Bianca Benavides Anderson Arrested

Bianca Benavides Anderson Arrested: Charge Of Assault Causing Bodily Injury & Family Violence

Bianca Benavides Anderson, a Mansfield ISD Board of Trustees member, has been arrested.

According to the district’s board president, Bianca Benavides Anderson is an elected official, and the board of trustees will handle the situation. 

In May, Bianca Benavides Anderson was elected to the board. 

Bianca Benavides Anderson Arrested: What Did She Do?

Bianca Benavides Anderson was arrested around 2 am on Saturday after Police were called to a home in the 700 block of Ascot Park for a domestic disturbance.

Officials determined there was probable cause to arrest Anderson during the investigation, according to Police, though no further details were released. Anderson was arrested without incident and charged with assault, bodily injury, and family violence.

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In a message to families, board president Courtney Lackey Wilson acknowledged Anderson’s arrest and stated that because Bianca is an elected official and not a school district team member, this matter must be handled by the board of trustees.

Wilson stated that she had met with the district’s legal counsel and that the situation was being assessed and evaluated.

Benavides was elected to the school board in May of 2022, and her current three-year term will expire in 2025.

The board of trustees meets once a month, and the next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 25. Anderson has yet to respond to N.B.C. 5’s request for comment.

Bianca Benavides Anderson Arrests And Charges

According to Mansfield Police records, Bianca Benavides Anderson, 49, is charged with family violence assault. It’s unclear if she has an attorney.

A Police spokesperson confirmed the incident on Saturday. Anderson was taken into custody and booked into the Mansfield jail after officers determined there was presumed cause to arrest her.

According to jail records, she has since been released on bond. Other information about the incident was not immediately available.

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Courtney Lackey Wilson, board president, told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that she has spoken with the school district’s legal counsel and that the board was assessing and evaluating the situation. It is unclear when the board will make a decision on the consequences Anderson may face.

Bianca Benavides Anderson Biography Explored

Bianca holds an Executive master’s degree in business administration from Southern Methodist University’s Cox School of Business. 

She has extensive business knowledge, having worked in a variety of industries ranging from restaurants to computers to alcohol to medical to wellness, holding Executive positions in accounting, sales, and marketing. 

Bianca worked for LVMH – Mot Hennessy Louis Vuitton, the world’s largest luxury goods Company, for ten years, where she traveled extensively and was responsible for business results in 15 states. DFW Child magazine featured her.

Bianca Benavides Anderson Husband: Do They Have Children?

Bianca Benavides Anderson is married to her husband, Monte Anderson, D.C. Her husband, Monte, is a chiropractor who has been in practice in South Arlington for 24 years. Samantha, Garrett, Abigail, and Lilly are their four children.

Bianca Benavides Anderson family
Bianca Benavides Anderson with her husband and daughters. Source: biancabba

She and her husband moved from DeSoto to Mansfield with their oldest daughter nearly 18 years ago.

Their daughter Samantha was in sixth grade, and the following year she started middle school at Brooks Wester. The city’s excellent public education provided to all children was the sole reason for moving to Mansfield. 

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They believed in strong public education and investigated several school systems in Dallas and Fort Worth communities.

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She stated that they came to the conclusion that Mansfield was the best place to raise their growing family because the city had excellent academic and accountability scores in all schools that were open at the time.

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