Sadio Mane

Sadio Mane: Early Life, Charity, Awards & Net Worth

One of the most humble and kind-hearted footballers who believe in helping the people in need instead of making their own life fancy and luxurious is Sadio Mane.

Sadio Mane is a proud African player from Senegal who currently plays for Premier League’s top club, Liverpool, and Senegal National Team as a center forward.

Mane is known mainly because of his kindness.

Moreover, he is loved by the people for donating massive amounts to charity.

Sadio Mane
Sadio Mane Liverpool

He has successfully won the UEFA Champions League and Premier League with his career dedication to football.

Well, without further delay, let’s begin to know the depth biography of Sadio Mane, starting with his quick facts:

Quick Facts: Sadio Mane

Celebrated Name Sadio Mane
Age 32 Years Old
Nick Name Mane
Birth Name Sadio Gabriel Mane
Date of Birth April 10, 1992
Gender Male
Profession Soccer Player
Place of Birth Sedhiou, Senegal
Nationality Senegalese
Birth Nation Senegal
Ethnicity African
Horoscope Aries
Marital Status Not Married
Spouse None
Children None
Father Unknown
Mother Sekou Toure
Siblings Unknown
Build Athletic
Religion Islam
Height 5 feet and 9 inches
Weight 69kg or 151 pounds
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Net Worth $20 Million
Source of Income Professional Footballer 
Sexual Orientation Straight
Education Unknown
Social Media Instagram, Facebook
March T-Shirt, Head Case, Poster
Last Update May 2024

Sadio Mane: Early Life and Family

Sadio Gabriel Mane, a.k.a. Sadio Mane, was born on April 10, 1992, in a beautiful location in Sedihou, Senegal.

Mane is the family’s only child and proved as a proud son.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much information about his father, including his name, while his mother’s name is Setou Toure.

Mane grew up in Senegal, and his parents had a very tough and challenging childhood.

The family’s income was fragile, and he couldn’t afford a quality education.

Childhood vs Current Sadio Mane
Childhood vs. Current Sadio Mane

Although he could be well educated, Mane managed to spend his childhood playing football day and night in the streets.

He aimed to become a successful football player and play in the premier league.

Football became his only inspiration, and he even used to visit stadiums and imagines himself playing on the field.

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Sadio Mane: Age, Height, and Body Measurements

One of the top African players, Sadio Mane, is currently 32 Years Old.

The Zodiac sign of this footballer is Aries which represents his personality as brave, optimistical, honest, ardent, and self-assured which perfectly matches Sadio Mane.

Talking about the physical appearance of Mane, he has an average body height of 5 feet and 9 inches, i.e., 175cm. Also, Mane weighs around 69 kg, i.e., 151 pounds.

Hardworking and dedicated, Mane has a fantastic body physique possible with his regular training and exercise. This forward Player has a top speed of 21.4 mph.

Furthermore, Mane is blessed with a pair of black eyes and black hair color.

Not to mention that his sprint in FIFA 21 game is 94 and ranked as 3rd fastest footballer.

Sadio Mane: Professional Career

One of Mane’s significant advantages on the field is his fast sprint and ability to provide the counter finish that becomes a lethal threat to any opposition defenders and goalkeepers.

The journey of his football career began in his hometown, where he impressed everyone with his love and talent for football.

Keeping that in mind, Mane got a golden opportunity to start a professional career and moved to France to play for Metz.

He made his first professional debut on January 14, 2012, in League 2 football.

However, he made many fans with his excellent skills, and people from European clubs got an eye on him.

Mane was quickly signed by Austrian club RB Salzburg with 4 million euros which changed the financial issues.

RB Salzburg Mane played for 63 games at the club and scored 31 goals.

With that many goals in a season, many other big clubs had an eye on him.

As a result, Southampton signed Mane to play in his favorite league, Premier League.


Sadio Mane, after a couple of years in France, moved to England and signed a four-year contract worth 11.8 million pounds.

He made his Southampton debut against Arsenal and began to improve his football skills.

Mane quickly became an essential player on the team and was a regular starter.

Overall, Mane played 67 games and scored 21 goals for Southampton before he was transferred to Liverpool with an increased fee of 34 million pounds.

Mane proved himself as a 34 million-pound player within four years of his professional career. Sadio Mane became the most expensive African Player in history.

Liverpool FC

Sadio Mane signed a contract with Liverpool on June 28, 2016, and till then, he has been a magical player for the team.

Once again, his debut opponent was Arsenal, where this time, he scored the fourth goal on August 14, 2016. It became the beginning of greatness for Liverpool FC.

In 2017, Sadio Mane was named the Player of the Season as it took only a year to prove himself as a great football player.

Along with Firmino and Coutinho, Mane was an unbeatable attacking forwards with a fantastic manager Jurgen Klopp.

However, the trio didn’t last long as Coutinho left for Barcelona.

Nevertheless, a new Egyptian player Mahommed Salah took the place of Coutinho and made the trio even stronger.

With an excellent team, Liverpool in season 2018/19 won UEFA Champions League with pride against Tottenham 2-0.


However, this humble person had an incident in 2017 when he played against Manchester City.

The Player raised a high foot to Ederson, the city’s goalkeeper. He was sent off with a red card as the goalkeeper was injured.

Mane didn’t wait long to apologize to the Brazilan goalkeeper as he posted an apology letter on most of his social media platforms.

Furthermore, the humble gentleman of Senegal admitted that he would want to give a proper face-to-face apology to Ederson.

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Sadio Mane: Personal Life

Sadio Mane holds the beliefs of the Islamic religion as his father was an Imam of Senegal.

Mane prays five times every day and follows the rule of the Muslim religion.

Although with the success and fame in his career, Mane never forgot about his homeland and religion.

This kind-hearted footballer donated money to reconstruct the mosque where his father was Imam.

Also, he has contributed a lot to the people of Senegal, from good health services to good education services.

Sadio Mane: Controversy

Everyone loves Mane, but he faced criticism from the fans when he posted a photo with former player El Hadji Diouf.

He posted a shirtless photo with him.

Topless Sadio Mane
Topless Sadio Mane

The Liverpool player and his teammates criticized the former Player.

Gerrard said, “It seemed to me that Diouf had no real interest in football and that he cared nothing about Liverpool” in his autobiography.

Sadio Mane: Charity Works

Mane was from a low-income family where he had to struggle for food and other basic needs.

He knows the real problem that his people are facing in Senegal.

He is a humble, charitable person off the field who believes in helping the people in need instead of living a luxurious life in a mansion and driving Ferraris.

Humble Sadio Mane for Charity
Humble Sadio Mane for Charity

Although most players and his teammates live luxurious life, Mane never thought of having one.

He instead builds a stadium and school and provides basic needs to people.

Not to forget that Mane donated 41,000 pounds to help the corona victims during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Similarly, he also donated 250,000 pounds to build a new school in his hometown, Banbali.

These charity works done by Sadio have increased his pride, popularity, and prestige as a football player.

Sadio Mane: Relationships

So, who is that lucky girl to partner with this humble and kind African footballer, Sadio Mane?

Although being 32 Years Old, this footballer is still giving his entire time on a career.

Mane is still living a single life and still carving his future for a more successful chapter in his career.

However, after such a height of fame, surely there would be countless rumors regarding his personal life and love life.

There wasn’t any actual proof of Sadio Mane’s relationship with anyone.

But, rumors appeared that Sadio was engaged to his fiance, Carol Tshabalala, in early 2022.

Likewise, there were also rumors that Sadio had already married.

But, the Senegalese team captain denied all of the wedding rumors. 

He has dedicated and sacrificed his whole life to football, as football has given him everything in his life.

Sadio Mane: Awards and Achievements

The sacrifice comes with a big reward; similarly, Sadio Mane has a long list of prizes and achievements in his football career.

After countless years as a professional football player, Mane has successfully achieved awards that are listed below:

  • Austrian Cup in the year 2013/14
  • Austrian Football Bundesliga in the year 2013/14
  • FIFA Club World Cup winner in 2019
  • UEFA Super Cup winner in 2019
  • UEFA Champions League winner in 2018/19
  • Premier League winner in 2019/20

Well, these are the achievements that Mane received as a team. Likewise, as an individual player, he has won awards like:

  • African Footballer of the year in 2019
  • Premier League top goalscorer with 22 Goals in 2018/19
  • PFA Fan’s Player of the Year in 2019/20
  • Nominated for the Ballon d’Or in the 2019 season and placed fourth.

Sadio Mane: Stats

For you to understand, we have listed down some of the career stats of Sadio Mane:

  1. Mertz
    • Appearance: 23
    • Goals: 2
  2. Red Bull Salzburg
    • Appearance: 87
    • Goals: 45
  3. Southhampton
    • Appearance: 75
    • Goals: 25
  4. Liverpool
    • Appearance: 256
    • Goals: 112
  5. Senegal national football team
    • Appearance: 89
    • Goals: 29

Sadio Mane: FIFA 21 Ratings

FIFA provides a new rating to every Player looking towards their annual progress in the field.

Similarly, in 2021, FIFA does have a new rating on Sadio Mane.

His previous year shows that Sadio Mane has been rated 90 points in FIFA 20, while his latest FIFA 21 is 88.

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Sadio Mane: Net Worth and Earnings

So, how can this African footballer frequently donate such a considerable amount of money?

Similarly, every fan of Sadio Mane wants to know his net worth.

Well, the total net worth of Sadio Mane is around $20 Million, which is undoubtedly an impressive number for 29 years old footballers.

Signing with Liverpool is the best decision of his career, making a 5-year contract of around 26,000,000 pounds.

Not to mention, Mane makes around 100,000 pounds per week, which is his frequent charity.

The $20 Million net worth Mane was possible throughout his career at RB Salzburg, Senegal National team, Southampton, and Liverpool.

Similarly, he has some additional sources of income through sponsorship and endorsement with several companies.

Sadio Mane: Social Media Presence

The Liverpool star is widely popular all over social media platforms due to his kindness on and off the field.

Mane is an active social media user as he is available on Instagram and Facebook.

To be specific, Mane has 10.4 Million followers on his Instagram account.

Similarly, he has 16 Million followers on his Facebook account, which clearly says the people admire Sadio Mane.

Sadio Mane: FAQs

What is the latest FIFA 21 rating of Sadio Mane?

The latest FIFA 21 rating of Sadio Mane is 88, while his previous rating was 90.

Which jersey number does Sadio Mane wear?

After the departure of Coutinho, Liverpool gave jersey number 10 to Sadio.

Furthermore, Mane deserves the number given to him.

Where does Sadio Mane live?

Sadio Mane lives in a luxurious home in Allerton, Liverpool.

Unfortunately, Sadio’s house was robbed twice, in 2017 and 2019.

Why was Sadio taken off against Cape Verde?

Mane clashed with Vozinha, the Cape Verde keeper, both of them went down with head injuries.

Likewise, Mane continued and even scored a goal before he collapsed and was substituted.

Furthermore, the referee showed the keeper a red card after VAR’s decision.

Moreover, the head injury wasn’t that serious, and Sadio is back to fitness and tearing up the Premier League after the International break.

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