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Bart Kwan: Fitness, Youtube & Net Worth

Bart Kwan is a dynamic performer, businessman, online celebrity, writer, and YouTube star.

In addition, he is also known for his comedic performances, his blogs, acting skills, and bodybuilding.

Furthermore, Kwan is also the co-founder of the popular YouTube channel “JustKiddingFilms.”

Bart Kwan posing for a photo.
Bart Kwan is posing for a photo.

This article discusses the personal life, career, relationship, social media, body measurements, and net worth of Bart Kwan. 

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about Bart Kwan:

Full Name Bart Kwan
Birth Date November 18, 1985
Born in  Monterey Park, California, United States of America
Residence  Monterey Park, California, United States of America
Nationality American 
Education Studied Medicine
Ethnicity Taiwanese-Cantonese
Zodiac  Scorpio
Father’s Name Cantonese father
Mother’s Name Taiwanese mother 
Siblings Not Available 
Age 38 Years Old
Height 5 feet 7 inches (1.67 m)
Weight 88 kgs (194 pounds) 
Eye Color Black 
Hair Color Black 
Profession Social Media Star, Entrepreneur, and Writer. 
Partner Geovanna “Geo” Antoinette Carreno-Kwan
Children Taika Kwan 
Net Worth  $4 Million 
Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
Merch Podcasts
Last Update March 2024

Bart Kwan: Age, Height, and Weight

Bart, who is 38 years old, weighs about 88 kilograms. Similarly, he is a fitness freak who stands 5 feet 7 inches tall.

Furthermore, the YouTube sensation has black hair and black eyes. Kwan was born under the sign of Scorpio.

The sign’s designated flower, Geraniums, are brightly colored blossoms with a pleasant aroma.

Moreover, these flowers are noted for being dramatic, enigmatic, and highly related to pleasant feelings.

Likewise, Scorpios, on the other hand, are known for being quiet and even covert, with an aura of intrigue around them.

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Bart Kwan: Personal Life 

The Youtube star was born in the beautiful city of California, USA, on November 18, 1985. Unfortunately, Bart’s parents divorced when he was just six years old.

Moreover, Bart’s parents did not disclose the reason behind their divorce. 

He does, however, have a healthy bond with both his father and mother. Furthermore, no information regarding his parents’ names is available.

In addition, Bart’s father is a businessman, and his mother is a model. As a result, Bart Kwan began developing his humorous abilities as a toddler. 

Furthermore, the tiny Bart kept himself busy by sitting in front of the camera, performing weird things, and making hilarious faces.

In addition, this infiltrated his essence and then became a pattern of Bart’s behavior.

Bart is really fond of tattoos and has tattoos on his left arm and also on his leg. 


Bart enjoys swimming and is a huge animal lover. Meatloaf, Briggy, and Fawn are his three dogs.

Aside from the comedy, Kwan enjoys playing the drums and has been doing so since he was in fifth grade.


After graduating, Bart Kwan studied medicine and joined the United States Marine Corps.

On the other hand, Kwan abandoned everything to pursue his natural talent for comedy and entertainment.

He set out with Joe Jo and took a slew of acting and comedy courses before laying the groundwork for Just Kidding Films.


Kwan had never had a girlfriend who stayed with him for more than 5 months during his school and college years.

He was afraid of commitment until he met Geovanna Antoinette, whom he dated for five years before marrying her.

Bart Kwan with his wife, Geovanna Antoinette.
Bart Kwan with his wife, Geovanna Antoinette.

Furthermore, the couple began dating in 2008 and finally tied the known in 2015. Bart and Geovanna now have been married for more than seven years. 

In addition, Geovanna is two years older than Bart. 

Like her husband, she is also a Youtube sensation, actress, powerlifter, and model. Moreover, she works as a producer and branding executive for the JustKiddingFilms team.

In addition, she is also the founder and proprietor of the famed LA gym ‘Barbelle Brigade.’

Bart Kwan: Career


The YouTube sensation had wished to launch a YouTube channel from an early age.

Furthermore, Bart’s goal became a reality by collaborating with Joe Jo and naming the YouTube channel JustKiddingFilms.

The YouTube channel raises awareness for various organizations and tackles current, societal, and cultural concerns with a lighthearted tone.

With a comic twist, he smashes long-standing fables and myths. The goal of the comedy channel was to “Teach Good Things Badly.”

Moreover, the channel shows Bart developing a sarcastic way to expose his content. Kwan also acts as an actor, writer, and director in the videos.

JustKiddingFilrns is well-known worldwide and has amassed an astonishing 350 million views with over 15 million YouTube followers.

Furthermore, he has created other channels such as JustKiddingNews, JustKiddingParty, and JustKiddingGamer.

Moreover, the subchannels were made possible by the popularity of the primary popular channel.

With this touch of adaptability, the channel’s reach would expand to accommodate more fans with specialized entertainment inclinations.

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Fitness Freak

Kwan is also a fitness fanatic who co-owns a gym with his wife. They also run a workout segment called Barbell Brigade together.

It contains several shows that appeal to a single or several themes.

Furthermore, there are series such as Gym Rats, Barbell Brigade, Veins and Gains, Pregnant Powerlifters, Raw Workouts, and BB Gym Vlogs.

Kwan also co-owns GoForBroke Apparel and a Popbar franchise. Moreover, his other partners are Joe Jo and David So.

Bart in the gym
Bart in the gym (Source:

Films and Events

Kwan has been invited to perform and talk on panels at prominent film festivals worldwide.

Furthermore, he has also headlined shows at prestigious universities and worked with award-winning filmmakers, singers, and other entertainers.

Apart from the JustKidding network, Kwan founded the Bart & Geo feed with his wife Geo, where he shares videos of his private life and experience.

He has also directed short movies such as ‘She Has a Boyfriend’ and ‘GunFu.’

Bart Kwan: Net Worth 

Bart Kwan has amassed a substantial amount of cash through his different endeavors.

Furthermore, he has amassed a fortune through his Youtube channel, gym, apparel lines, and other ventures.

The social media star’s net worth is over $4 million. Furthermore, his hard work and dedication have paid off.

However, the specifics of Bart Kwan’s spending habits are unknown.

Bart Kwan: Social Media 

As previously said, Bart is a social media sensation whose career focuses on YouTube.

Furthermore, we have already discussed his YouTube account. He can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Kwan also enjoys posting his friends, family, and hobbies on social media accounts.

Bart Kwan with his wife and son.
Bart with his wife and son.

Looking at his Instagram profile, we can tell how serious he is about fitness.

Bart has thousands of followers across all of his social media accounts. On Instagram, he has a following of over 500,000 individuals.

Similarly, over 35K people follow him on Facebook.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bart Kwan’s latest channel? 

Bart was delighted to start a new YouTube account, Bart & Geo. Moreover, he shows intimate recordings of himself and Geo in the channel and their marriage adventure.

What businesses does Bart Kwan own? 

Bart Kwan owns several businesses besides his Youtube channel. Furthermore, the 38– year-old owns a gym and fitness clothing store. 

Is Bart Kwan a father? 

Bart and his wife Geo have a son named Taika Kwan. 

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