Billy Ethridge father is nowhere to be seen while Billy is playing guitars with his bandmate

Who Is Billy Ethridge Father And Mother? Family And Children

There have been many queries lately regarding Billy Ethridge father because of the death of his partner Lynn, with whom he gave birth to the popular actress Kristin Chenoweth.

Born in 1930 in Drew County, Arkansas, Billy Ethridge was an American political activist and a musician who had played a key role in shaping the early history of one of the most successful rock bands of all time, ZZ Top.

In 1969, Billy Ethridge and Frank Beard teamed up with Billy Gibbons, who had recently left his previous band, Moving Sidewalks, and together, they formed a new group named ZZ Top.

The band’s name was a blend of Z.Z. Hill and B.B. King, two blues musicians whom they admired. However, Billy’s time with ZZ Top was brief, leaving the band around late 1969 or early 1970 due to disagreements with Gibbons regarding creativity.

So, Dusty Hill, who had previously played with Beard in The American Blues, stepped in to take his place. His arrival marked the start of the iconic ZZ Top lineup that would stand strong for over fifty years.

After leaving the band, Billy Ethridge continued to follow his musical path as a solo performer and a session musician. He has released various albums under his name or just as Billy E., such as “Billy E.” “The World Is Yours“, and “Peaceful Revolution“.

In addition to that, he became active in politics and social causes, lending his support to environmentalism, civil rights, and anti-war movements. Tragically, according to sources, he passed away in 1994 at 64 and is buried in Lake Village Cemetery in Lake Village, Arkansas.

Though Billy Ethridge may not be as popular as his former bandmates of ZZ Top, he is still a talented musician who has left his mark on the rock music industry.

As such, there are still many who want to know about Billy Ethridge father and mother, as well as his other family members.

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Who Is Billy Ethridge Father And Mother? Family And Children

The question of who is/was Billy Ethridge father and mother actually may never get answered, as he kept his family information mostly private.

Even though it’s been two decades since Billy passed away, there’s still not much information about his parents.

dusty hill playing guitar
Billy Ethridge looks quite similar to Dusty Hill (Source: NBC News)

Some sources claim that he grew up in a musical family, but apart from that, no other details are available on Billy Ethridge father and mother or his whole family as a whole. 

Even his wife’s information is shrouded in mystery, but there’s speculation that he was married to Lynn. The evidence is that Billy Ethridge and Lynn were the biological parents of the popular actress Kristin Chenoweth.

However, this doesn’t solidly confirm their marital status. But it does confirm that they were at least in a romantic relationship.

Unfortunately, just recently, Kristin Chenoweth announced the passing of Lynn in her heartfelt tribute to her biological mother, Lynn.

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Billy Ethridge Child Kristin Chenoweth Was Adopted And Is A Star On Her Own

Billy Ethridge’s biological daughter Kristin Chenoweth is a renowned American actress and singer who has won various awards for her incredible performances, including the Tony Award’s Best Performance by a Featured Actress in a Musical, Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series, and many more.

Kristin Chenoweth and her mother Lynn
Kristin Chenoweth giving tribute to her mother Lynn (Source: Instagram)

Kristin was adopted by Junie Smith Chenoweth and Jerry Morris Chenoweth when she was just five days old.

But the adoption news didn’t really come as a surprise for her. She has explained that her adoptive parents always said:

The lady that had you in her belly could not take care of you the way she wanted to, and she loved you so much.

Kristin and Lynn never met until December 12, 2012, when she was 44 years old.

Since then, they always had a close bond, which can be felt by the emotional tribute that Kristin Chenoweth made in her Instagram post.

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