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Who Is Chuba Hubbard Father Lester Yearwood? Family And Net Worth

Chuba Hubbard’s adoptive Father, Lester Yearwood, has been with his family through thick and thin after his biological Father left him.

Chuba Hubbard, an Alberta native from Sherwood Park, is now with the NFL’s Carolina Panthers after a successful tenure at Oklahoma State. 

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He led the NCAA in the running in 2019 and won the Cornish Trophy as the best Canadian in the NCAA the same year. Hubbard previously played for Oklahoma State.

Who Is Chuba Hubbard Father Lester Yearwood?

Chuba Hubbard’s Father left him and his mother in his childhood. Hence, not much is known about his Father.

Chuba Hubbard was raised by his mother, Candace, and stepfather Lester Yearwood after his biological Father abandoned the family when he was a young child.

Even though his mother initially expressed some reservations about his choice, Chuba Hubbard has been familiar with his profession. The 23-year-old had to deal with hardships throughout his early years because his Father abandoned him when he was three, but he makes sure he never felt alone at home because his mother and stepfather have always been there for him.

Hubbard spent his formative years in Edmonton, Alberta, before moving to Sherwood Park and enrolling at Bev Facey People group Secondary School, where he practiced playing Canadian soccer.

Chuba Hubbard Family Details: Their Hardship Days

When Chuba was young, he lost contact with his Father, and for a very long time, Candace raised four young children by herself while attending nursing school and working long shifts.

She is from Manitoba, and most of her family members were a 12-hour drive away. Hubbard was the youngest of four children born and raised in Edmonton before moving to Sherwood Park. Although it’s unknown who his siblings are, he has a sister named Adaeze Hubbard.

Chuba Hubbard family
Chuba Hubbard’s family cheer him on from Sherwood park home. (Source: globalnews)

R&B and soul musician Adaeze Hubbard resides in Edmonton, Alberta. She is confident that her music will uplift her listeners’ spirits and ears.

Candace and the kids frequently moved to Edmonton when Chuba was a baby. When she thinks back on those years, she considers how they finally figured out how to stick together.

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Chuba thinks his mother is the most practical person on earth and appreciates her for always doing her best for him and his family. Lester Yearwood, his stepfather, is also thanked for embracing their lives and serving as a family’s difficulty counterbalance.

Chuba Hubbard’s Mother Received Mom Of The Year Trophy

Last year, as part of the celebration of Football Weekend in Canada, his mother, Candace, “Football Canada’s Mom of the Year,” spoke with She initially required some convincing before agreeing to become a football mother.

Chuba Hubbard Father
Candace Hubbard received Mom of the Year trophy in 2021. (Source: footballcanada)

Chuba eventually joined his first organized football league at nine after initially resisting. She claimed that her initial reluctance might have been diminished if there had been non-contact football available for children of that age.

If non-contact football had been available for kids that age, her initial reluctance would have been lessened. Even though there was no denying the allure of football academies in the South, Candace remembered her decision to keep Chuba at home.

She initially required some convincing before agreeing to become a football mother.

Chuba Hubbard Net Worth In [current-year]

According to, Chuba Hubbard’s net worth in [current-year] is estimated to be between $4- $6 Million.

Running back Chuba Hubbard signed a four-year, $4,193,174 contract with the Carolina Panthers in 2021. The agreement also included a 713,174 dollar signing bonus, a 713,174 guarantee, and a 1,048,294 average annual salary.

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In 2022, Hubbard will be paid a base salary of $825,000, a cap hit of $1,003,294, and a dead cap value of $534,882.

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