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Bob Mortimer Illness And Health Update: What Happened To English Comedian?

Fans show their concern after they hear about Bob Mortimer Illness. Bob is a famous personality not just in England but globally. 

Bob Mortimer, also known as Robert Renwick Mortimer, is a famous English comedian, podcast presenter, and actor.

In the comic book team Vic and Bob and more recently in the Paul Whitehouse and Mortimer: Gone Fishing series, he is widely recognized for his work with Vic Reeves. He has also been on panel shows such as Taskmaster and Would I Lie to You.

Bob Mortimer Illness And Health Update

The comedian Bob Mortimer has disclosed that he recently had to be hospitalized after experiencing a health scare over the weekend. On September 26, the 63-year-old TV personality announced his health issues during an interview with a podcast.

In a London podcast hosted by Richard Herring about the Leicester Square Theatre, Mortimer admitted that he wasn’t feeling “well” or “healthy” at the time.

Bob Mortimer, Comedian. Source: BBC

Bob Mortimer later talked about his most recent hospitalization. He underwent triple heart bypass surgery in 2015. After discovering that the comedian’s arteries were over 90% blocked, doctors forced him to have emergency surgery.

During his podcast, Bob Mortimer reportedly mentioned his rheumatoid arthritis and other medical conditions. According to The Sun, Mortimer claimed he had rheumatoid arthritis for 40 years before it recently flared up. 

According to Bob Mortimer, the illness had lain latent for many years before reemerging.

Rheumatoid arthritis is a disease that causes stiffness, pain, and swelling in the joints. The comedian expressed his “very sorry” feelings after hearing about it.

Following a triple heart bypass, Bob Mortimer has become a vocal advocate for health issues. He admits that the procedure changed his perspective on life.

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What Happened To English Comedian?

Mortimer has rheumatoid arthritis, which makes him quite uncomfortable under stress, particularly before shooting a television series or beginning a tour.

In some circumstances, he treats the ailment with steroids. His recovery from a triple bypass surgery was made public in October 2015, necessitating the postponement of the first leg of the Reeves and Mortimer 25 Years tour.

Mortimer married Lisa Matthews, his longtime partner of 22 years, in October 2015, 30 minutes before having heart surgery (after getting permission from the registrar to move the date forward). The couple has two children, Harry and Tom.

Bob Mortimer Family Background

Mortimer was raised in the Linthorpe neighborhood of Middlesbrough along with his three brothers. Mortimer’s Father, a biscuit salesman, was killed in a vehicle accident when he was only seven years old.

Bob Mortimer wife
Comedian Bob Mortimer married partner of 22 years Lisa Matthews. (Source: Mirror)

Mortimer simultaneously unintentionally set his family’s home on Fire with a dropped firecracker.

In Acklam, Middlesbrough, where Acklam Hall previously stood, Mortimer went to King’s Manor School. He went to high school with Ali Brownlee, who later became a sportscaster for BBC Tees.

Although his arthritis stopped him from being a professional member of the squad, he still supports Middlesbrough, a local professional football team for which he participated in trials.

After completing his high school education with three A-levels, he enrolled in law school at the Universities of Sussex and Leicester.

After becoming interested in politics and the punk scene, Mortimer established the band Dog Dirt there. Mortimer moved to London and began working as a lawyer for Southwark Council after earning an LLM in Welfare Law from college.

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