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Cleo Rose Elliott: Feud, Controversy & Net Worth

Cleo Rose Elliott is a multitalented and versatile woman from California. Cleo is an American musician, singer, songwriter, and model.

Besides, she is a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP).

Further, Cleo’s modeling career took off when she appeared in a hair-styling show called “Sexy Hair.”

Cleo Rose Elliot with her dad
Cleo Rose Elliott and her dad; Sam Elliott

Cleo was born in a family of famous Hollywood actors. However, she never showed interest in acing.

Unfortunately, she was also in controversy after having a massive fight with her mother.

In this article, you will find detailed information you need to know about Cleo Rose Elliott, from her childhood days, career, controversy to her current relationship and lifestyle.

Quick Facts

Before diving into detailed information Cleo, let’s have a look at amazing quick facts about her.

Full name Cleo Rose Elliott
Date of birth September 17, 1984
Age [calculate_years datestring=”09/17/1984″] Years Old
Birthplace Malibu, United States of America
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Race White
Education Colin McEwen High School
Father’s name Sam Elliott
Mother’s name Katharine Juliet Ross
Zodiac sign Virgo
Height 5 feet and 7 inches
Weight 55 kg or 122 lbs
Boyfriend Randy Christopher Bates
Children None
Body Measurement 36-28-40
Hair color Pink
Eye color Hazel
Skin Tone Fair 
Siblings None
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Not Married
Profession Model and Singer
Debut Album No More Lies
Nickname Cleo
Salary Not Available
Social Media Not Active
Net Worth $1 million
Last Update [current-month], [current-year]

Cleo Rose Elliott: Early Life and Education

Cleo was born on September 17, 1984. Her birthplace is Malibu, California. 

Further, she is the only child of famous Hollywood award-winning actors Sam Elliott and Katharine Juliet Ross. 

Likewise, she showed interest in music from the very beginning. Therefore, her parents supported her dedication to music.

Afterward, at a very young age, Cleo learned to play flute and guitar. Besides, she also took the class on the basics of singing.

She went to Colin McEwen High School. After graduation, Cleo took classical vocal opera training. Her trainer was Charity Chapman, a famous singer-songwriter.

Cleo Rose Elliott: Age, Height, Weight, and Zodiac Sign

Born in 1984, Cleo is [calculate_years datestring=”09/17/1984″] Years Old now. Likewise, born in September, Rose’s Zodiac sign is Virgo.

Like Virgo Personality trait, Cleo is a perfectionist, detail-oriented, high-maintenance, and independent.

She stands 1.72 m or 5 feet 7 inches tall. Further, she weighs approximately 55kgs or 122 lbs.

Further, her body measurement is 36-28-40. She has a fair skin tone and natural blonde hair. However, she is usually seen in pink dyed hair.

Likewise, Cleo has hazel-colored eyes and a big bright smile.

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Cleo Rose Elliott: Parents

Father: Sam Elliott

Cleo is the only daughter of famous Hollywood actor Sam Elliott and famous Hollywood actress Katharine Ross.

Sam and Katharine got married in 1984 at the same year when Cleo was born. And, they are still together.

Sam Elliott is an American voice and screen actor. He has received multiple awards, including a National Board of Review Award.

Besides, Sam has been nominated for two Golden Globe Awards, two PrimeTime Emmy Awards, Academy Awards, and two Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Sam’s Acting Career started from a minor role in The Way West (1967), Season Five of Mission: Impossible, Butch Cassidy, and the Sundance Kid.

Later, the actor earned the Golden Globe award for Buffalo Girls.

Similarly, Sam also played a supporting role in Hulk, Ghost Rider, and We Were Soldiers.

Further, In 2016 he was starred in Netflix series called “The Ranch.”

Likewise, Sam was nominated for Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for the musical drama “A star is born.”

Mother: Katharine Juliet Ross

Katharine Juliet Ross is an Award-winning American actress. Her debut film was Shenandoah, a civil war-themed drama.

She had a leading role in the Stepford Wives, a horror film for which Katharine won Saturn Award for Best Actress.

Cleo Rose Elliott striking a pose with her father, mother, and fiance

Likewise, Ross won BAFTA Award for best actress for playing a supporting role in Tell Them Willie Boy is Here, Butch Cassidy, and The Sundance Kid.

Furthermore, she is also a voice actress. Katharine voiced in American Dad, an animated comedy series.

Altogether, talented and versatile actress has won one BAFTA Award, one Academy Award nomination, and two Golden Globe Awards.

Cleo Rose Elliott: Modelling and Music Career

Cleo had a short modeling career. However, after making an appearance on “Sexy Hair,” she was featured in different magazines.

Cleo and her parents were featured in the ‘Malibu Times’ on July 29, 2013. Moreover, she also walked in Red Carpet at the Emmy Awards event.

Talking about her music career, Cleo not only worked with Charity Chapman, but she also worked with Bobby Harby.

Bobby Harby trained her. Afterward, in 2018, Cleo released her debut album, “No More Lies.” Sadly, No More lies wasn’t a huge success.

Moreover, few critics criticized her work. Likewise, people started believing that she would have done well in her acting career if she had chosen acting in the first place.

And, consequently, Cleo’s music career was also as short as her modeling career.

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Cleo Rose Elliott: Controversy

Cleo’s violent and abusive relationship with her mom has brought her into controversy.

Unfortunately, Cleo threatened her mother out of rage and chased her with scissors on her hand while threatening her to poke her eyes out.

Consequently, her mother ran for her life and tried to call help from the police. But, Cleo cut off the telephone wire with scissors.

Further, Katharine filed a complaint against her daughter. Therefore, the court gave protective order. Consequently, Cleo had to stay away from her mother per the court order.

Katharine didn’t talk much about the incident in public but revealed that Cleo had violent and abusive behavior since she was a teenager.

Cleo Rose Elliott: Net Worth

She is the daughter of a famous Hollywood actor, and she had a brief career as a model and a singer. Therefore, Cleo may have accumulated a decent amount of money.

Therefore, the estimated net worth of Cleo Rose Elliott is about $1 Million.

Moreover, there is no information about her cars, houses, etc.

Social Media

The daughter of Award-winning Hollywood actors is not active on any social media platform.

But, she used to be active on social media. However, currently, she is nowhere to be found on social media. She probably prefers living a private life now.

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Cleo Rose Elliott: Personal Life

As mentioned earlier, currently, Cleo is living life without the limelight and public eye. Consequently, there is not much information about her personal life.

She is in a long-term relationship with Randy Christopher Bates. Randy is also a talented musician. 

Besides, he is also a professional cyclist and downhill mountain biker, adventurer, and video maker.

Like Cleo, Randy also had a short musical career. However, he gave up his music career to pursue cycling professionally.

Cleo and Randy
Cleo Rose Elliott and her boyfriend; Randy Christopher Bates

When Randy was 13 years old, he was a musical band member. He also took up scuba diving as his professional career after giving up on music.

Cleo and Randy have a loving relationship with each other. Randy often posts pictures with his girlfriend on social media. 

They travel together, and it seems like they are immensely in love with each other.

Cleo Rose Elliott: Trivia

  • Cleo also took an acting lesson. However, for Cleo, music was more interesting than acting. She learned Classical music as well.
  • Likewise, Rose’s grandparents were the biggest supporter of her music career. They always motivated Cleo to take her music career seriously.
  • Furthermore, her biggest music inspiration came from “Pink Floyd” and “Guns N Roses.”
  • Even though Cleo had a history of an abusive relationship with her mother, the mother-daughter relationship has been mended as they are often seen in award functions together.
  • Her shoe size is 12.5 (US).
  • Charity Chapman taught her the traditional music of Bel Canto and Italian Opera.
  • Further, Cleo studied music for four years.
  • Despite being a trained singer, Cleo made a debut in the entertainment industry as a model.
  • Her grandparent’s name is Dudely Ross and Katharine W. Hall.
  • Further, Cleo Rose Elliott and Randy Christopher Bates started dating in 2013.
  • Lastly, Cleo Rose Elliott has a tattoo. 


Did Cleo Rose Elliott stab her mother, Katharine Ross?

Yes, Cleo Rose Elliott stabbed her mother with scissors and threatened to poke her eyes. But luckily, Katharine didn’t get serious injuries but still had a scar on her body.

Is Cleo Rose Elliott married?

No, Cleo Rose Elliott is not married. But, she is in a long-term relationship with her boyfriend, Randy.

Is Cleo Rose Elliott adopted?

No, Cleo Rose Elliott is not adopted. She is the only child of award-winning Hollywood actors; Sam Elliott and Katharine Ross.

Has Cleo Rose Elliott made a debut in any movie?

Despite being the only daughter of famous parents from the film industry, Cleo was never interested in acting. Therefore, she has not made a debut in any movie.

What is Cleo Rose Elliott currently doing?

Cleo is living a private life in the United States of America. However, on September 24, 2018, she was seen at the premiere of Warner Bros pictures, “A Star is Born.”

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