Dani Reardon

Dani Reardon: Bodybuilder, Domestic Violence & Net Worth

Dani Reardon, aka Lil Monstar, is an American professional bodybuilder.

Apart from being a bodybuilder, Dani is also a fitness model with an exercise physiology master’s degree.

To date, Dani had competed in over 11 professional bodybuilding contests and has an impressive number of accomplishments under her name.

Dani Reardon
Dani Reardon posing for a Picture

Some of her significant achievements include first place in the 2015 Greater Gulf States Pro and 1st place at the 2012 National Championships. 

In order to find more about one of the renowned bodybuilders that the world has known, keep scrolling! 

Quick Facts

First, here are some quick facts about Dani Reardon 

Full Name Dani Reardon 
Nick Name Lil Monstar
Birth Date July 19th, 1990
Birth Place Cape Cod, Massachusetts 
Residence Not Available 
Religion Not Available 
Nationality American 
Ethnicity Not Available 
Education Wesley Chapel, Florida
Zodiac Sign Cancer 
Father’s Name Not Available 
Mother’s Name Not Available 
Siblings Not Disclosed 
Age [calculate_years datestring=”07/19/1990″] Years Old
Height 5ft 
Weight 125 lbs
Eye Color Grey 
Hair Color Brown 
Body type Muscular 
Profession Professional Bodybuilder 
Awards NPC Women’s Physique Class A- 1st
IFBB Women’s Physique- 2nd etc. 
Marital Status Unmarried 
Children None 
Net Worth $1-5 million
Social Media Instagram, Twitter 
Fitness Equipment Magnetic Bike, Weight Bench, Exercise Mat Tiles
Last Update [current-month], [current-year]

Dani Reardon: Early Life, Family, and Education 

Reardon was born on July 19th, 1990, in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Dani is very secretive about her personal affairs. Thus, she has not revealed anything regarding her family. 

Moreover, Dani completed her middle school and high school education from Wesley Chapel, Florida. It was the same place where she found her passion for bodybuilding and weightlifting. 

Reardon was only 15 years old when she held weights for the first time.

Lil Monstar was encouraged to do so by her coach (Cass) after noticing Danis’s strong base. He also encouraged Dani to join the weightlifting team. 

According to Dani, her coach had the right hunch for scouting talent as after her coach scouted her, she broke three school records and became the team captain before she graduated.

She also added that after she started weightlifting, her body responded quickly and became famous as ‘she hulk.’ 

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Dani Reardon: Age, Height, and Weight

Dani turned [calculate_years datestring=”07/19/1990″] Years Old. Her height is 5 feet and weighs between 125 lbs.

Moreover, Reardon has grey eyes and brown colored hair.

According to the zodiac charts, Reardon falls under the sun sign of Cancer. Cancer women are known for their loyal, protective and intuitive nature. 

Dani Reardon: Boyfriend and Dating 

Reardon is in a romantic relationship with Ian Schofield.

However, there is not much information regarding her dating life. Thus, it is pretty unsure when the duo started dating each other.

Arrested for attacking boyfriend 

In September 2014, Dani was charged with domestic violence after attacking her boyfriend. She kicked his truck’s windshield.

According to police, Dani was drunk and was screaming at her boyfriend. 

Dani Reardon
Dani with her boyfriend, Ian

Moreover, on that day, Dani was dressed in a white dress and was hysterically shouting at the party guests, and when her boyfriend tried to stop her and take her back home, she started hitting her boyfriend. 

After the police found her, they tried to arrest her, but she resisted the police officers at first. 

The police officers then took her to the Orange County Jail. Furthermore, Dani’s boyfriend did not press charges against her; stating that she was a girl. 

However, it seems that Dani and her boyfriend got back together as Reardon recently uploaded a picture stating that they bought a house together.

She also mentioned that Ian and her dad helped her on getting the house ready.

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Dani Reardon: Career

Reardon started her professional journey at the age of 15. Let’s find out how she made it happen! 

Miss Wesley Chapel

During Dani’s senior year, she became the captain of her school’s All-star team.

Reardon was also one of the regular competitors in her school’s bodybuilding contest called Mr. and Miss Wesley Chapel Bodybuilding. 

Furthermore, in the first two years of her participating, Reardon won the best showmanship honors.

The award was given to the participants who showcased the best posing routines. 

Similarly, during the last two years of Dani’s high school contests, she became Miss Wesley Chapel twice.

After her accomplishment, Reardon realized that she was ready to pursue bodybuilding as her career. 

Physique Improvement 

Moreover, Reardon moved to Orlando in order to pursue a Master’s Degree in Applied Exercise Physiology in 2008.

During that time, Dani discovered the significance of developing a correct diet.

According to Reardon, at first, she was only focused on her training and not on her diet. Thus, it didn’t give her the results she wanted for her physique. 

After she turned 20, she completely changed her diet and competed in high level competitions.

Thus, because of her diet, she outshined during the matches and made a name for herself. 

Becoming a Professional Bodybuilder

During the early stages of Reardon’s career, Lil Monstar participated in the figure division category.

While participating, she knew the division was not for her and kept searching for the category that fit her.

Thus, Lil Monstar found the Women’s Physique category and competed there. She started preparing for the 2012 NPC Nationals and won the competition.

After she won the 2012 NPC Nationals, she became eligible to participate in the IFBB Pro athletes. 

Dani Reardon
Dani while training

After competing for years in the IFBB Pro League, Reardon achieved several notable results.

In 2017, Reardon participated in over 11 professional competitions.

One of her remarkable achievements was becoming the vice-champion of Mr. Olympia 2016. 

Dani Reardon: Training and Diet 

Reardon’s profession requires her to train at the 8-12 rep range, with 3-4 sets per exercise.

According to her, this routine is the most optimal range for muscle growth.

Although the bodybuilder boasts about her muscular physique, she states that strength is not her primary aim during training.

Instead, she focuses on her volume and forms constantly.

She said, “The goals I try to get through each workout have very little to do with how much weight I can lift. In fact, it holds certainly no value to my workouts.”

Thus, she states that she follows the “quality over quantity” approach while training.

She tries to get the utmost out of every routine, focusing on both the positive and negative components of the movement.

When it comes to Reardon’s ‘off-season’ diet, it is similar to her contest-preparation diet. The only difference between her two diets is her meal portions.

During the ‘off-season,’ she measures her portions to have at least 25-30g of protein per meal as she doesn’t like having one single source of protein.

Instead, Lil Monstar prefers to eat anything from plant-based protein sources to low-fat dairy and lean poultry meat. 

When it comes to carbs, Reardon usually prefers having them in the morning, and after the workout.

Further, when she needs glycogen the most, she intends to eat every 2 to 3 hours, which adds between 5 to 7 meals per day.

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Dani Reardon: Accomplishments 

  • 2011- National Championships: NPC Figure Class A- 14th position
  • 2012- Nationals: NPC Women’s Physique Class A- 1st position
  • 2013-Europa Show of Champions: IFBB Women’s Physique- 16th position
  • 2014- St Louis Pro: IFBB Women’s Physique- 2nd position
  • Europa Show of Champions: IFBB Women’s Physique- 4th position
  • Omaha Pro: IFBB Women’s Physique- 6th position
  • Tampa Pro: IFBB Women’s Physique- 8th position 
  • 2015- St. Louis Pro: IFBB Women’s Physique- 3rd position, Greater Gulf States: IFBB Women’s Physique- 1st position, Mr. Olympia: IFBB Women’s Physique- 4th position
  • 2016- Arnold Sports Festival: Women’s Physique- 2nd position, Mr. Olympia: IFBB Women’s Physique- 2nd position
  • 2017- Mr. Olympia: IFBB Women’s Physique- 6th position

Dani Reardon: Net Worth and Salary 

Reardon has been active in bodybuilding since a very young age.

Although she has not revealed anything regarding her salary, we can be confident that most of her income source is from her bodybuilding career.

Dani Reardon’s net worth lies between $ 1 Million to $ 5 Million. 

Dani Reardon: Social Media 

Reardon is very active on her social media. Lil Monstar constantly updates her Instagram and Twitter.

She has around 120 thousand followers om her instagram account.

On Twitter, Reardon has around 5 thousand followers. 

Likewise, Reardon also has a Youtube channel  with around 20 thousand subscribers. 

In her Youtube channel, she uploads her videos regarding her fitness journey and episodes of her podcast. 

Interesting facts about Dani Reardon 

  1. Dani Reardon was initially a cheerleader before her coach noticed her and introduced her to bodybuilding. 
  2. Reardon’s motto is to never settle for mediocrity.
  3. Dani is interested in spirituality.


Is Dani Reardon still a bodybuilder?

Dani Reardon has not stated anything about her retirement. Thus, it is quite unsure if Dani is still a bodybuilder. 

What does Dani Reardon do now? 

Dani Reardon currently works as a Yoga teacher and spiritual life coach, according to her Instagram bio. 

What is the name of Dani Reardon’s podcast?

Dani Reardon’s podcast is called Light Psyde Podcast. 

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