Bobby Wagner.

Bobby Wagner Net worth: Income & Charity

The American football linebacker Bobby Wagner has an impressive net worth of $15 Million.

Bobby Wagner was born in Los Angeles, California, the United States, on 27 June 1990.

Firstly, Wagner attended Colony High School in Ontario, Canada, and played high school football for the Titans, where he made 125 tackles, including four sacks as a senior.

Bobby Wagner Smiling.
Bobby Wagner Smiling.

Initially, he played college football at Utah State Angels and was drafted by the Seahawks in the second round of the 2012 draft.

Also, Wagner has played for the Seahawks since 2012 in National Football League(NFL).

And, the professional linebacker grabs his earning through several endorsement deals and his salary.

Quick Facts

Let’s have a look at quick facts about Bobby Wagner:

Full Name Bobby Joseph Wagner
Birth Date 27 June 1990
Birth Place Los Angeles, California, USA
NickName BWagz or Silent Assassin
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity Afro-American
Education Colony High School and Utah State University
Horoscope Cancer
Father’s Name Bobby Wagner Senior
Mother’s Name Phenia Wagner
Siblings Robert Wagner and Nakima Ward
Age [calculate_years datestring=”06/27/1990″] Years Old
Height 6 Feet or 1.83m
Weight 109Kg
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Skin type Type IV: Moderate Brown skin
Build Athletic
Profession Professional NFL football player
Team or Club The Seahawks
Position Linebacker
Jersey Number 54
Marital Status Unmarried
Relationship status Single
Career Highlights 1213 Tackles, 22.5 Sacks, 55 Pass Deflections, 10 Interceptions
Children Quincey Wagner
Current Salary $18 Million
Active Since 2007-Present
Endorsements Nike and Body Armor
Charity Foundation Walk with Wagner, BWagz Sees you
Net Worth $15 Million
Honors All CIF Central division honor, Pro-Bowl Champion, WAC Defensive Player of the year, All-Mount Baldy League
Social Media Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
Merch Cards, Posters
Last Update [current-month], [current-year]

Net worth and income

Meanwhile, Baker Mayfield, at such a young age, has a huge net worth of $15 million from his football earning.

Similarly, Wagner earns a salary of ]$18 Million annually from his football career due to a contract extension in 2019.

Initially, Wagner signed a four-year deal of $2.51 million guaranteed and a signing bonus of $1.57 Million in 2012.

Following this, in 2015, as a contract extension, Wagner was rewarded with a deal of $43 Million for the four-year agreement, which included a signing bonus of $8 Million and $19.97 Million guaranteed.

His impressive football skills grabbed him further contract extraction worth $54Million in 2019 for three years tenure with $40.2 Million guaranteed.

Meanwhile, this contract made him the highest ever paid middle linebacker in the league.

Also, with the help of his agent, Bobby is seen in various events where he charges around $15,000 to $25,000.

Lifestyle and Vacation


Despite being a celebrity player, Bobby likes to keep his life low-key.

His early morning diet is always a bowl of oatmeal and strawberries, and he doesn’t drink.

Although Bobby hates butter pecan ice cream, he eats it once every year on his late mother’s birthday. Also, Wagner hates mushrooms.

As Wagner is not so good with cooking, he usually likes to take simple stuff like chicken, spaghetti in his food and keeps away from exotic things that adversely affect his health and game.

Besides these, the linebacker also is very keen to read and reads the book in IOSapp during his bedtime. He has recently read the book ‘The road to character.’

Also, his book collection includes ‘The Autobiography of Malcolm X,’ ‘The spiritual power of empathy‘ and ‘The seat of the soul.’

Meanwhile, the adventurous seahawks player desires to jump from a plane with a parachute on!! Someday.

Interestingly, Bobby wishes to pet a Lion which he expressed in one of the interviews.

Apart from football, he is very fond of ping-pong games and is improving his skills.

Likewise, as a remembrance of his mother, he likes to watch teenage mutant ninja movies in his free time.

And, he watches many other films as well and uses beat headphones which costs over $200.


Despite his busy football schedule, the linebacker manages time for vacation during the off-season.

A year back, he has been to London and has posted his photo wearing a headphone.

Meanwhile, Wagner’s dream vacation is Fiji. He mostly loves a tropical place. Also, Africa is on his bucket list.

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Meanwhile, with such a handsome net worth Bobby Wagner has several beautiful cars.

However, he has a strong feeling for a car that his late mother gifted him, the Lexus-2008 model, which was priced around $34,000.

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Annual Salary, Investments, Endorsements, and Penalty


Meanwhile, Bobby began his earning right from 2012 when the Seahawks drafted him.

In 2012, Wagner grabbed the salary of $390,000 and a signing bonus of $15,72,944, and his earnings summed to $1,962,944.

In 2013 and 2014, Wagner received $585,809 and $781,618, respectively.

During his contract extension in 2015, Bwagz was provided with $977,427 and a signing bonus of $8Million. In addition, he also received an incentive of $50,643.

Therefore, in 2015 Wagner’s earnings rose to $9,028,070.

Furthermore, in 2016 Bobby’s salary was $3 Million with a roster bonus of $500,000 and an option bonus of $4 Million, which totaled his earning to $7.5Million in that year.

Following this, Wagner earned $5 Million in 2017.

His income rose more than double to around $11 Million in 2018, which included $1 Million as a bonus and $10Million as a salary.

Likewise, with a new contract extension in 2019, Bobby grabbed a signing fee of $7 Million and a Salary of $9.5 Million, totaling $16.5Million

Also, in 2020, the middle linebacker collected a handsome earning of $19 Million from his salary of around $10.75Million and a roster bonus of $250,000, and a signing bonus of $8Million.

Additionally, in 2021 Wagner will collect around $13.15Million in salaries and a roster bonus of $250,000, compounding to $13.4Million.

Likewise, in 2022, Bobby will get an estimated $16.35Million in salary and a roster bonus of $250,000 which will add up to $16.6Million


Meanwhile, the Athlete is also serious regarding his wealth spend wisely.

During his initial career, he invested a five-digit figure in Denali Therapeutics, biotech focusing on brain disease.

Fortunately, the company grew to a successful one and gave him four times the investments.

Also, he spends his sum on stock and other smaller bets.

Besides, Wagner has also invested in ventures like Likes of Daddy, Shonda Rhimes, and Durant.

And, he also has an investment in the flaxseed lemonade brand  ‘Me & the Bees’ and ‘Care+ Wear.’

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Additionally, the rising star has dealt with prestigious brands like Nike and Body Armor.

Nike spends around $6 Billion annually for endorsing several players.

Similarly, Body Armor is a sports drink that comes in various flavors like Lemonade, fruit punch, mixed berry and costs around $20 for a pack of twelve.

Bobby Wagner Endorsing Products.
Bobby Wagner Endorsing Products.

Meanwhile, his earning from the endorsement deals is around $700,000 annually.

Penalty and Suspension

In 2017, Wagner was fined around $18,231 for a horse-collar tackle against another player.

Following in 2018, Bobby was fined around $10,026 for excessive facemask against Minnesota.

Similarly, he was forfeited around $20,054 for a facemask against San Fransico in the same year.

Hence, Bobby Wagner has been penalized $48,311 in total for his misconduct.


Earlier, he used to play with the Titans of his high school. He was regarded two-star recruit coming out of school.

Meanwhile, after accepting the offer from Utah State, the talented footballer played 48 games with 445 tackles and 4.5 in his career with Utah.

Further, Wagner started his professional career with the Seahawks in National Football League.

Bobby Wagner during Match.
Bobby Wagner during Match.

It was the best choice of Seahawks as he picked 47 in round 2 of the game, which was the highest ever by any player from Utah State since 1980.

Meanwhile, he led the Seahawks to their 2013 NFC championship.

Besides, his performance granted him the 69th position in the NFL’s top 100 players of 2014.


Wagner is a charitable person.

Recently, he was spotted delivering food supplies to the needy ones in the Seattle area in a van.

He also worked with a non-profit organization called Generosity feeds and MOD Pizza to deliver 10,000 meals in his hometown of Ontario, California.

Meanwhile, he also leads the annual NFL Charity challenge that raised $50,000 for donations.

Wagner once donated around $250,000 for the charity of his choice, which included ‘Walk with Wagner’ and ‘Bwagz sees you.’

Similarly, he also participated in a fashion show by Alba for a noble cause.

He appeared in events like these to generate funds for Charity, and he prefers to keep his charity works low-key.

Three Facts about Bobby Wagner

His late mother provided him the ninja-turtle backpack, which he still carries most of the time.

Even after death, Bobby would call in the home to hear his mother’s voice-over answering machine.

Before every game, Wagner runs to the far end zone of the field and kneels as a tribute to his mother.

Social Media

Meanwhile, Bobby Wagner is very active on social media and has a lot of followers over there.

Twitter: 440K Followers

Instagram: 638K Followers

Facebook: 157K Followers


“No offense to anyone, but I’m playing until I can’t anymore; I love this game too much.”

“It’s a fun game. It’s all within the lines. Everybody is always talking a little smack – it’s part of the game.”


How did Bobby Wagner’s Mother die?

Bobby Wagner’s mother died of a heart attack in 2009.

How many times has Bobby Wagner been All-Pro?

Bobby Wagner, Seahawk’s defensive player, has won seven pro-bowls and six first-team All-pro selections.

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