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Dancing With Stars: What Illness Does Jessie James Decker? Weight Loss And Health Update 2022

Jessie James Decker is struggling with her mental health; she claimed that her anxiety is getting worst. Read further to learn more about Jessie, a tv personality.

Jessie is 32 years old, a songwriter, entrepreneur, and tv personality. She is currently known as a contestant in the 31 seasons of Dancing with the Stars, which first show will officially be shown on Disney + on September 19, 2022.

Jessie started singing when she was just two and won a talent show when she was 9. She was interested in singing at an early age. When she was just 17, she had already started writing songs. 

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Dancing With Stars: What Illness Does Jessie James Decker?

In June 2022, she claimed that she had depression, and her anxiety worsened daily. Jessie posted a picture by writing a long paragraph about how she has been suffering with her mental health.

Jessie Instagram Post
Jessie James Decker’s Instagram Post. Source:

James Decker’s Instagram Post. Source:[/caption]

Jessie said she has been struggling for the past years but didn’t share it because she thought it was her duty to make her fans and followers happy. She always thought this would make her look weak all the time. 

She said she has been having trouble accepting her body type lately and is always obsessed with getting a healthy and slim body. 

She also shared how she has been struggling with family issues; she said it had been a knife on her chest. It feels right to share with everyone, as she mentioned in the last of her post.

She couldn’t help with her mental health and also felt good crying to sleep every night. She said that she still has a breakdown due to the personal family issues she has been facing for last past few years.

Jessie couldn’t handle bullying on social media; she said she couldn’t usually react to any meme in the present day. But also, she is a strong woman, still working and making people love everything about her.

Weight Loss And Health Update 2022

After posting a note about how she is having a problem accepting her body type, she shared a bikini picture after a week or two. She shared how she lost 2kgs weight after exercising for a week.

She has lost a lot of weight after giving birth to three children. She and her husband, Eric Decker, seems to have fit and healthy life together. The couple seems to go to the gym together, as per Jessie’s posts on Instagram. 

Jessie has been sharing her diet through her Instagram account; she posted the secret diet she has used since her weight loss journey.

Jessie James Decker’s Secret Bread & Protein Diet
Jessie James Decker’s Secret Bread & Protein Diet. Source: countrynow

She also shared her exercise routine via Instagram post. She begins her performance with 30 seconds of jump rope, high-knee running, ankle grabs, high kicks, lunges and lateral lunges, spinal rotations, and tension squats.

She confirmed that this exercise has helped her lose several amounts in a few months; she has been doing this for most. She has been updating on her health, diet, and routines with her followers via her official Instagram posts. 

Also, talking about her health update, she looks fine and has been doing good with her mental health. She has been exercising, losing weight, going to the gym with her husband daily, and working on her mental health. 

Jessie has been doing good and living a fit and healthy life with her husband and children. 

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