Yumarie Morales From Secrets Of Summer

Who Is Yumarie Morales From Secrets Of Summer? Husband Family And Net Worth

Yumarie Morales is one of the casts of the Netflix series Secrets Of Summer, aka Cielo Grande. Morales, who started her career as a model, later got into acting.

Yumarie Morales is one of the casts of the Netflix series Secrets Of Summer, aka Cielo Grande. In the show, the remote Argentine resort revives its wakeboarding competition. 

They are determined to uncover a family secret while they try to save the hotel. It combines action, mystery, romance, and endearing musical moments. 

A gang of adolescents gets together to save a dilapidated hotel that has wandered off into the Argentine Delta. Cielo Grande reveals childhood recollections, family secrets, and unique moments between chapters.

While Morales is growing her career in the entertainment world, people are growing more curious about the Actress. 

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Who Is Yumarie Morales From Secrets Of Summer?

Secrets Of Summer cast Yumarie Morales is an American Actress currently residing in Los Angeles, California. She has already worked on platforms like Netflix, HBO, Hulu Original Series, and Amazon Prime Video. 

Morales holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Northern Colorado. Moreover, she also double majored in Theatre and Spanish Literature. 

The Actress has appeared in Do Something, Killer Therapy, Sintonia, Kensington, S.W.A.T., Lift, This Is Us, Ashes, and more. She prominently rose to fame after she appeared in the Shrink Next Door (. V. Series) 2021.

Yumarie Morales
Yumarie Morales is the cast of Secrets of Summer (Source: DPN Talent)

Over the years, she has frequently worked on many commercial projects. 

Does Yumarie Morales Have A Husband?

Yumarie Morales does not have a husband. She is supposedly single, as there is no information about her dating someone. 

Morales has never made headlines for her romantic ties to date. Likewise, there are no details of her past relationships on the Internet. 

As a private person, Morales tends to keep her personal life far from the media’s eye. She never talks about her love life in the interviews. 

Nevertheless, the Actress has kept herself from rumors of her alleged affairs with any of her co-stars. As she has turned her Instagram private, her personal life is a mystery for her fans. 

Inside Yumarie Morales Family 

Yumarie Morales was born to Panamanian and Puerto Rican parents. As she grew up in a household with different cultures, she experienced both American culture and traditional Latin American values.

Moreover, as a daughter of an army, she also had the opportunity to live and travel around the globe, which helped her collect many experiences. It has enabled enable explore her true creative expression. 

Yumarie Morales
Yumarie Morales on set portraying one of her roles (Source: YouTube)

Her parents parted ways when they were young, and she grew up with a single mom. She stated in VoyageLA that she sees herself as the source of her inspiration when pursuing her goals.

She hasn’t given the public many specifics about her parents or relatives. She has protected their anonymity and kept them out of the spotlight.

It is not sure if she has any siblings, as she has never mentioned it. She keeps her public image strictly professional and has shared very little of her personal life. 

Yumarie Morales Net Worth As Of 2024

The estimated net worth of Yumarie Morales as of 2024 is approx. $1 – $3 Million. She has accumulated wealth from her acting career over the years. 

Morales entered the entertainment world as a model. Later on, she entered showbiz and has continued ever since.   

Moreover, she has had recurring roles and also many notable roles in movies. Morales has also worked in theatres and has continued it.

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