Bea Borres Boyfriend: Relationship Timeline With Nathan Kai Kuzon-Parents And Net Worth

The latest cheating story of Bea Borres boyfriend Nathan Kai Kuzon has gone viral on social media. Stay tuned to learn more about their relationship.

Bea Borres is a Filipino social media influencer, maker of YouTube videos, Instagram star, and media swayer. Her great attitude has earned her a tremendous fan base.

Bea Borres, born in Manila’s Quezon City, is most known for being an Instagram sensation. Bea was born on January 2, 2003. In 2016, she made her first Instagram post.

Who Is Bea Borres Boyfriend? Dating History 

Nate Kai Kuzon, who Bean Borres has been dating since at least March 2018. After the breakup with her boyfriend, Nathan Kai Kuzon, in 2019, Bea Borres has been on a roller coaster of public appearances and activities as she tries to recover from her emotional distress. 

He initially gained public attention when she shared an Instagram snapshot of him and two other pals. As a devoted surfer and outdoor enthusiast, Nathan has much in common with Bean regarding their interests.

Bea’s Instagram shows them spending time together on the water and hiking and coordinating their outfits for public appearances. Nathan attended Villanova University and graduated from La Serna High School in Whittier. He was captain of the baseball team at both schools. 

Bea Borres’s Relationship Timeline With Nathan Kai Kuzon

Bea Borres and her boyfriend Nathan met in high school when they were both still in their teens. They dated for three years before calling it to quit in 2018.

They are still buddies and have stayed in touch ever since! The couple has been through a lot together and is clearly in love. 

Bea Borres Boyfriend
Bea Borres & Kai kuzon (Source: filtrends)

Their relationship was not without difficulties; Nathan Kai Kuzon was detained and had to go through rehabilitation programs to treat his problem, but he appears to be doing better now.

In terms of 2021, Bea Borres and her cheating partner Nathan Kai Kuzon’s recent cheating story has appeared on the internet.

On the other hand, Nathan has remained silent and will likely reveal his side of the story shortly to establish his point and clarify his name.

Bea Borres’ Net Worth: How Much Does She Make?

According to several websites, the teen girl’s net worth is around $1 million and $5 million.

However, Bea has stated that the figure is incorrect because it includes other people’s money that she is holding onto. Borres’ net worth and fame stem from her YouTube channel, lifestyle and fashion blog, and several high-end brand collaborations.

Bea Borres
Bea Borres (Source: Youtube)

Borres debuted a new blog series called The Wardrobe in 2017, in which she gives tours of her closet stocked with designer clothes and accessories. She has amassed enormous money due to her primary career as an Instagram star.

She also broadcasts live streams on the Live Video App Camfrog every Friday night, and she appears twice a month as a guest co-host for StyleLikeU (Style Like U) live chats, which would help her to generate more income via live stream.

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Who Are Bea Borres Parents? Family Ethnicity Explored

Bea Borres was born to parents from the Philippines. Her parents’ names and identities, however, are unknown. There isn’t much information on Bea Borres’ parents or their net worth, but we know that Bea Borres’ mother married a Singaporean.

Bea Borres is one of the couple’s two daughters. They are currently residing in an undisclosed location in the United States. 

Bea Borres and her sister came from a mixed-race family. An Asian father and Filipino mother raised them – their dad was also a businessman, and their mother was a housewife.

The two girls are half-Filipino and half-Chinese, which explains why they can communicate in English and Tagalog.

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