Brandon Calvillo, American YouTuber

Brandon Calvillo: Vine, Girlfriend & Net Worth

Brandon Calvillo was a famous American Viner who rose to fame after sharing hilarious videos on a video-sharing app, Vine.

Furthermore, this American Viner was so popular that he received a ten vine videos contract from Virgin Mobiles.

Brandon Calvillo
An American content creator: Brandon Calvillo

Besides, Calvillo is also a YouTuber and has directed and written several short films.

In addition, Brandon has also starred in the movie FML. Calvillo has also appeared on AXS TV Live and Ellen DeGeneres’s show.

Quick Facts

In addition, here is some fantastic quick fact about this American vine star.

Full Name Brandon J. Calvillo
Also Known As Brandon
Birth Date July 28, 1994
Birth Place South California, USA
Age 29 years old
Gender Male
Sexuality Straight
Nationality American
Height 6’1″/185 cm
Weight 178 lbs/80 kgs
Horoscope Leo
Grandparent’s Name Not Available
Father’s Name Not Available
Mother’s Name Kimberly Calvillo
Siblings Jesse and Gregory
Marital Status Not married
Relationship Status Single
High School El Dorado High School
Major Not Available
Profession Comedian, YouTuber, and Influencer
Active Years 2013 – Present 
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown
Skin Color White
Build Fit 
Hair Length Short
Shoe Size 10(US)
Body Measurement Biceps: 15 inches
Chest: 43 inches
Waist: 32 inches
Children None
Associated With Vine, YouTube, and TikTok
Current Residence California, USA
Annual Salary Not Revealed
Net Worth $1 Million
Social Media Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok 
Last Update April,2024

Brandon Calvillo: Early Life, Parents, Siblings & Education

Brandon, the popular celebrity, was born on 28 July 1994 in Southern California, the United States of America. Furthermore, he has faith in Christianity. 

The former Vine star was raised by his mother, Kimberly Calvillo but has not revealed his biological father’s name. 

Brandon Calvillo
Brandon Calvillo at Disney Land

Likewise, Brandon has a perfect relationship with his mother and step-dad. They live together in Placentia, California. 

Also, Brandon is not the only child of Kimberly; she has two other children, Jesse, and Gregory Calvillo.

Furthermore, Brandon’s brother, Jesse, was also a popular Viner. 

As for his education, Calvillo went to El Dorado High School, but the college he graduated from is still unknown. 

Brandon Calvillo: Age and Body Measurements 

This famous American native is 29 years old now. 

Brandon appears to be tall and healthier, where his estimated weight is 178 lbs or 80 kgs. Likewise, a celebrity stands tall at 6 feet 1 inch or 185 cm.

Talking about his facial feature, Calvillo has a pair of captivating brown eyes. Moreover, Calvillo has a fair skin tone and short dark brown hair.

Furthermore, born on 28 July, his astrological sign is Leo, a fire sign.

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Brandon Calvillo: Professional Career

As mentioned above, Brandon rose to fame after posting hilarious content on Vine. He was successful in making content that the audience loved.

As a result, Brandon became popular on the vine in a short time, gathering almost 6 million followers. Likewise, after gaining popularity on Vine, he also gained followers on other social media sites.

Initially, before fame, this American vine star worked at a sandwich shop for a few months. He used to make funny videos during his working hours.

In 2013, he posted the video “Getting Tacos for Taylor Swift,” and it is one of his most popular vines.

After gaining popularity, Brandon got more and more opportunities. To explain, he worked with other famous viners such as Josh Darnit, Thomas Sanders, Nash Grier, David Dobrik, and Christian DelGrosso.

Similarly, Calvillo also got the opportunity to work on the film called “FML: A Social Media Adventure.” For this film, he worked alongside Jason Nash.

However, Calvillo did admit to having a hard time because of his newfound fame and all. 

Brandon Calvillo: Controversy

Being a popular personality can get you in trouble sometimes as famous people are more prone to controversial things. The same thing happened with Brandon and his brother Jesse Calvillo.

Brandon and his brother Jesse made a video on Snapchat analyzing and judging the vines on the comedy page and marked that vine sarcastically.

The video was just for entertainment purposes. However, other viners were not happy, and they were offended by the Calvillo brother’s Snapchat video.

Later, Brandon apologized to all the viners who were offended by the video. In a solo video, Calvillo stated that “he was the most flawed person on the planet and had no right to judge anybody.”

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Brandon Calvillo and Lacey James 

An American vlogger, former vine star, and famous TikTok is currently single.

Unfortunately, there were rumors that he was dating singer and songwriter Lacey James. But all of them were false. 

These particular rumors led to massive storms all over the internet as Lacey was an underage girl and Brandon was a full-grown adult.

Furthermore, Trisha Paytas made a video where she compared Calvillo with Ted Bundy, and she also alleged Brandon dating an underaged girl knowingly. But, she later deleted the video.

In one of Dobrik’s vlogs, Dobrik asked intimate questions to Lacy and Brandon, who were sitting in the backseat. 

This reply from Lacey James made the audience think that they were dating. Later, Lacey and Brandon made a video addressing the rumors.

Brandon revealed that he met Lacey on a dating app in the video, and they started talking and hanging out. At the time, Lacey James was just a 17-year-old kid.

The pair also cleared that they were not dating at the time and they had never slept together. Lacey James admitted lying on Dobrik’s vlog merely for the content.

Currently, Brandon lives a single life, and his name is not associated with anyone.

Brandon Calvillo: Personal Life

Brandon Calvillo currently lives in California, United States of America. 

Furthermore, he has a perfect relationship with his step-dad. Not to mention, Brandon’s step-dad often appears on his vlog.

Brandon Calvillo
Brandon Calvillo with his two dogs

Moreover, Brandon is an animal lover. He loves dogs. Furthermore, he also likes to travel and write. 

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What did Brandon do after the closure of Vine?

An American native had already gotten enough recognition through Vine, making him famous on other social media apps. Therefore, after the closure of the vine, he switched his attention to other media platforms.

To explain, Brandon started to upload his videos on YouTube and Instagram. As a result, he maintained his popularity and followers even after the closure of the Vine app.

Later, Calvillo started vlogging. However, his YouTube channel is more about creating awareness than comedy content nowadays.

To explain, he invites famous personalities to talk about various issues like mental health, bullying, suicide, eating disorders, etc.

Also, due to the popularity of Tik Tok, Calvillo is slowly moving there as well. 

Brandon Calvillo: Net Worth

American content creator, Brandon’s income, comes from YouTube, movies, series brand endorsement, and so on.

As of 2024, the estimated net worth of brandon Calvillo is $1 Million.

He has enough money to live a happy and comfortable life. However, Brandon has never revealed his annual income.

Brandon Calvillo: Social Media

An American vine-star is active on all social media platforms.

Brandon has a verified Instagram account with 1.4 Million followers. His Instagram is full of hilarious content.

Likewise, Calvillo is also active on Twitter, and almost 711 k people follow his account. Like Instagram, he never fails to make his followers laugh with his hilarious tweets.

Another platform that Brandon is utilizing to showcase his talent is TikTok. Almost 3.7 Million people follow his TikTok account.

In addition, Calvillo’s YouTube channel has 323k subscribers. He has posted 70 videos to date. He is not so active on YouTube compared to other social media platforms.

Brandon Calvillo: Trivia

  • Famous social media influencer Brandon is also the author of the book, The Haystack. His book was released on August 14, 2021.
  • Furthermore, Calvillo has also appeared in various television series such as Warzone, Major Crimes, Sanders Shorts, and SHFTY: Super Happy Fun Time, Yay!
  • Likewise, Brandon had made appearances on New Year’s Eve, Chris and Anthony, Wild Nothing, The Conspiracy Part II, Fling, and First Date.
  • Brandon is a multi-talented person. Besides acting, he also has written, produced, and directed the shorts such as The Last Job, Dog, Malignant, etc.
  • Calvillo tested positive for Covid-19 in December 2021.
  • Lastly, an American Tiktoker has also been featured on Vincent Marcus’s podcast.


What is Brandon’s debut book “The Haystack” about?

Brandon Calvillo’s debut book “The Haystack” is a fictional story set in the early 2000s about loss, which is told from the perspective of three different characters.

Are David Dobrik and Brandon Calvillo related?

No, David Dobrik and Brandon Calvillo are not related. However, they are very good friends. They both often appear on each other’s vlogs.

Are Lacey James and Brandon Calvillo still together?

No, Lacey James and Brandon Calvillo are not together anymore. 

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