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Chilly Jimenez: Logan Thirtyacre, Pregnancy, Rumours & Net Worth

Widely known as Chilly Jimenez, Ladye Wanda Jimenez is a popular name in the YouTube community.

She is a famous vlogger and avid video gamer. However, she became popular only after dating Logan Thirtyacre.

Chilly Jimenez
American famous YouTuber: Chilly Jimenez

Furthermore, many people started to recognize Chilly after she started portraying various characters on her husband’s YouTube channel.

This article will find detailed information about Chilly Jimenez’s childhood, life as a YouTuber, love life, and current lifestyle.

Quick Facts

Additionally, here are some quick facts about Chilly Jimenez.

Birth Name Ladye Wanda Jimenez
Popular Name Chilly Jimenez
Date of Birth September 28, 1995 
Age 28 Years Old
Gender Female
Place of Birth United States of America
Current Residence Florida, United States of America
Profession YouTuber
Active years 2008 – present
Citizenship American
Father Minelli Jimenez
Mother Wand Jimenez
Siblings Tito Jimenez and Julian Jiminez
Marital Status Married
Spouse Logan Thirtyacre (m. 2018)
Child Pregnant 
Education Not Available
University Not Available
Ethnicity Puerto Rican
Religion Christian
Zodiac Libra
Complexion White
Hobbies Traveling, Cooking
Pet Two dogs and a cat
Height 5’2″/157 cm 
Weight 52 kg/114 lbs
Dress Size Not Available
Shoe Size Not Available
Body Measurements Not Available
Skin Tone Very Fair
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Net Worth 1 Million to 5 Million
Social Media Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube
Last Updated May, 2024

Chilly Jimenez: Early Life, Parents, Siblings & Education

Jimenez, the YouTuber, was born on September 28, 1995, in America. Her father’s name is Minelli Jimenez, whereas her mother’s name is Wand Jimenez.

She is an American national. 

Unfortunately, this American YouTuber has not revealed any information about her educational background. 

Furthermore, Julian Jimenez, Jonathan Jimenez, and Tito Jimenez are her brothers. Among Jimenez brothers, Tito Jimenez is the most popular one.

Also, she follows Christianity and is of Puerto Rican descent.

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Who is Tito Jimenez?

Milenni Chavez Jimenez, popularly known as Tito Jiminez, is the oldest brother of Chilly Jiminez, who is a famous comedian, actor, SML cast member, and puppeteer.

Many people recognize him as Teedster.

Tito rose to fame after being a crew member of SML. He gave his voice to multiple characters in the scene.

Likewise, Chilly’s brother made his first appearance by playing Minnelli in the SML video.

Besides, he also has a YouTube Channel named “Titototter,” famous for producing parodic plush videos based on Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.

Teedster is in charge as the director, producer, creator, and editor of his videos, along with the SML crew, formerly consisting of JJ, Chilly, and Logan.

Furthermore, Tito frequently appears on Chilly’s youtube channel. Also, he is best friend with Chilly’s husband, Logan Thirtyacre.

Tito and Logan are usually seen hanging out and performing comedy skits together. 

Chilly Jimenez: Age & Body Measurements 

An American YouTuber and video gamer, Chilly is 28 years old now. 

Chilly Jimenez is a petite and beautiful lady. Her height is approximately 5 feet 2 inches or 157 cm.

Similarly, she has a well-maintained body. Jimenez weighs approximately 52 kgs or 114 lbs. 

However, Chilly’s body measurement is not available.

Furthermore, the YouTuber has a pair of beautiful green eyes. She has medium-length blonde hair, which she frequently dyes in different colors.

Likewise, she has a fair skin tone and a beautiful smile.

Unfortunately, there is no information about her dress size and shoe size. 

In addition, Jimenez’s zodiac sign is Libra, an air sign. 

How did Chilly Jimenez rise to fame?

Chilly Jimenez gained popularity for associating with Logan Thirtyacre. Initially, she started portraying various characters on Logan’s YouTube Channel.

To explain, Chilly portrayed the role of Cecilla in the Summer School series, Pink Yoshi in Mario’s New Girlfriend, and Peach in Mario’s Wig in the SuperMarioLogan series.

Later, after getting attention from many people, Chilly started her own YouTube channel named Chilly on 18 April 2008.

Moreover, she started by uploading a pet video where Chilly featured her kitten. Later, she uploaded vlogs with her husband on 4 January 2014 titled ‘New York City Vacation.’

Likewise, Jimenez uploaded the “Tito Come Outside,” a music video by SML, “A Vlog and Behind the Scenes,” and “Ruined Our Couch-behind the Scenes,” which became an instant success.

The first video is a music video by her husband Logan; the second video is a behind-the-scenes video, and the third one is a prank video. 

In 2017, the American-born decided to come up with a prank video that got a good response from her audience.

Furthermore, Destroying Jeffy Puppet Prank, Jeffy the Rapper behind the Scenes, and Tito Come Outside are some of the famous videos.

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Chilly Jimenez: Love Life

Logan Thirtyacre and Chilly Jimenez have been together for almost ten years. The two went to the same high school and eventually fell in love.

Furthermore, they started dating roughly around 2010. The two married on 3rd October 2018. 

Who is Chilly Jimenez’s husband, Logan Thirtyacre?

Widely known as SML, Chilly Jimenez’s husband, Logan, is a famous YouTuber, voice actor, and puppeteer from the United States of America.

Thirtyacre is famous for animated videos and comical content on his YouTube channel. Initially, Logan used to upload videos randomly and without proper editing. 

Since he has gained many followers, he posts highly-professional videos twice a week. In addition, he also achieved Golden Play Button from YouTube.

Logan Thirtyacre
A famous YouTuber, voice actor, puppeteer: Logan Thirtyacre

Furthermore, in 2017, he created his first YouTube channel called SuperMarioLogan. Unfortunately, it was later closed down.

In addition, Logan’s first video on the channel was Super Mario Got Milk, which was based on a 1996 advert to inspire children to drink milk. The video became instantly famous, making him even more popular.

Later, Logan opened other channels, namely, SuperLuigiLogan and SML channel. SML channel has around 5.83 Million subscribers.

What happened between Chilly Jimenez and Logan Thirtyacre?

Even though the American YouTuber duo has been together for almost a decade, their relationship had a lot of ups and downs like every other relationship. Fortunately, they always found their way back to each other. 

The couple first parted ways in 2014, and later they reconciled. Afterward, Logan frequently appeared on Chilly’s YouTube Channel.

Chilly Jimenez and her husband
Chilly Jimenez with her husband, Logan Thirtyacre

However, things went wrong again and resulted in a breakup in 2020. Their breakup news was all over the internet. 

Logan blamed Chilly for cheating on him with a married man; named Roy Gebhard, while Chilly accused Logan of cheating on her with Elaina.

After breaking up with Chilly, Logan started to date Adriana Fajardo in February 2020.


After Logan accused Chilly of cheating on him with a married man Roy. Also, one of the SML members, Ulysses Lovell Stanton, Jr, aka Lovell, mentioned that Chilly was a gold digger.

Furthermore, he stated that Chilly was only with Logan for his money. This statement led to controversy.

Reconciliation and Pregnancy 

The on and off again couple has reconciled, and Chilly Jimenez is now pregnant with Logan Thirtyacre’s child. Furthermore, Chilly has also uploaded a gender reveal video on her YouTube channel.

This time around, the couple has sorted out their differences and has a beautiful relationship. They are now ready to build a beautiful family. 

Chilly Jimenez: Net Worth

A famous American Youtuber, Chilly Jimenez’s primary source of income is from YouTube, sponsorship, and brand endorsement.

As of 2022, Chilly Jimenez’s estimated net worth is between $1 Million-$5 Million, including her income, assets, and money.

However, the information about her annual income is not available at the moment.

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Chilly Jimenez: Social Media

Jimenez is active on all popular social media platforms. She has an Instagram account with 194k followers. Through Instagram, she lets her follower have a closer look at her daily life.

Likewise, she also has a Twitter account with 24.5k followers. Furthermore, Chilly has a YouTube channel with 2.26 million followers.

Lastly, Chilly Jimenez also has a Facebook account.

Chilly Jimenez: Trivia

  • An American YouTuber, Chilly, calls her fan “Chilly peppers.”
  • Furthermore, she has Convertible Camaro and owns a Rolex; both were a gift from Logan.
  • She loves traveling. She has traveled to various places such as Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica. In addition, she likes foot massages.
  • Similarly, Chilly Jimenez is a pet lover. She has two dogs named Snowball and Blizzard. She also has a cat.
  • Chilly does not drink alcohol.
  • Her favorite restaurant is McGuire’s Irish Pub.
  • Moreover, Chilly and Logan had a combined channel called LoganandChilly.
  • One of Chilly’s youtube videos, ‘Dream Come True: We Got Married,’ is an adorable video covering the wedding ceremony of Chilly and Logan.
  • Logan and Chilly’s baby girl is due in mid-2022.


Why was Chilly Jimenez arrested?

An American Youtuber, Chilly Jimenez, was booked in the Pensacola prison for contempt of court, with a bond of $500 on 3 March 2021.

When did Chilly Jimenez and Logan Thirtyacre get back together?

After many facing ups and downs in the relationship, Chilly and Logan again got back in 2021. Furthermore, Chilly and Logan are expecting their first child.

Is Chilly Jimenez pregnant with a baby boy?

Chilly Jimenez is pregnant with a baby girl, not a baby boy.

Does Chilly Jimenez have a sister?

No, Chilly Jimenez does not have a sister; she only has two brothers, Tito and Julian. Furthermore, she has a very close relationship with her brothers.

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