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Meet 26 Years Old Madison, On The Bachelor, Family And Net Worth

An American TV personality who came to national prominence in 2020 as the runner-up of season 24 of The Bachelor, Madison Troutt is pretty popular.

She Shoots! SHE SCORES! that is something Madison is used to hearing. Her full name is Madison Rose Troutt.

Madison was one of the contestants on the 24th season of The Bachelor, a dating and relationship reality television series that debuted on March 25, 2002. 

Despite quitting the show in week 10, Madison was in a relationship with Peter Weber for a few days after the finale. However, the couple decided to part ways.

Madison, who would rather rock a cool pair of Jordans than any heel, married Grant Troutt, son of billionaire Kenny Troutt on October 29, 2022.

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Meet 26 Years Old Madison The Bachelor

Madison was officially announced as a contestant of The Bachelor on December 16, 2019. She quit the competition in the episode that aired on March 19, 2020, after becoming frustrated with Weber.

The reality show star mentioned that, however, as a whole, the show portrayed her accurately. In her book Made For This Moment, she opened up about the heartbreak and what she felt in her relationship with Weber.

Madison The Bachekor
Madison Prewett with Peter Weber. (Source: US Magazine)

After the Final Rose episode, Madison was completely shattered by the accusations and hurtful comments, words that felt like an attack against her character and convictions.

She also wrote about an unaired moment with Weber from their one-on-one date in Peru as he surprised her with a dare to eat a fish heart which she willingly accepted.

The Alabama native said that nine weeks into filming the season, she was slowly losing her mind as she was starting to be homesick.

She saved herself for the marriage as she decided not to have sex before she got married and was discouraged by her conversation with Weber about her choice.

Madison mentioned that she didn’t know if she could really continue with the process. As he was on his other dates, she felt like she was going to hit her breaking point.

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Meet Madison The Bachelor Family: Who Are They?

Troutt was born in Auburn, Alabama, to her father Chad Prewett and mother, Tonya. Her father is a basketball coach for Auburn Basketball in Alabama. According to his Instagram bio, he is a proud #girldad.

Mom Tony is also super proud of their daughter Madison and frequently praises how much joy she has brought her way. 

Madison The Bachelors
Madison with her mom Tonya. (Source: Feeling The Vibe)

Madison has two sisters named Mary and Mal. The sisters are super close and are often seen adoring each other in the Instagram post.

Madison The Bachelor
Madison with her sisters Mary and Mal. (Source: Instagram)

Mal is 23 years old and graduated from Auburn University in 2021. Whereas Mary is 25 years old and is very close to Madison may be because of a year gap in their age. She also lives in Auburn, Alabama.

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How Much Is Madison The Bachelor Net Worth? 

Madison Prewett is one of the wealthiest Celebrity Stars and is listed as the most popular Reality Star. Her net income is estimated to be between $1M – $5 million.

She has made a big fortune through her primary career as a reality star. After her popularity on The Bachelor, she gained many followers on her social media handles.

Brand endorsements and affiliated marketing are also secondary sources of her income for this Alabama cutie. Also, she won $8,000 on The Price Is Right in 2019.

An interesting fact about Madison: She loves working with foster kids and wants to open an orphanage one day.

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