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Who Is Cat Henesey-Smith Boyfriend Matt Bartlem? Relationship Timeline And Kids

People are curious to know more about Cat Henesey-Smith’s new boyfriend, Matt Bartlem, as the Bachelors’ contestant has been out of the relationship for over two years. 

Cat Henesey-Smith, an Australian designer working in Bali, is best described as upbeat, determined, and cheerful. She is a shining example of a forward-thinking young entrepreneur. 

Cat relocated from Australia to Bali on her own when she was 22, and she began her namesake jewelry company when she was 23. 

She’s been an entrepreneur since she was a pre-teen, and she was mentored into the fashion industry early on, learning how to read and understand trend reports before she was in her twenties. 

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Sourcing vintage charms throughout Europe inspired the creation of Henesii, which is created by artisans in Bali and marketed globally. Her brand, which was only launched in November 2017, has gone viral on Instagram.

When she’s not designing in her tropical paradise, she’s rescuing Balinese kittens and drinking coconuts on the beach.

Who Is Cat Henesy-Smith Boyfriend Matt Bartlem? 

Cat Henesey-Smith, a former Bachelor star, has finally found love four years after he was characterized as a “mean girl” on The Bachelor.

The 28-year-old reality TV actress and podcast presenter took to Instagram this week with her new partner, music producer Matt Bartlem.

She happily uploaded their first photo together, which showed them bending over to take a selfie at a friend’s wedding.

Cat Henesey-Smith
Cat Henesey-Smith Seen First Time With Her Boyfriend At Her Friends Wedding (Source: Instagram)

Four years after being described as a “mean girl” on The Bachelor Australia, Cat Henesey-Smith has found love with music producer Matt Bartlem.

‘We are serious about one other and are perfectly aligned… and it makes me wonder if I’ve ever genuinely been in love before now,’ she told The Courier-Mail.

‘I was single for a solid two years, and this is the first serious relationship I’ve had in a long,’ she continued.

Cat Henesy-Smith Relationship Timeline And Kids 

Cat and Matt met last year at the Grass is Greener music festival in Cairns and began dating in January.

This week, the 28-year-old reality TV actress and podcast host appeared on Instagram with her new lover. They’re seen together at a friend’s wedding.

Cat continued, saying that Matt is “quite different from anyone I’ve ever dated before” and “is everything you want in a guy.”

She also stated that it was tough to date after participating in The Bachelor in 2018 because people had “preconceived notions about me.”

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Cat claimed it was tough to date after starring on The Bachelor in 2018 because people had “preconceived notions about me.”

She was asked to leave the villa during the show after the previous wallaby discovered her “bullying” behavior.

Cat said that none of her former co-stars had contacted her after she received death threats from members of the public following her departure.

As of now, Cat and Matt do not have any kids.

 Cat Henesy-Smith Resites As A Villian In Bachelors In 2018 Season

On Nic ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummins’ season of The Bachelor in 2018, Cat Henesey-Smith gained the dubious label of resident villain.

That notoriety also followed her off-screen when the fiery brunette was accused of ‘trashing a villa’ she rented in Bali, incurring more than $13,000 in damages.

Cat is likely to return to Australian reality TV screens on the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise in Fiji, bad behavior or not.

Cat Henesey-Smith
Cat Henesey-Smith When She Was At The Bachelors Home (Source: Herald Sun)

The brunette confessed that she received multiple death threats following her tenure on The Bachelor last year, which she memorably exited in a blaze of tearful glory when Nick Cummins urged her to leave due to her ‘bullying’ behavior.

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Cat Henesey-Smith has admitted that stardom isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

In a December interview with New Idea, she described the experience as “extremely intense” and “quite stressful” emotionally due to violent internet harassment.

Beloved radio broadcaster Fifi Box famously declined an interview with the controversial reality star because she “refused to support bullying.”

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