Cameron Jordan.

Cameron Jordan Net Worth: Salary & Annual Earnings

Professional American football player Cameron Jordan has a net worth of around $67 Million.

Cameron Tyler Jordan, famous as Cameron Jordan, was born on July 10, 1989, in Chandler, Arizona, United States.

Furthermore, Cameron has played for New Orleans Saint in National Football League (NFL) since 2011.

Cameron Jordan in field.
Cameron Jordan in the field.

Jordan played college football at the University of California, where he made 175 tackles and 16.5 Sacks.

And, he has won several awards like First-team All-Pro, Second-team All-Pro, ProBowl over six times, etc.

Further, the back-end football player earns most of his income from games and various endorsements and advertisements.

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about Cameron Jordan before diving into his net worth in detail:

Full Name Cameron Tyler Jordan
Birth Date July 10, 1989
Birth Place Chandler, Arizona, United States
Famous as Cameron Jordan
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity Afro-American
Education University of California
Horoscope Cancer
Father’s Name Steve Jordan
Mother’s Name Anita Jordan
Siblings Stephanie Cameron
Age 34 Years Old
Height 6 Feet 4 Inches
Weight 130Kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Build Athletic
Profession Professional American Football Player
Team or Club New Orleans Saint
Position Defensive End
Jersey Number 94
Marital Status Married
Spouse Nikki Jordan
Children Four
Active in NBA 2011-Present
Endorsements Nike
Net Worth $67 Million
Social Media Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
Merch Signed Helmets, Autographed Footballs, Signed Touchdown
Last Update March, 2024

Cameron Jordan Net Worth and Income

Meanwhile, Cameron Jordan grabs an impressive salary adding to his net worth.

As of 2021, Cameron signed a three-year deal worth $52.5 million with the New Orleans Saints.

And it included a $15.5 million signing bonus, $42,035,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of around $17.5 Million.

In 2015, Jordan had a five-year deal with the same team for around $55 Million, which included a signing bonus of $16 Million.

Similarly, during his debut in NFL, Cameron was offered around $7.7 Million for four-year deals with New Orleans Saints.

Furthermore, Jordan also earns from various endorsements deals and advertisements, which nearly amounts to millions.

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Net Worth of Cameron Jordan in Different Currencies

Meanwhile, here is the net worth of Cameron Jordan in different currencies:

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 56,518,621
Pound Sterling £ 48,277,185
Australian Dollar A$ 89,475,150
Canadian Dollar C$ 83,527,895
Indian Rupee ₹ 4,993,925,400
BitCoin ฿ 2,020.34

Lifestyle and Vacations


Meanwhile, to maintain his fit game body, Cameron adopts a healthy lifestyle.

He loves traveling with his family in his free time and spends time with three children and his wife.

Also, the adventurous Cameron loves water sports and was spotted running a steamer boat.

And Cameron loves playing golf besides regular American football.

For fitness, he is seen doing cardio and muscle-building exercises. He also does frequent running.

For clothes, the millionaire player loves brands like Von Miller and Alvin Kamara.

He was spotted listening to music with beats headphones which cost over $400. Beats headphone ranging up to even $1 Million is available in the market.

Earlier, Cameron Jordan is a huge video game player and used to play ‘Call of Duty‘ right after he woke up.

Cameron loves heavy breakfast and takes waffles, egg white, omelets, tomatoes, mushrooms, and onion.

Also, he includes a small bowl of grits of cheese with a little drip of hot sauce in it and includes turkey sausage and half avocado in his diet.

For lunch, he like a rack of lamb and polenta.


Meanwhile, during his free time, Cameron likes to visit different places for recreation.

Recently, he has visited South Korea and California.

Also, he went to the woodland park zoo with his children.

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Houses and Cars


Meanwhile, being one of the richest American football players in history, Cameron owns a luxurious place to dwell in.

He owns a house in Metairie, Louisiana, which he bought for over $840K.

The luxurious property has around six bedrooms and seven bathrooms and a beautiful swimming pool as well.


Meanwhile, Cameron owns a luxurious Bently.

The price of Bently ranges from around $177,000 to over $250,000.

Also, he owns a Cheveloret Tahoe which costs over $50,000, which he bought in his rookie year.

Annual Earnings, Penalty, and Endorsements

Annual Earnings

Debut Year

Meanwhile, with his debut contract with New Orleans Saints, Jordan received a salary of around $375,000 and a signing bonus of around $4,122,836, which amounted to around $4,497,836 in 2011.

Further, in 2012, Cameron received a salary of around $726,427 in 2012 which rose to around $1,077,855 in 2013.

In 2014, the defensive end collected around $1,429,282 as salary until his contract ended.

Contract Renewed

Owing to his skills in the field, New Orleans saint extended his contract till 2020 from the year 2015.

In 2015, Cameron received a base salary of $969,000 and a signing bonus of around $16 Million.

Also, he received an incentive of around $32,067 and earned a total of  $17,001,067 in that year.

Further, a year later, Jordan got around $765,000 as salary and $100,000 as workout bonus, and $8,735,000 as restructure bonus and totaled his earning to around $9.6 Million.

In 2017, the new Orleans saint star collected $7 Million as salary and $100,000 as a workout bonus.

Similarly, Jordan plucked around $8.65 Million as base salary and $800K as roster bonus, and $100k as workout bonus.

And Jordan received a whopping $17 Million in 2019, which included a base salary of around $935K, a signing bonus of around $15.5 Million, a roster bonus of $500K, and a workout bonus of $65K.

Similarly, in 2020, he earned a base salary of around $2,250,000, a workout bonus of around $100K, and restructured bonus of around $9.5M.

Contract Extension

Meanwhile, Cameron will earn around $1,075,000 as a base salary and restructure bonus of around $12,725,000.

He will also receive a workout bonus of around $100,000 while carrying a cap hit of $9,356,250 and a dead cap value of $2,962,5000.

While in 2022, Jordan will receive a base salary of around $13.6 Million, a roster bonus of $1 Million, and a workout bonus of around $100K.

Furthermore, in 2023 Cameron will earn around $14.9 Million, including a salary of around $13.9 Million and a roster bonus of $1 Million.

Similarly, Jordan will earn around $5.2 Million during his final contract in 2024.


Meanwhile, Cameron had also lost earnings owing to various fouls in the game.

In 2013, he was fined around $10,000 for roughing the passer against Matt Ryan.

Similarly, in 2017 Jordann received a penalty of around $12,154 for the excessive celebration by dunking the ball against Detroit.

And, in 2019, he was fined around $38,602 for roughing the passer against another player.

Furthermore, in 2020, he was fined around $12,500 for fighting against Tampa Bay and another 12,500 for a horse-collar tackle against josh Jacob.

And Jordan was again forfeited around $10,500 for throwing a punch.

Therefore, Cameron has been collectively fined around $96,256 in his career in NFL.


Meanwhile, Cameron also earns from various endorsement deals.

Over time, he has been selected for endorsement of Monster headphones, Nike, and Ford Motor.

Nike spends billions of dollars annually on endorsements, where Ford Motor has a market cap of around $57.28 Billion.

Cameron Jordan Promoting Wine.
Cameron Jordan Promoting Wine.

Therefore, it is believed that the Cameron earns a whooping amount in endorsements alone.

Also, Jordan was spotted endorsing a winery brand in California.


Meanwhile, the backend of New Orleans Saints doesn’t keep his wealth to himself and donates openly for various philanthropic causes.

And, he has established his foundation called God Is Love.

Through his foundation, he supports youth by conducting empowerment and mentorship program.

Meanwhile, he has run a campaign to help the people affected by the Hurricane Laura, where he donated around $15,000.

Also, he visits community places weekly to help the needy ones out there, which his dad inspired him.

Also, earlier this year, when COVID was at its peak, Cameron and his foundation partnered with the local New Orleans restaurants to feed the first responder at Ochsner healthy.

And, he also teamed up with United Health Care to donate around $30,000 to ensure families in the New Orleans have the infant and feminine hygiene supplies.

Further, he partnered with united health care to purchase $25K worth of laptops for students.

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Meanwhile, in 2011, Cameron played the Senior Bowl and was a part of the Martin Lewis North team, who faced a defeat of around 24-10 to the South.

New Orleans Saint selected Jordan in the first round #24 Overall of the 2011 NFL from where his professional NFL career kickstarted.

Cameron Jordan is Celebrating on field.
Cameron Jordan is Celebrating on the field.

At that time, Jordan was the fifth defensive end drafted in 2011.

He received a renewal contract from New Orleans Saints and signed a deal with them till 2024.

3 Facts about Cameron Jordan

Meanwhile, Cameron Jordan is the fourth highest-paid NFL’s defensive end.

And Jordan’s father was also a former American football player.

Also, Cameron wants to stick with New Orleans Saints for his entire career.

Social Media

Meanwhile, Cameron has a huge fan following on his social platform.

Instagram: 372K

Twitter: 227.3K

Facebook: 70K


“We didn’t get an interception. We have got to be able to do that. They were able to drive on us. But at the end of the day, we got off the field, and that is all that counts.”

“At some point in time, you have to take control of what your defense is. As a player, you always want to exceed expectations. I expect that from each and every one of my D-line (members).”


Is Nikki Jordan an Athlete as well?

Yes, Nikki Jordan is an ex-basketball player.

For how many years did Steve Jordan played in NFL?

Meanwhile, Steve Jordan played for around 13 years in NFL with Minnesota Vikings.

How many games has Cameron Jordan played till now?

Jordan has played around 160 games in his entire career till now.

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