Quavo and Take Off killed

Are Quavo And Take Off Killed Together? Shoot To Death, What Happened?

As one-third of the Migos rap group was present in the game of dice in Houston at the scene of a homicide, the “Quavo and Take Off killed” question has been raised over social media.

Talented personality, Takeoff was famous for producing pieces such as Versace and Bad and Boujee alongside fellow rappers Quavo and Offset. Along with the havoc news in Texas, the group, which has a fan base, and listeners worldwide, are shocked to hear the news!

Social media is filled with questions and statuses as people are eager to know whether it is just a rumor or if the world has lost a talented rapper. Let’s find out.

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Are Quavo And Take Off Killed Together?

It has been confirmed that Grammy award-winning rapper, Take Off was killed after being shot in Houston, Texas. However, Quavo was unharmed and is safe to date.

Migos rappers Takeoff, Quavo at Houston bar during fatal shooting, police say
Migos rappers Takeoff and Quavo at Houston bar during the fatal shooting, Police say [Source- WSB TV]
Quavo and Take Off were closely related and started their journey together along with Offset. They grouped as namely Polo Club in 2008 and began releasing their songs.

Similarly, Take Off was pronounced dead at the scene as his injury was deep, so he did not even have time to rush to the hospital. During the incident, two other people were also shot and taken to the hospital immediately; their identity has not been released yet. 

Shoot To Death; What Happened At The Scene?

The shocking incident of the well-known rapper Take Off occurred after the shooting broke out over a game of dice. One-third of the Migos rap group was on the scene at a Houston branch of 810 Billiards & Bowling.

It was around 2:30 in the morning when the shooting took place. Social media platforms have now been filled with the post incidents views that occurred at the scene.

The members were there to celebrate the birthday of music Executive J. Prince, the CEO of the Houston label Rap-A-Lot. Investing authority has taken over and is observing and analyzing what happened.

Many people believed the incident and death would be a hoax, but multiple trusted media have reported it. After knowing the tragic moment, his well-wishers started paying tribute and condolences. 

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Migos rapper, Takeoff is no more before Halloween night
Migos rapper, Takeoff is no more before Halloween night [Source- Hip Hop And More]

Know More About The Legendary Rapper Take Off

Fully known as Kirshnik Khari Ball, Take Off is a legendary rapper who hails from America. He worked along with his trio group Migos.

As he was initially interested in making beats and developing rhythms since seventh grade, it is not surprising to see his heights after the continuous dedication. 

With his passion, he has been professionally involved in the hip-hop field since 2011. Their trio group Migos 2013 hit “Versace” went skyrocketing and peaked at number 99 on the Billboard Hot 100.

He was successfully involved in his career until the tragic incident just a few hours ago. Many of his well-wishers are mourning the state of loss.

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