Daniel Lee Kyre

Daniel Kyre: Cyndago, Suicide & Net Worth

Daniel Kyre was an American YouTuber and a comedian. He was also one of the members of Cyndago.

Besides, he was also an aspiring guitarist and a songwriter who used to upload his music on Soundcloud.

Daniel Lee Kyre
Famous YouTuber and aspiring musician: Daniel Lee Kyre

This article will find everything you need to know about this YouTuber, comedian, and aspiring musician who sadly passed away after attempting suicide.

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about Daniel Kyre.

Full Name Daniel Lee Kyre
Also known as Daniel Kyre
Birth Date July 6, 1994
Birth Place Columbia, South Carolina, United States of America
Age 21 Years Old (at the time of death)
Gender Male
Sexuality Straight
Nationality American
Height 5 feet 6 inches or 1.68m tall
Weight Not revealed
Horoscope Cancer
Birthstone Ruby
Lucky color Not Available
Grandmother’s name Nancy Kyre
Father’s name David Lee Kyre
Mother’s name Tami Kyre
Siblings Melissa Kyre
Marital Status Not married
Partner Not Revealed
Education Dutch Fork High School
Major Journalism
Profession Comedian, YouTuber, and aspiring musician
Active Years 2012-2015
Eye color Light Blue
Hair color Brunette
Skin color White
Body type Slim-fit
Hair Length Short
Tattoos Yes
Relationship Status Not Revealed
Children No
Associated With Cyndago
Died on September 18, 2015
Cause of Death Suicide Attempt
Net worth $100,000
Social media Twitter, Instagram
Last update May, 2024

Daniel Kyre: Early Life, Parents, Siblings & Education

The late musician Daniel Lee Kyre was born on July 6, 1994, in the Columbia, South Carolina, United States of America.

Furthermore, Daniel’s father’s name is David Lee Kyre, whereas his mother’s name is Tami Kyre. Sue Horton and Nancy Kyre were his grandmothers.

Daniel Kyre
Co-founder of Cynado: Daniel Lee Kyre

Likewise, he has one sibling named Melissa Kyre.

Talking about his education, he went to Dutch Fork High School. He was very active as a kid.

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Daniel Kyre: Age, Body Measurement & Zodiac Sign

Daniel Kyre left the world at the age of 21.

American comedian had well-maintained his body. Unfortunately, there is no accurate information about his weight.

Similarly, Daniel Kyre stands 5 feet 6 inches or 1.68m tall. 

Born in July, Kyre’s astrological sign is Cancer. 

Daniel had a white skin tone and a pair of light blue eyes, and short brunette hair.

Unfortunately, there is no exact information about his shoe size or dress size.

Daniel Kyre: Career

An American native, Daniel rose to fame due to his YouTube channel, named Cyndago.

Furthermore, Daniel and his childhood friend, Ryan Magee, founded Cyndago on December 17, 2012.

Cyndago became very famous; as a result, Daniel and Ryan were able to gather 363k subscribers and over 39 million views. In addition, their youtube channel was famous for its comic content, humorous songs, and vlogs.

For the first three years, Cyndago members worked in South Carolina. However, they later moved to Los Angeles, hoping to get more exposure and opportunities.

Daniel Kyre
Cyndago member Daniel taking a mirror selfie

Moreover, Daniel’s channel gave the content that its subscribers loved. Therefore, impressed by Cyndago’s content, Markiplier, a well-known YouTuber, worked with them and collaborated on some videos.

‘The Warfstache Affair’ and ‘We Dye Our Hair!’ are the most viewed videos on Daniel’s youtube channel.

Initially, Cynadago had only two members, Daniel and Ryan, but with fame, their work also increased gradually. As a result, a new member Matt Watson was added. 

Matt’s responsibility was to edit the videos while Daniel and Ryan focused on creating content.

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Daniel Kyre: Suicide Incident

Daniel and Ryan moved to Los Angeles in search of better opportunities but sadly, Daniel Kyre decided to end his life forever after moving to Los Angeles in 2015.

On September 16, 2015, Daniel attempted suicide in his house in Los Angeles. When his body was discovered, Kyre had a faint heartbeat, so he was immediately rushed to the hospital.

Furthermore, he was kept in the Intensive Care Unit for two days. Doctors informed Daniel’s parents that he had suffered irreversible brain damage and could never gain consciousness again.

Also, he needed to be permanently hospitalized.

Therefore, in mutual agreement with Daniel’s well-wishers, Daniel’s parents decided to take him off life support.

Hence, Cyndago’s member, Daniel Kyre, was declared dead on September 18, 2015.

What happened to Cyndago after Daniel’s death?

Daniel’s suicide attempt was a big shock to the world, especially for Cyndago members: Ryan and Matt.

After Daniel’s death, Ryan and Matt decided to discontinue the channel. They posted one last video in the memory of their beloved friend Daniel titled “Daniel Kyre.”

At last, the channel, which officially started in 2012, ended in 2015 along with Daniel Kyre.

After discontinuing Cyndago, Ryan and Matt revealed that they would continue working with Mark as his editor. However, a year later, they stopped working with Mark because they couldn’t keep their friendship with him. 

After that, Matt and Ryan started working for Game Grumps for some time, but later, they parted ways and found their channel called SuperMega; it is all about game commentary and podcasts.

Daniel Kyre: Personal Life

Born in a middle-class family, Daniel Kyre was a kind, humorous, giving, and a great musician. Moreover, he loved playing guitar from a very young age.

Furthermore, he spent most of his life in his birthplace, South Carolina.

Unfortunately, there is no information about his relationship status. Daniel had managed to keep his love life a secret and never really talked about his girlfriend.

However, rumors about his girlfriend mistreating him were well-known. 

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Daniel Kyre: Net Worth

YouTuber and aspiring musician Daniel accumulated a generous amount of money through his YouTube channel.

The estimated net worth of daniel kyre is $100,000.

However, there is no exact information about his annual income.

Daniel Kyre: Social Media

A famous member of Cyndago, Daniel Kyre, was active on all social media platforms.

Even though Daniel has left the world, his social media are not taken down and now serve as his memoir.

He was pretty famous on Instagram and gathered around 27.7k followers. 

Furthermore, he let his followers closely look at his professional life.

Similarly, Daniel also had a Twitter account which he joined in 2010. Around 16k people followed his Twitter account.

Lastly, the YouTube channel which made him famous had 363k subscribers. Unfortunately, this channel is not active anymore.


Why did Daniel Kyre commit suicide?

There is no exact information about his reason for committing suicide, but he was suffering from depression. In addition, he also had bipolar disorder.

Was Daniel Kyre dating anyone?

He may have been in a relationship, but he never revealed his dating life as a secretive person.

Where was Daniel Kyre’s funeral held?

Daniel Kyre’s funeral was held on September 25, 2015, at Temples Halloran Funeral Home.

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