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Is Charles Martinet Gay? Partner And Relationship Timeline

While the news of Charles Martinet stepping down has kept fans shocked, some fans are pondering on his sexuality and asking if Charles Martinet gay rumor is true.

Charles Andre Martinet, famously known as Charles Martinet, was born on September 17, 1955, in California, USA. He is famously known for voicing the beloved plumber Mario for more than 3 decades.

Besides working as a voice actor, he is also seen acting on the screen himself and occasionally Writing scripts for various Shows

Not many people may know, but Charles has also voiced other characters from Mario apart from Mario himself, like Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Toadsworth, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, etc.

Although now extremely successful as a voice actor, Charles initially was not sure about pursuing this career due to his fear of public speaking.

But his friends eventually convinced him to drop out of his law school and become a voice actor.

Charles Martinet Gay: Did Charles Hint At Something?

Charle’s professional life is in front of us to see, but fans are also very curious about what his personal life looks like.

Among many things that fans are curious about, one of them is his sexuality. Many fans speculate that he is gay, and rumors about Charles Martinet Gay have been going around in the headlines for a long time.

However, the rumors might’ve made their way to the internet through Charles himself. Last September, Charles tweeted a one-word tweet, ‘Gay.’

Charles Martinet Gay
Charles Martinet tweeting ‘Gay.’ (Source: Twitter)

The reason for his tweet can be anything, He might be referring to something or someone else when he tweeted that. We can never reach a conclusion without his clear explanation.

As of now, Charles has never clearly given the Charles Martinet Gay rumors any lead, and he has neither denied it nor accepted it.

It seems like Charles does not mind the internet calling him gay at all, but as fans, people also try not to force any narrative around the beloved voice actor’s sexuality.

Another thing that fueled the gay rumor was when Charles replied to his young fan who was curious if Waluigi, the character he voices, is ‘gay,’ to which he funnily replied, “Wa?”.

It’s not abnormal for a celebrity to gather gay rumors for them, and maybe people are really striving for some representation in the industry.

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From Giving His Voice To Representing It: Charles Martinet And Mario 

Gay or not, we cannot deny that Charles’s personality is extremely likable. It might be one of those rare moments where the person behind the screen is as loved as the character itself.

However, Fans are sad to have learned that Charles is now retiring and won’t be giving his voice to Mario anymore but will still be associated with the game as an ambassador.

In an article, Nintendo wrote,

Charles is now moving into the brand-new role of Mario ambassador. With this transition, he will be stepping back from recording character voices for our games, but he’ll continue to travel the world, sharing the joy of Mario and interacting with you all!

Charles Martinet Mario
Charles Martinet with Mario Play dolls. (Source: Instagram)

He further added that working with Charles to help bring Mario to life for so many years has been an honor, and we want to thank and celebrate him.

He is indeed the best choice for the role of Mario’s ambassador. Who other than the person behind the character himself? His bubbly and playful personality is like a cherry on top.

One fan wrote,

We will be seeing more of Martinet now that he will be in front of the screen more than behind, I am loving it. I love seeing him on screen.

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