Brenden Aaronson Injury: Brother And; Family – Net Worth And Girlfriend

Brenden Aaronson is the stage name of Brenden Russell Aaronson. He is an American professional soccer player. 

Likewise, he plays as an attacking midfielder or winger for Premier League club Leeds United and the United States national team. Fans refer to him as the “Medford Messi.”

Aaronson, who was born and raised in Medford, New Jersey, spent just one year at Shawnee High School before being chosen for the Philadelphia Union’s YSC Academy.

There, he played soccer and finished his high school degree.

Aaronson had participated in Union’s youth teams while attending YSC Academy before deciding to attend Indiana University and signing an amateur deal with Bethlehem Steel FC.

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Brenden Aaronson transfer Leeds signs Salzburg, USMNT star

Brenden Aaronson Injury: What Happened To Him?

Brenden Aaronson suffered a knee injury during pre-game warmups on March 20 and was sidelined for the remaining three World Cup qualifying matches for the United States.

As the USMNT entered the final round of World Cup qualifiers, midfielder Brenden Aaronson was reportedly experiencing “knee difficulties.”

Ten minutes before the Austrian Bundesliga encounter against Wolfsberger on Sunday, the player was pulled from Red Bull Salzburg’s starting lineup.

It was raising questions about his readiness to play for the men’s national team against Mexico, Panama, and Costa Rica.

Prior to their encounter, Salzburg made it known that he had a knee problem.

Aaronson is still anticipated to go to Houston to meet with the US men’s squad before they depart for Mexico City in preparation for the match at the Azteca Stadium on Thursday.

The United States may be without the 21-year-old, a significant setback given their hopes of qualifying for the World Cup during the qualifiers in March.

Brenden Aaronson Brother & Family

Aaronson was born on October 22, 2000, to his parents Rusty and Janell Aaronson. Additionally, his father used to play soccer. Rusty was a Monmouth University soccer player during his collegiate career.

He also oversees a famous and flourishing kids club in New Jersey. It is, therefore, probably not necessary to mention the person who introduced Brenden to the sport.

When his sons were little, Rusty taught and trained them in football techniques and rules. Brenden began playing soccer at the age of just ten as a result.

In addition, Paxten Aaronson, his younger brother, plays soccer. Paxten currently represents the Philadelphia Union, the former squad of his older brother.

Moreover, he also used to practice and train alongside his brother Paxten. The brothers are hence very close.

The younger brother attributes Brenden’s skill development to his ability to learn from his bigger brother’s missteps and failures.

Not only that, Jaden, the midfielder’s younger sister, is an excellent soccer player. Regarding his sister, Aaronson stated in an interview,

Also, the athlete’s mother is a massive supporter of his and his brother’s professional endeavors.

She wanted to be there to assist him in adjusting when he moved to Europe to play in the Austrian League.

Nevertheless, she could not travel to Europe because of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the mother does not miss a single game and supports her son all the way from New Jersey.

One day, Janell hopes to watch both of her sons play for the same team. Paxten won’t be lengthy in receiving offers from overseas leagues thanks to his ongoing efforts and advancements.

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Brenden Aaronson posing with is family

Brenden Aaronson’s Net Worth

Most of Brenaen’s income came from his professional soccer career, during which he played for many clubs with an estimated net worth of around 3.2 million.

His compensation from the Red Bull Salzburg is not yet publicly known. But with the Philadelphia Union, he received a base salary of $70,000 along with a guaranteed payment of $98,309.48.

Not to add that the Union paid $9 million to sell the excellent and devoted player to the Red Bull Salzburg. In many ways, the deal was viewed as meaningful.

Brenden Aaronson Girlfriend

Aaronson and Milana Dambra are sweet couples. Currently, the two are involved in a distant relationship.

Dambra plays for the women’s soccer team at Temple University while she is a student there.

Many sources assert that Brenden and Milana are high school sweethearts, yet it is unsure as solid evidence is not available.

They have something in common, and their passion for soccer is what brought them together.

Furthermore, They have also seen to be attending prom together.

The couple will commemorate their second anniversary on September 16, 2020. Therefore, it is safe to state that despite being apart, their relationship is still going strong.

Brenden Aaronson Instagram

Brenden can be found on Instagram under the username of @baaronson7 and on Twitter under @AaronsonBrenden.

On social media, the offensive midfielder is very active. As a result, he has 32.6 thousand fans and followers on Instagram.

The sportsman primarily uses his social media account to document his experiences playing soccer in the Austrian League. He also has numerous photos of himself playing soccer.

In addition, the former Union star enjoys showing off his stunning girlfriend on Instagram. He has also posted a few pictures of his family and posed with his buddies in shots.

His account essentially captures his experiences as a teenage football player. Additionally, he has 2.9 thousand followers on Twitter.

In comparison to Instagram, he uses Twitter far less frequently. Nevertheless, he often tweets news, happenings, and highlights relating to soccer.

In addition to that, Many sweet and admiration-filled comments can be seen in his posts.

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