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Chris Evert Illness And Health Update: Has She Cured With Ovarian Cancer?

Chris Evert was diagnosed with 1 ovarian cancer illness in January 2022.

Chris Evert, a former tennis champion, recently revealed she had been diagnosed with stage 1C ovarian cancer. 

Evert tweeted, “I wanted to share my stage 1 ovarian cancer diagnosis and the narrative behind it as a way to help others,” on the day the piece was published. I consider it a great blessing that they discovered it quickly, and I anticipate good outcomes from my chemo plan.

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Chris Evert Illness And Health Update: Has She Cured With Ovarian Cancer?

After illness onset of stage 1 ovarian cancer, Chris Evert was treated successfully and is currently in good health. She has been wanting to spread awareness and wish to raise money for the cause.

She had a preventative hysterectomy in December, and subsequent lab tests revealed the tissue had malignant cells. As soon as she recovered, she would require another operation so that the doctors could determine whether she still had cancer and, if so, how far along it was.

Chris Evert And Sister
Chris Evert And Her Sister Clare

Evert was found to be in Stage 1; but physicians warned her that if she had not known about the necessary genetic testing, she would have reached Stage 4 within four months, much like her sister.

Chris Evert underwent chemotherapy six months following her surgery, only being able to spend five days at a stretch on the tennis courts because of nausea and the “cruddy” feeling she described.

After three more weeks, she returned for her subsequent treatment, and the cycle began again, but this time she was back at work, traveling with the U.S. Tennis Association Foundation and coaching young players on the court.

Evert will return to the U.S. Open, which she has previously won six times, to work the ESPN broadcast. After Wimbledon, it will be her second tournament since declaring in May that she is cancer-free and that there is a 90% to 95% probability that the disease will never recur. On Monday, the opening night of the competition, she will also host the gala for the USTA Foundation.

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Chris Evert Lost Her Sister In 2020

She could not save her sister despite all the medical developments that saved Chris Evert’s life. Jeanne Evert Dubin, 62, passed from ovarian cancer in February 2020 after the disease had progressed to its most lethal stages.

She was hurrying through an airport terminal with her younger sister in order to catch a flight to Singapore for the women’s tennis championships. Chris Evert received her first alert that something was wrong.

Chris Evert noticed that Evert Dubin, a former professional athlete, was struggling to keep up and exhaling heavily. Soon later, Jeanne received her diagnosis. She passed away two years later.

Chris Evert was informed by doctors in the months after her sister’s death that a blood sample taken from her sister moments before she died was positive.

She shared the same genetic condition with Chris Evert, 67, who was tested a few days later.

Chris Evert Net Worth In 2022

According to CelebrityNetWorth, Chris Evert has a net worth of $16 million.

During her professional career, Chris Evert collected under $9 million in tournament winnings. After accounting for inflation, that is comparable to over $30 million in today’s dollars. She also made several million dollars from endorsement deals.

Chris Evert And Sister
Chris Evert And Her Sister Clare

For several years, Chris Evert was the world No. 1 and won 18 Grand Slam singles titles. She set numerous milestones, including having the most Grand Slam final appearances in tennis history with 34. The most consecutive years with at least one Major victory with 13.

Evert held the position of president of the Women’s Tennis Association for 11 years in addition to her playing career. She earned seven titles in the French Open and six at the U.S. 

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