker on vacation with his wife

Baker also posted a photo of him visiting the Caribbean along with his friends. Due to that photo, Baker was roasted for dad bod in his vacation photo.

Likewise, he also has visited countries like Germany and Italy.

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Baker Mayfield: Houses and Cars


With such a proud owner of handsome net worth, Baker has a luxurious house in Ohio where he stays with his wife, Emily Wilkinson.

Mayfield house has an industrial look and is surrounded by several green plants, and is multi-storied. His home can serve 14 guests at a time as well.

Similarly, Baker loves the kitchen part or upstairs of his house, which he has turned into a mini man cave-like structure.

Likewise, the residence also consists of the bar, home theatre, and other various cool stuff.

Meanwhile, Baker’s house is worth $3.8 Million.


With such earnings, Baker lives a luxurious life.

Similarly, the famous quarterback of Cleveland Browns owns a luxurious Brown Chevy Bolt, which costs almost $75,000.

Investments, Endorsements, Penalty, and Books


Besides his football career, Baker is also into entrepreneurship. Mayfield owns a venture called Camwood Ventures in Beam.

Also, his Camwood Ventures has invested in EarBuds, Pumpjack Dataworks, Wave, Season Share, and apparel company in Ohio.

Also, he has an investment in GoodMylk products that makes dairy products based on plant. The cost of its products is found as low as $1 and is famous globally.

Similarly, Mayfield has invested around $2Million in a company called Legends.

Also, Baker plans to invest in Real estate.

Similarly, there is a shop section on his website where different casual apparel is found.

It contains long sleeves, stickers, tees, and women’s clothing. The price of stickers is as low as $3, and t-shirts are under $50.

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Obviously, with such great stardom, Baker receives several endorsement contracts.

Meanwhile, Baker’s endorsement deals with Spotrac was with a base salary of $750,000 and a bonus of nearly $2.8Million.

Likewise, his endorsement deals include Hulu and Progressive.

Hulu generated a revenue of 4.4 Billion in 2020.

Also, Mayfield is a brand ambassador for Convergent Beam Diffraction(CBD) Company Beam, where he had previously made his investment.

However, he had then faced controversy as it adds Cannabis ingredients in its products, and the NFL’s policy was against such endorsement.

Meanwhile, Beam has a target to reach the $23 billion industry by the year 2023. It served a 30-serving bag of a dream powder that costs around $95.

Besides, the former Heisman Trophy winner also has endorsement deals with Nike, Bose, Panini America, BodyArmor, Nissan, Amazon, and Allen Edmonds.

Subsequently, he, along with his wife, has signed for a series of commercials with Progressive.

Therefore, with such great endorsement deals with a reputed organization, Baker grabs an estimated $10Million annually from endorsement alone.


Despite being a classy player, Baker has been penalized for his taunting behavior against Cincinnati, which amounted to $10,026.

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Although Baker has not written any books, different authors have written books based on him.

Baker Mayfield: The Amazing Story of How Baker Mayfield Went From College Walkon to Resurrect the Cleveland Browns,’ written by Jackson Carter, costs $12.99 for the paperback edition.

Similarly, ‘Baker Mayfield: Football Superstar‘ which Ted Coleman wrote, costs $9.95.

Baker Mayfield: Charity

Meanwhile, Mayfield and his wife are well known for their charitable personality and have worked for several social causes.

Baker with his wife in an event

Furthermore, he raised $40,000 for Providence House to help the families at risk in Cleveland.

Also, once, he raised a massive $100,000 in just 10 minutes to help the needy children at an event organized by the Providence House.

Similarly, Mayfield was once fined around $10,000 for his taunting behavior, and his fans started a campaign to help Baker pay the fine.

Still, the quarterback instead made a plan to donate it to Cleveland-based Charity instead.

Likewise, Baker also teamed with a different organization like TownHall in Cleveland to provide around 11,000 meals to eradicate hunger during the Covid-19 crisis.

Baker Mayfield: Career

Baker started his football career by playing as a Quarterback in Texas at his high school, where he led the team to a 16-0 record and started as a freshman quarterback in Texas Tech.

Likewise, he then went to the University of Oklahoma and won several awards, including football player of the year and Davey O’Brien awards for an outstanding quarterback in 2017.

Following this, he was drafted into NFL in 2018 on the Cleveland Browns for four years and has played for it since then.

Baker’s led the Cleveland Browns to the first win in their 19 games in his debut game itself.

Baker Mayfield: Social Media

Meanwhile, Baker is very active in social media and posts regarding his endorsement and game update.

Twitter: 778.4K

Instagram: 1.7M

Facebook: 268K

Also, he owns a Website.

3 Facts about Baker Mayfield

  • Meanwhile, Baker’s signature look includes headbands right from his school days.
  • Also, Baker was rumored to be cheating on his wife in 2020, which is still not sure.
  • Baker has a steak named under him and known as ‘Baker Mayfield Steak.’


“It doesn’t matter what cards you’re dealt. … ”

“You don’t build a great castle just all at once. … ”

“Life is a bunch of ups and downs. …”

“Family first, always, no matter what the situation. …”


Is Baker Mayfield’s wife older than him?

Yes, Emily Mayfield, Baker’s Wife, is [calculate_years datestring=”04/04/1991″] Years Old.

What does Emily Mayfield do?

Emily Mayfield is an Instagram model and also works as a media correspondent.

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