Carson Wentz during game.

Carson Wentz Net Worth: Annual Earning & Endorsements

Famous American football quarterback Carson Wentz has an impressive net worth of around $45 Million.

Carson James Wentz, also known as Carson Wentz, was born on December 30, 1992, in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Furthermore, he plays for the Indiana Polis colts in the famous National Football League (NFL) quarterback position.

Carson during his practice session.
Carson during his practice session.

Earlier, he used to play for the Philadelphia Eagles before he came to Indianapolis Cult, where he builds himself as an excellent quarterback.

Besides these, Carson won the NCA FCS five times during his college football at North Dakota University.

Also, Wentz has achieved several records, including being the first quarterback in the history of the NFL to throw 4000 yards with no wide receiver over 500 yards.

Hence, with his successful career in the football history, Carson has been able to gain impressive net worth, which we will discuss in detail.

Quick Facts

Meanwhile, here are quick facts about Carson Wentz before getting to know about his net worth in detail:

Full Name Carson James Wentz
Date Of Birth December 30, 1992
Nick Name Carson Wentz
Age 31 Years Old
Weight 237 lb
Height 6 Feet and 5 Inches
Gender  Male
Religion  Roman Catholic
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Horoscope Capricon
Residence South Dakota
BMI Index 23.8
Build Athletic
Birth Place Raleigh, North Carolina.
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Light Brown
Tatoo Yes`
Sexual Orientation Straight
Relationship Status Married
Spouse Madison Oberg
Children Hadley 
Father’s Name Doug Wentz
Mother’s Name Kathy Domres
Siblings Zach Wentz and Duke Domres
Education South Dakota University
Profession Professional NFL Player
Active years 2016-Present
Position Quarterback
NFL Team Indianapolis Colts
Jersey Number 11
Net Worth $45 Million
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Merch Signed Footballs, Signed Jerseys, Signed Helmets
Last Update May, 2024

Carson Wentz Net Worth and Income

Initially, Carson signed a four-year deal of around $128 Million with the Philadelphia Eagles, which included the signing bonus of around $16,367,683 and over $107 Million guaranteed.

And he used to receive an annual salary of around $32,000,000.

As of 2021, Wentz will grab a base salary of around $15,400,000.

Therefore, Carson earns an impressive figure adding to his massive net worth and making him a multi-millionaire athlete.

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Net Worth of Carson Wentz in different currencies

Meanwhile, here is the net worth of Carson Wentz in different currencies around the globe, which is mouth-watering.

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 38,150,465
Pound Sterling £ 32,691,614
Australian Dollar A$ 61,542,675
Canadian Dollar C$ 56,807,325
Indian Rupee ₹ 3,307,356,000
BitCoin ฿ 918.76

Houses and Cars


Meanwhile, with an impressive net worth, Carson has a range of various properties.

And Carson has brought a beautiful property in the Philadelphia for around $1.8 Million.

The house is spread over an area of 11 acres and was built in 1995.

And, the property has around five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a gym room, and stylish bar, and a theater.


Also, Carson has a collection of various vehicles. Meanwhile, Wentz has Ford Escort in Blue color, which costs around $170,000. 

Also, he has a Land Rover, which costs around $150,000, which he often used during his stay with his family.

Furthermore, the player has Cadillac CTS which costs over $86,000, and Chevy Silverado, costing around $33,200.

And, he has added a beautiful Lamborghini in his collection which is over $450,000.

With such impressive earnings, it is ordinary for stars to have a huge car collection.

Lifestyle and Vacations


Meanwhile, Carson is a cheerful man and is healthy as well. To maintain his fitness and stamina, Carson adopts a healthy diet and food schedule.

Also, he is seen a lot with his family and enjoys spending time with them. Their small family looks beautiful on the social platform.

Besides football, Wentz also loves playing basketball and baseball, which he used to play since his high school days.

Carson Wentz with his family.
Carson Wentz with his family.

And, his clothes seem normal, and he believes in simple living.

He is often seen in Denim Jeans, which costs over $450, mostly in Nike getups.

For food, he loves taking the Philly Cheesesteaks. He has even adopted a Vegan diet in 2019 and was a surprise to everyone as he loves hunting.

Furthermore, he includes diets that are gluten-free. In the off-season to remain fit, he goes swimming.

Also, Wentz is a huge animal lover and has two dogs who are an important part of his family as well. They have named them Henley and Jersey.

And, he takes them during hunting too.


And Wentz spends his off time mostly with his family, his wife, and daughter and travels around the US.

Also, he travels to places like Haiti for his work, mostly for charitable works for his organization.

In 2016, he was seen in the popular Ocean City, Maryland, where he was seen sunbathing.

Also, he, and his wife, had traveled to Israel in 2019 when they had a season break.

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Annual Earnings and Endorsements

Annual Earnings

Meanwhile, his annual earning shows how his net worth has grown over the years during his career.

And, in 2016, he earned a salary of around $450,000 with a signing bonus of around $17,600,973 and totaling his earning to around $18,050,973.

Further, in the year 2017, he earned a salary of around $1,662,561.

Following this, he earned a salary of around $630,000 and a roster bonus of $2,245,122 that made his total earnings for the year 2018 $2,875,122.

And in the year 2019, he grabbed a salary of around $720,000, including a signing bonus of around $16,367,683 which made his earning $17,087,683.

And in the year 2020, he had a salary of around $1,383,000 and a roster bonus of around $8 Million, and an option bonus of around $30 Million, making his total earnings for the year $39,383,000.

Annual Earning in Indianapolis cult

Similarly, in the year 2021, Carson has been traded to Indiana Polis Cult.

He earns a salary of around $15,400,000 and a roster bonus of around $5,905,882 and makes his earning for the year $21,305,882.

Furthermore, in 2022, he will earn a base salary of around $22 Million and a roster bonus of around $6,294,118, making his earnings around $26,294,118.

In 2023, the champion will earn around $20 Million as the salary and around $6,176,471 as the roster bonus, making his earning around $26,176,171 annually.

And, in 2024, Carson will collect around $21 Million and a roster bonus of around $6,235,294 and making his earning around $27,235,294.


Meanwhile, the famous American football star earns impressive earnings from various endorsements and sponsorship deals, adding to his income.

His popularity has resulted in him be the endorsement partner for the popular shoe brand Nike which spends billions of dollars annually just for celebrity endorsements.

Carson listening to music.
Carson is listening to music.

Reports depict that he earns over $4 Million annually from his various endorsement and sponsorship deals.

Also, Wentz has endorsed Bose Headphones, NRG Energy drink, Bobcat, Amazon, Black Ridge bank.

Also, the football star is the brand ambassador of Sky Motors, for which he collects over $1 Million.


Meanwhile, Carson Wentz was selected by the Philadelphia Eagles in the year 2016 in the first round of the 2016 NFL draft as the second overall pick.

And, he signed a four-year contract of around $26.67 Million with a $17.6 Million bonus to play for the team.

Earlier, Wentz has officially named a starter and made his first regular start against the ‘Cleveland Brown’ in the September 2016. 

Owing to his skills, Wentz was named the ‘NFC Offensive Player of the Week for the seventh week of the 2017. However, he was out of season because of his knee injury.

Recently, in March 2021, he has been traded to the Indianapolis cult.

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Meanwhile, Carson is a man with a golden heart and spent his time on philanthropic works.

And, he is the founder of the AO1 (Audience of One) Foundation.

He established this organization with the objective of uplifting individuals and communities around the world by demonstrating God’s love for his people.

And, they are also committed to feeding poor people and fighting life-threatening diseases and other chronic medical conditions.

And Carson also works for underprivileged youth as well as military veterans.

Additionally, Carson has made a Haiti Sports Complex that provides football training to youths free of cost through his foundation.

Also, he takes part in various charitable matches to raise the funding for his foundation and other foundations as well.

3 Facts about Carson Wentz 

  • Meanwhile, Carson’s height was around 1.7m in his Wentz freshman year, which rose to 1.96m as a senior.
  • And Carson also played basketball and baseball during his college days.
  • Furthermore, Carson loves going hunting.

Social Media

Meanwhile, Carlos is also famous in his social media platform.

Instagram:1 Million

Twitter: 1 Million


“Timing and accuracy are really what matters at the end of the day.”

“I view every day just as an opportunity.”

“It doesn’t matter if you’re winning or losing. You’ve got to be the same guy; you’ve got to prepare the same.”


Is Carson Wentz is on Philadelphia Eagles?

Carson has been traded to the Indianapolis cult by the eagles.

Who and when did Carson Wentz marry?

Carson married his girlfriend, with whom he was in a relationship since his school days, Madison Oberg, in 2018.

Which was Carson’s successful year?

Carson’s successful year was in the 2017 Season, where he had around an 84% winning rate.

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