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Chris Housman Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is The Drag Queen?

Albeit the ‘Blueneck’ singer Chris Housman has earned quite a fame, unfortunately, there is no Chris Housman Wikipedia page yet. But do not worry! We have got you covered here.

Chris Housman is an independent country music singer-songwriter best known for his single ‘Blueneck,’ released in April 2021. He is busy with promotional tours for his new song ‘Drag Queen.’

Chris grew up in the Southside of America and moved to Nashville to attend Belmont University to pursue music. After that, he started working a 9 to 5 job in front of a computer all day.

As soon as he got the first chance to leave his desk job, he played in clubs for a living and toured across the country.

After finishing college, he focused on collaborating with other country songwriters and started making his living through it. He got his big break after his song ‘Blueneck’ blew up on TikTok with more than 4,000,000 views.

He describes the song as ‘something that he wished he would have got to listen to while he was growing up as a gay kid.’

As there is no Chris Housman Wikipedia page, you might not know the singer also got the chance to be featured on Good Morning America after his viral song.

Chris Housman Wikipedia: The New Generation Country Singer

While Housman is getting his name known across the country, he still hasn’t been signed to any label.

When asked about it, the singer said,

It used to feel like you had to have a label deal or at least a really involved publishing deal to have these opportunities and get in front of people.

Further, he told the interviewer over Zoom that it’s more of a level playing field with TikTok.

The song Blueneck gives a brief insight into Chris’s life, and it shows off the singer as the new generation country singer with the old charm with the new appeal.

The singer is now 33 years old and is originally from a town in Kansas with only 200 people living in it, according to People magazine.

Although many country singers rarely care about getting out of Americana, Housman dreams big and wants to put himself forward into the mainstream.

Chris Housman Drag Queen
Chris Housman with his lovely Drag queens behind the scenes of his music video for ‘Drag Queen.’ (Source: Instagram)

In an interview, he mentioned that, growing up, singers like the Chicks and Kacey Musgraves inspired him to pursue something different as a country singer.

One of his songs, ‘Cattle Call,’ shows that he is not only a new-generation country singer trying to revamp the genre but also has some humor. He said the song was about the cows that can twerk, too.

While asked about how he would describe himself, Chris said a ‘peacekeeper’ as he was always concerned with making others feel included since he was a child.

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Chris Housman Opens Up About Struggling With His Identity While Growing Up

In an interview, Chris Housman said he wants to be ‘The Next Gay Country Star.’ Chris openly came out as gay when he turned 18.

Chris also opened up about not being sure whether he would be able to pursue his ‘mainstream country music dream’ while also being an openly gay person.

He adds,

There was definitely a time where I thought, ‘I can’t continue doing country music and be gay,’ because I had never seen that before.

Housman portrait
Chris Housman struggled with his identity during most of his childhood. (Source: Instagram)

He expressed having difficulties with finding his real identity while growing up and started finding himself only after he moved out of his hometown and moved to Nashville.

Many of his songs feature male pronounce and heavily emphasize the queer community.

While asked about it, he said, “I think that was me trying to blend in and say, Hey, I’m gay, but I sound like a country singer.”

His drive to do something new in country music with his incredible talent and his activism for gay rights might be the reason why he is adored by many fans online.

Chris has achieved a lot ever since his newfound fame, but we might see more achievements being added to Chris Housman Wikipedia as the young artist pursues all the goals that he has created for himself.

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