What Happened To Elle Mills? Canadian Youtuber Health Update, Where Is She Now?

New generation Filipino-Canadian Youtuber heath concerned her fans after she postponed her recent program. What Happened To Elle Mills?

Elle Janette Mills, famed for her YouTube username ElleOfTheMills is a Canadian YouTube vlogger who received the “Breakout YouTuber” category at the 10th Shorty Awards in 2018.

At eight, the Vlogger began making home videos, and viewers often compared her videos to the films of John Hughes.

However, Elle mentions she got inspired by watching the YouTube videos of Grace Helbig and Casey Neistat to become a YouTuber during high school.

Elle has 1 million followers on her Youtube channel, ElleOfTheMills, where she posts vlogs, traveling, comedy, and lifestyle videos. 

What Happened To Elle Mills?

In one of her videos, Elle openly talked about how making YouTube videos has made her feel burnt out. Due to her mental health, she canceled many shows and tours.

In 2018, The Vlogger uploaded a video explaining her feelings and talked about achieving her dream job as a YouTuber but isn’t what she expected.

Complaining to viewers, Elle mentioned overwhelming pressure and facing loads of stress which has given her panic attacks and has made her anxiety and depression worse. 

What Happened To Elle Mills?
Elle confronted her fans, explained that she was doing better, and talked to people more about her friends and therapists. 
Source: Cleveland

Furthermore, while filming herself, the Canadian Vlogger yelled at the camera with frustration, explaining how she should be happy because she lives the life she wants but is so unhappy.

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Canadian Youtuber Health Update

Following her videos, Elle confronted her fans, explaining that she was doing better, and talked to people more about her friends and therapists. 

Although she returned to Youtube a month after her breakdown, she claimed things are still imperfect.

After high school graduating, Elle uploaded her first video, genre-swapping movie trailers to create If Stranger things were, a romantic comedy, and If troy Bolton were like Christian Grey landed immense fame and growth of her channel.

Elle’s November 2017 coming out video, in which she came out as bisexual, pushed her over the million-subscriber mark. By 2017, her channel had over 915,000 subscribers, and she surpassed 1 million subscribers a year later.

Being a renowned YouTube creator, she earns approx. $1.21 per 1000 Views, where she has 154,744,981 video views, from where we can estimate her earnings through the one video.

Besides her main channel, Elle had her second YouTube channel, LifeOfTheMills; she made $123K to $2K.Moreover, she collaborated with a few brands, promotions, commercials, and merch.

Meet Elle Mills Family

The Vlogger often includes her friends and family in her vlogs and video uploads on her official Youtube Channel.  

Elle’s mother is Janet Prejola, and she has a younger brother Jay Mills. Sources revealed she has a younger step-sister, Angel, from her Father’s third marriage.

What Happened To Elle Mills?
The Vlogger Elle Mills often includes her friends and family in her vlogs and video uploads on her official Youtube Channel.  
Source: Instagram

The Youtuber has two half-sisters, Melinna and Melissa. Melissa Mills, a former Australian water polo player, and her team was the one that won gold at the 2000 Summer Olympics.

In one of her videos titled, “Why You’ve Never Seen My Dad,” Elle revealed her Father never wanted to be a part of her daughter’s films and has not come in front of the cameras.

As mentioned in the video, Elle’s Father, Larry Mills, is the Chief Financial Officer and Chief of Corporate Services at the Canadian Red Cross.

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